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    Join Date : Jul 2005
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    Default hci25 - hci25.com

    Hi everyone !

    Maybe some of you in here remember me. I visited here quit frequently about a year ago to try to explain the deal about Pips.

    I have been working quit a lot since then within the financial area...nothing that i can tell you about here though....:/...sorry.....

    However,I got an email from a friend of mine i China about the site Human Capital Insurance 25 - Home the reason for this is about one of the people that is involved...Mr.Stallings-Blash....this is actually a person that iīve heard about in the industry that iīm in....so i thought that iīll let you all know about this site and the opportunity that they are giving....a combined life/pensionfund as it seems....more to read in the site...a trip to New York is scheduled as it seems....i cant however give you an URL since iīm not allowed to participate in other programs then the ones iīm in......dont wanna loose that of course

    I have never recommended a program/plan in any forum before but since i know who this person is i feel comfortable doing it this one time....

    I will try and find some URLīs out there for you all to use....

    Have a nice week ahead !


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    Join Date : Nov 2006
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    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com


    I just talked to Pipsreal? about him being permanently banned in here, he had no idea why, this happened after he had made this post. well well

    I for one can recommend this site as well...i think that this will be one of the big ones, also simce they can give you alternatives when it comes to PPPīs amongst other things...

    Please hurry now...it is only the first 1800 that has put in 12 people that gets the flight to New York

    Enjoy the upcoming week


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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Posts : 1,059

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Hi, I am quite new here, I don't know you.

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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Posts : 332

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Quote Originally Posted by NBLady
    Hi, I am quite new here, I don't know you.
    me too.I just jion for 2 weeks.
    but want to see the site Pipsreal? says

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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Posts : 13

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Quote Originally Posted by scusl
    me too.I just jion for 2 weeks.
    but want to see the site Pipsreal? says

    The site is as stated in the prolog www.hci25.com

    If Pipsreal? says that this is ok, I will take his word for it....

    If you want a URL let me know...have a nice evening


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    Join Date : Jan 2007
    Posts : 4

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Thanks a lot Pipsreal Very kind of you!

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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Posts : 13

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Hi again !

    A new newsletter has arrived, everything seems to be running smoothly ! Have a look ! Please PM for userref.


    News from HCI25, January 16- 07

    We hope that you all have had a productive and prosperous week with us so far.
    We want to welcome another 206 beneficiaries that has joined us over the last couple of days, which means that we are 1011 beneficiaries by now ! Wonderful work everybody !

    During the last week we have also had a tremendous growth in our Russian Project.
    Our total pool in this project is $750K and up until Jan 15th we had reached $685K.
    So, if youīre interested in participating and receive 100% in return after 5 months, it is time to act !

    There are no more tickets left for the car and the process of paying out the $10 incentive fee is about to start. Please be patient regarding this.
    Within the next 3 weeks we will publish the winner of the car !!

    New competitions are coming soon, stay tuned !

    I would like to bring up another more serious subject in this newsletter.
    We have received some emails regarding that we would be a scam !
    I really dont understand that question/statement. This is our first project on the Internet after over two decades in the financial market !
    I really dont understand why a company/corporation would start a project like this and then run away with the money !? This is something completely new to us and we never thought that anyone could have thoughts like this, maybe itīs naive, cant say.

    However, we consider these questions/statements very strange (perhaps just because of the fact that we ARE new to the Internet) This is of course not a scam.

    We have over the course of setting up the site choosen to give some information about us (not everything of course) This is to protect our interests/clients/contracts etc.
    We will of course not publish our phonenumbers and adress to our offices. Why ?
    Because we need 27000 Beneficiaries ! We wouldnīt be doing anything else the answering calls and accept visitors (only the once that are going to attend the seminar will be able to visit the office)

    Also, once again, as stated in the site, we DO NOT hold the license to perform the process of the Pension/Insuranceplan, we work as the agents for it.
    In the other projects (like the Russian) we DO hold the license, but as many other companies in our industry, we have made the decision to use Custodian, which is at our discretion and our clients security and could be an affiliate/company/corporatestructure outside of our group.

    Thats all the info we can give. We will not give out information just to speed up the process to reach 27000 beneficiaries, and then risk to jeopardize the entire plan.
    If it then takes a couple of months or even 6 months more, that will have to be the case.
    And iīm sure everybody agrees and understands that.

    The comments about the spelling I dont want to comment really.....could be wrong spelling or typing erroouurss If this is of real problem to anyone, you shouldnīt join us, of course not. Ask yourself this,.. have you not ever made a spelling error in your own native language ? If you have,.. Youīre probably not from that country ?
    Please take a minute and think about that......

    Ok, lets get back to business...lets work together over the coming weeks/months and lets make HCI25 what it can and will be ! This is a REAL opportuntity ! Take it !

    In the words of Mr. Sharples:

    "When the opportunity knocks on the door, most people are out in the backyard searching in their cloverfields "

    On behalf of HCI25

    Mr. Stallings-Blash & Mr. Steinbad-Holst

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    Join Date : Jan 2007
    Posts : 76

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    Great Design...
    Waiting for the Admin...

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    Join Date : Jan 2007
    Posts : 256

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    i'm looks site, good design
    but not see monitor buttons...administration should more attention promotion

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    Join Date : Dec 2006
    Posts : 544

    Default Re: hci25 - hci25.com

    i guess this discussion should be in another folder, right ?

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