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    Default OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    Rated on GoldRater.com - Rate and View Rating at: http://goldrater.com/Detail_Open-Trade_11520.html
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    From Admin of OpenTrade.net
    Hello Everybody!

    My name is Michael Rodden. I am a PR Manager at Open Trade International, Inc. Let me present you our investment project OpenTrade.net. Our company invests money in Forex market. A few months ago we started to attract private investors to our project.

    You can invest money in one of the most profitable legal businesses and get from 1% to 2.2% of profit on every trading day. The minimum amount of investment is $20. The maximum amount of investment is not limited. Compounding is available. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours. All our clients participating in our referral program get a 5% - 1% referral commission. The detailed trading statistics is provided in your Open Trade account. Regardless of the trading results we guarantee you a minimal daily income of 0.5% provided by the ever-growing reserve fund.

    You are welcome to discuss our program on the pages of this forum.
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    Join Date : Nov 2005
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    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    very good looking site ..

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    Join Date : Apr 2006
    Posts : 1,950

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    cant open it .... maybe some host problem.

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    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    could open here. no problem, maybe you need to wait a moment, a stalbe long-term program, i like it, accumulate my profits a bit by bit, and at last, i could get more.

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    Join Date : Aug 2006
    Posts : 99

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    Design nice..welcome admin to come here......

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    Join Date : Aug 2006
    Posts : 99

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    Design nice..welcome admin to come here......

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    Join Date : Feb 2006
    Posts : 1,937

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    just test in
    Wanna a team to help you completing offers?

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    Join Date : Jun 2006
    Posts : 269

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    take a look

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 111

    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    it's different that long term and short term~~

    if long term have good plan,it is my best choice~

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    Join Date : Aug 2005
    Location : path.to/swms
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    Default Re: OpenTrade - opentrade.net

    Professional website, attractive rates. I think this program will become big soon..

    Good list of services :-)

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