I used to rack my brain trying to come up with profitable niche businesses that could be successful on the internet. I was looking for a business that would earn a little extra money each month -- $2000 -- $5000 --$8000 or more each month.

A business that could start small -- but be grown into a larger business that might eventually earn $30,000 or more per month.

It was s true light-bulb moment when I realized those kinds of businesses were all around me -- and all I needed to do was get started.

To be successful selling on the internet you just need to find the right niche -- one that hasn't already been exploited by some huge national chain.

Hint: think items you can't find at the local mall or warehouse store.

There are literally thousands of untapped or under-tapped niches out there. Here are 7 to get your mind in gear -- how many more can you think of?

No.1 - Gourmet southern soul food. You could go the e-commerce route and sell gourmet food and spices -- or put together a "how to" cookbook to teach people how to cook soul food.

No. 2 - Scuba diving equipment and supplies. My friend Larry started a scuba diving supply company that rakes in $2.5 million a year.

No. 3 - Jewelry-making kits. I found one entrepreneur raking in $50,000 per month selling jewelry-making kits and supplies.

No. 4 - Musical instrument instruction. Can you write a manual that teaches people how to play the guitar or piano? One young person did, and now he's raking in over $200,000 per year.

No.5 - Financial consulting. I found one financial guru who is making over $90,000 per month teaching other people how to trade stocks.

No. 6 - Internet dating. You can make $30,000 per month just sending traffic to other peoples dating sites.

No. 7 - Celebrity autographs. Buy and sell celebrity autographs for profit.

Now I'm not saying that any of these businesses are right for you. You have to do your own homework and choose a business that fits your situation. These are just some thought starters to get your brain in gear.