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    Join Date : May 2010
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    Arrow DidoFinance - didofinance.com

    You are welcome to our new investment program - Dido Financial Group.

    Welcome to Dido Financial Group, where experience and technology are a winning combination. We run this program off-line prior to launching it on the internet. We are strong team of traders and have been working successfully together for almost 10 years. You can be certain that your investment will be handled by a group of qualified professionals. Generate Income with these powerful returns. Get daily payments. It must be stressed that this is not a get rich quick program promising crazy percentages within days. Time proven formulas and up to the second information is what has created a winning strategy that is unsurpassed.

    No matrix, no game, Dido Financial Group is Forex Investment. We have seen many people suffer loses from various internet opportunities that can not meet their promises, thus we feel that there is a need for people like you to make a steady gain in income without risking large amounts of money. That is the reason why Dido Financial Group was born.

    Now 3 deposit programs are available:

    Standard Plan - 25% daily interest during 5 days. Min $2

    Silver Plan - 150% after 7 days. Min $30

    Platinum Plan - 27% daily for 5 days. Min $500

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    Join Date : Dec 2008
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    Default Re: DidoFinance - www.didofinance.com

    Why your site doesn't have a member area? Is that you are not using a hyip script?

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    Default Re: DidoFinance - www.didofinance.com

    Site looks nice. How about the payment? is it auto processed?
    Hyip Analyser

    Monitoring with honesty and best efforts

    Our Review service

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    Default Re: DidoFinance - www.didofinance.com

    Have you got a referral program?

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: DidoFinance - www.didofinance.com

    Quote Originally Posted by hyipanalyser View Post
    Site looks nice. How about the payment? is it auto processed?
    Payouts are made automatically directly to the LR account you invested from 7 days a week.

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    Join Date : Mar 2010
    Location : Wall Street Journal
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    Default Re: DidoFinance - didofinance.com

    you're not have refferal program,are you ?

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: DidoFinance - didofinance.com

    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavid View Post
    you're not have refferal program,are you ?
    We don`t have refferal program in this moment. Maybe, in future.

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    Join Date : Dec 2007
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    Join Date : Nov 2007
    Posts : 195

    Default Re: DidoFinance - didofinance.com

    Hello Admin, I invested a few minutes ago into your program, when I wanted to return from the LR-SCI to your side have I an DNS error received. I do not know if my investment has come and ask you along the way for confirmation.

    SCI 5/17/2010 13:38 38109232 U1261116 (Dido Financial Group) - $4.00
    VG Stefan

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    Join Date : Nov 2007
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    Default Re: DidoFinance - didofinance.com

    payout from Dido Financial Group 1/5

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