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Thread: Is GPT dying?

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    Join Date : Jun 2006
    Posts : 549

    Default Is GPT dying?

    The decline of GPT programs and GPT forum is very obvious and I think this arena is sying... what do you think? Is HYIP nest? There is a very bug decline in HYIP since egold got problem last 2006..

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 125

    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    I don`t think that HYIP will be next, HYIP will exist until some other kind of the business replace it.

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    Join Date : Jun 2006
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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamBlake
    I don`t think that HYIP will be next, HYIP will exist until some other kind of the business replace it.
    yes, but it's falling piece by piece..

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    Join Date : Oct 2008
    Location : WhereToBorrowMoney.com
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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    GPT is definitely dying because there's not that much money to be made in GPT. HYIP is a great type of program but there are unfortunately a lot of scams out there. I'd FOREX is going to be the next big trend.
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    Join Date : Jan 2009
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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    sounds gloomy but true...but this much i can say, GPT will stay no matter what as it basically shows the rudiments of making money online or the thought of it only that once these rudiments are learned, jumping off out of it comes natural for those who have ventured into the internet biz world. Either one does becomes a regular free member or one that uses its reach. Just my cent of a thought.

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    Join Date : Aug 2007
    Posts : 73

    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    There are plenty of ways to make money with GPT sites you just have to expand your resources. Referrals is where the money is.

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
    Location : Save a Balloon, Pop a Collar
    Posts : 80

    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    I make a living with GPT sites!!... all from referrals....

    I always hear people talking about how GPT is dying, but there's a lot of money to be made out there, you just have to have the time & effort to put into it...

    Just my 2 cents

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    Join Date : Feb 2006
    Location : Arkansas
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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    I say that the PTR programs will last forever. I am in sites that have lasted for years. Right now, the PTR and PTC arena needs and overhaul of getting rid of scammy sites that are around and the scam owners. The HYIP owners have been invading the paid to read/click industry hiding their scams HYIP programs that way. The majority of the Bux sites are scams, and I am seeing a lot of them like Bux.to to be gone from the internet soon because they can not pay their members, and are getting behind on payouts.

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    Join Date : Oct 2008
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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    hyip will never die!

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    Default Re: Is GPT dying?

    I don't think GPT is dying, you just have to review your sources.

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