As some of you know I am a heavy hitter and industry leader for the past 7 years. I was lucky enough to be shown something amazing by the CEO of the company.

My Phone Room is the solution to most of our problems. Us heavy hitters long for duplication. We long for our downline to produce more and more sales. I dont care what business your in or how good you are the unfortunate thing is that 90% of our downlines hate prospecting. They hate the fear of rejection. So they dont produce.

My Phone room is the solution to this problem. This professional full service call center will call ALL your leads for you. No matter if you created them on your own or if you bought them. They will qualify or disqualify them for you. They will then edify you ( which is SO powerful) . They will then either do a live three way with you and the lead right there or they will book an appointment so you can speak with that EAGER lead. This increases your conversions immensely. You spend ALL your time talking with aces and not dialing for dollars. Put the menial task of prospecting in the hands of the professionals you just sit back and wait for them to call you with the top leads and not the tire kickers.

The affiliate program with My Phone room is very very lucrative also. Get paid up to $1000 every time you refer someone to my phone room. This is ground floor and virgin territory. Do a google search for it and you wont find much. Now is the time to strike. It reminds me of Ibuzz pro a year and a half ago. About ready to takeoff and make me very rich.

But again its a tool that all 6 and 7 figure earners realize is mandatory in this environment. Leveraging your time is the key to major success. Read the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferris.

I am direct to Josh the CEO. I hope you understand the power of this. You will make more signups with your primary business. Those people will then want to buy my phone room from you. Then those people who do will duplicate more having a call center do the work for them. It is the perfect storm. Check out my sig and enter your information to watch either a recorded webinar or to attend a live one.

This was just a heads up as I have been around for a while and have never been so excited about something. Success to all!