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    Join Date : Dec 2009
    Posts : 13

    Default Infinitybux - infinitybux.com

    Earnings just like Neobux
    So i don't think i need to explain much here


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    Join Date : May 2011
    Posts : 3

    Default InfinityBux - infinitybux.com

    Launched in July 2010 and is still consistently pays. Already more than 145,000 users and was paid 82,000 dollars.
    Referrals do not rent and sell for a buck. I bought a few - the activity was low, but who will enter - it's a lottery if it is to click - will pay off at times.
    Admin from the U.S., that says a lot considering their laws on internet fraud.
    The domain was bought for 4 years, as well as support script bush.
    Minimum to the standard $ 4 and increases with each successive on the dollar to 10. For the premium he single - $ 2.
    Price clicks very attractive. For standard - 1 cent a click and a quarter cents refklik. At a premium to 1,5 cents.
    The day is available at least 4 references to the standard, but I caught and 7, because They periodically appear - Bux is popular among new projects and often there bought advertising.
    On the premium is less than 8 links per day yet I have not seen.
    Instant payment and absolutely do not require investment.
    Bux are very interesting if the premium and the team of referrals, but also the standard it can be a good idea to stuff the purse.

    My last payment:

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    Default Re: Infinitybux - infinitybux.com

    The top ptc site in my opinion with well over 100k members.

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    Join Date : Feb 2011
    Posts : 65

    Arrow Re: Infinitybux - infinitybux.com

    these type of site is going scam very fast
    but it is a good site and it is going very good script
    and paying
    i am not get paid yet from it

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    Join Date : Aug 2011
    Posts : 36

    Default Re: Infinitybux - infinitybux.com

    Infinitybux is more than one year now. I think this is the no.1 site on the ptc industry right now they have 5 annex sites and 1 mlm site

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