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    Join Date : Jan 2003
    Location : New Jersey
    Posts : 19,252

    Default ny-finance - ny-finance.org

    This thread is for the discussion of ny-finance. They claim to pay 1.2-3.5% daily for 150 days. Please discuss this program here.


    It's not a secret that money has lost that value which it had several years ago.

    Instability of contemporary markets and bank systems, nature cataclysms and inflation led to situation when many people were forced to look for new ways to save and increase their profits.

    Our company is one of alternative ways to increase your income without risks and problems.

    "NY - finance" Company (LTD) was founded in 2003 and has been successfully developing and functioning for 3 years.
    In this period we've opened more that 15 branches and got to collaboration the most trustworthy and effective companies. Our team hires highly qualified personnel which always guarantees right decision making and allows making profits.

    Our staff regularly participates in trainees and raises the level of skill. Besides, while making the most important decisions we always consult with independent experts.

    The main spheres of our activity are:

    1. E- Commercial and trade (Internet interchangers, shops, casinos, etc.)
    2. Stock exchange trade.
    3. Foundation and promotion of new profitable companies.
    4. Promising companies stocks' buying.

    Since the foundation we've successfully realized dozens of profitable projects and deserved respect of our clients and partners. Our kind is openness and honesty with clients. Our team offers you to earn together. Your investments will help us to develop our business and realize new ideas.

    In return for this you'll get appreciable profit in the nearest future. We don't promise huge percentages and profits since it is impossible, but we guarantee stable everyday income. This income will directly depend on the invested sum. You'll get the percentage to your E-Gold account by demand at our website. You'll receive percentages DAILY.

    This program is constructed so easy and competently, that you'll enjoy working with it and our experts will ask all your questions within 12 hours. For participants' communication we created a special forum. Please, learn our investment plans and choose the most appropriate for you one. If you have any questions, please, address admin.

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 7,085

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Received first payment...

    02:09 Payment Received 68782644 Gold +0.000123 3642312 0.07 USD 569.90
    From: Bill Newman
    Memo: ny-finance:489

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    Join Date : Feb 2006
    Location : Earth
    Posts : 5,737

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Just joined here and made a test spend. Will see how it works out here.

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    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Nice design and reasonable rates. I think this one is here for the long run ...
    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

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    Join Date : Mar 2006
    Posts : 687

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    have a look first!

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    Join Date : May 2004
    Location : Hk
    Posts : 11,458

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Xrumer, are you the admin?
    Live in peace

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    Join Date : May 2006
    Posts : 209

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Thanks admin for buying monitoring in my program!

    Your program looks good, I hope your script is secured (I see that you don't use GC script but probably a custom one).

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 7,085

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Paid me 4th times now... so far so good... thanks admin...

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    Join Date : Jun 2006
    Location : Czech Republic
    Posts : 371

    Wink Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    Looks like long term.....

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    Join Date : Oct 2005
    Posts : 4,927

    Default Re: ny-finance - ny-finance.com

    long term not bad

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