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    Join Date : Jan 2003
    Location : New Jersey
    Posts : 19,252

    Default Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    Line-Invest is created for those who want to improve their financial condition, but do not have economic education and are not the financial experts. Our team has been working in a sphere of FOREX trading for 6 years and during this time has achieved good results and stable income. For further development and trading volume increase we have a demand in outside investments. We are engaged in wide array of financial activities with the main focus on high-yield corporate and bank promissory notes. These are relatively little known financial instruments, available to very few financial institutions and individuals. Corporate and bank promissory notes are rather low-risk ventures as compared to other high-yield investment opportunities since transactions involving these promissory notes are backed up by major banks. And we suggest you to become a member of our team on mutually beneficial conditions. In contrast to other programs we do not promise fast earnings with minimum investments.

    We can guarantee that:
    - you will get stable and real income 5-7% daily for 30 days and 150-200% after 10 days.
    - we know about FOREX and the difference between "bulls" and "bears" not by hearsay.
    - your deposit will be in a safe place and your participation in our program will be totally anonymous.
    - any arising questions will be considered by our support service at the earliest possible time.

    Daily Programs!
    5% daily for 30 days, min. deposit $1
    6% daily for 30 days, min. deposit $50
    7% daily for 30 days, min. deposit $100

    Compounded Programs!

    150% after 10 days, min. deposit $50
    200% after 10 days, min. deposit $100
    Any Posts I make, are for discussion purposes only. I am not vouching for any programs. One should invest in all investment programs with Extreme Caution.

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    Join Date : Sep 2008
    Location : www.OurHYIP.com
    Posts : 1,125

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    Nice design & reasonable plans

    Maybe I'll make deposit later
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    Join Date : May 2008
    Location : www.hyipshow.com
    Posts : 12,431

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    5% daily for 30 days, min. deposit $1
    Good plans here !
    I think it will be hot,admin do more promote on it !
    |MajestiCrown|InvestiField |
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    Join Date : Sep 2008
    Posts : 391

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    i will keep my eyes in it.
    we support on forums


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    Join Date : Mar 2008
    Posts : 1,118

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    Look this site is very nice. I like it. I will join it later.

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    Join Date : Mar 2006
    Posts : 14,893

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    I'm in this program.

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    Join Date : Dec 2006
    Location : http://paidme.net/
    Posts : 2,287

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    Quote Originally Posted by lovehyips
    I'm in this program.
    good luck to you!! when you get payout ,please post here!!

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    Join Date : Mar 2006
    Posts : 5,430

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    Date: 10/20/2008 08:41
    Batch: 6862127
    Sent To: U5853697
    Amount: $3.00
    Memo: hyipstatuses@gmail.com

    I'm in and will post here when got paid.
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    Join Date : Mar 2006
    Location : Indonesia
    Posts : 483

    Smile Invest

    I'm in...
    Date: 10/20/2008 08:41
    Batch: 6862129
    Sent To: U5853xxx
    Amount: $10.00
    Memo: ghranks@gmail.com

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 56,239

    Default Re: Line-invest - Line-invest.com

    I'm in , just made test spend here :

    Date: 10/20/2008 09:00
    Batch: 6862527
    Sent To: U5853697
    Amount: $10.00
    Memo: XXXXXXXXX@invest-tracing.com, Invest-Tracing.com spend

    Will update later , thanks .

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