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Thread: O7T - O7T.biz

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
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    Default O7T - O7T.biz


    Online 7 Trades
    Is a private investment group operating on the world securities and currencies markets since 1998. Having started as a small investment group operating only on the US stock market, we have gradually expanded our investment activities on all major financial markets of the world. Our representatives operate all over the globe thus providing us with a big picture view on the world of finance. As of now we have over 150 qualified employees worldwide.
    Originally O7T was registered and operated from Switzerland and the US, but later moved to the UK for tax minimization purposes. Online 7 Trades is an investment fund operating on all major securities and currencies markets of the world. We are offering our services to absolutely any individual in any country of the world

    Plans: 15.7-17.2% daily for 7 days

    Min spend : $10

    Referral Commission: 5%

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    gamerptc Guest

    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    look like good ! I will try it when more proof showed

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    15.7-17.2% daily for 7 days
    Looks goood
    keep my eyes on it
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    The design is very speical.

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    hmm ... maybe It will be hot soon ..I guess

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    Join Date : Oct 2008
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    Nice plan
    Keep my eyes on it
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    Nice Design
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    Join Date : Dec 2008
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    I'm going in

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    Join Date : May 2008
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    speical design,maybe another great one
    dont miss this one
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    Default Re: O7T - O7T.biz

    Looks very professional.
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