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    Default Ezwealthsolution - Ezwealthsolution.com


    EZ Wealth Solution Launched Monday Oct 22, 2007!

    In a day when programs seem to come and go at the drop of a dime,
    and the owner ends up running off with everyone's money, EZ Wealth
    Solution has put everyone at ease by having the commissions sent
    directly from one member to another!

    To add even more creditability to this program the owner; Ron Walsh,
    a well known Internet Marketer, and owner of two well established
    Downline Clubs, has put his face up front on the website via a video
    presentation for everyone to see. How many owers do you see do that?

    Before you make any decision to join, you can take a Free Tour of the
    entire EZ Wealth Member Center. Again they are hiding not by puting
    everything on the table for you to see, and the Member Center is one
    of the most impressive you will ever see!

    They have 5 Product Packages, and commissions are paid through the
    following systems:

    Package # 1 - 1 Up Referral System
    Package # 2 - 2 Up Referral System
    Package # 3 - 2 Up Referral System
    Package # 4 - 2 Up Referral System
    Package # 5 - 2 Up Referral System

    EZ Wealth Associates Keep 100% Of The Money From All Sales!

    This program is a refreshing and honest opportunity for both the Newbie
    and Guru to make some serious money without having to break the bank
    to get started!

    Defiantly worth the 5 minutes it takes to Take The FREE EZ Wealth Tour
    Any Posts I make, are for discussion purposes only. I am not vouching for any programs. One should invest in all investment programs with Extreme Caution.

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    Default Re: Ezwealthsolution - Ezwealthsolution.com

    please give me more details about this !!!

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    Default Re: Ezwealthsolution - Ezwealthsolution.com

    I have my first qualified sale which I paid it forward for on Level 1 so any future sales will go to me

    Also I have 1 out of 2 qualifying sales on Level 2, so not far from starting to get an income from this program

    If anyone wants to join, I will PAY your $47 for Level 1

    It is worth taking the tour to find out about this little goldmine

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    Default Re: Ezwealthsolution - Ezwealthsolution.com

    Seems this program is still going strong. I just took the free tour and will pay $10.00 for the reseller upgrade so my sponsor can pay my way in. You only have to pay the $47.00 once on the 1st level for the person you have to pass up to your sponsor. 1st level is one up. 2nd level is 2 up and you pay $97.00 for them. Please correct me if I am wrong about this info.

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    Default Re: Ezwealthsolution - Ezwealthsolution.com

    Ezwealthsolution.com are they still in business ?????????????

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