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    Join Date : Jan 2007
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    Smile MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    Hello everyone,
    Stumbled upon this moneyera project, looks very nice easy to operate.I contacted support , they told me everything and guided me through the process to join. .The program is registered and operates very professionally, caught my attention from the start.
    Just thought you might want to check it out: https://moneyera.com

    I'd appreciate if you could use my affiliate link https://moneyera.com//?ref=ivaprofit

    But you don't have to. Just really wanted to show you guys the program for you to check and review.

    Their plans looks very good, they offer 3 plans:

    have three types of plans:

    1. With daily payment, duration - 285 days. 1,2% daily

    2. With weekly payment, duration - 365 days. 8,1% weekly

    3. With daily payment professional(compounding required), duration - 365 days.1,2 % daily

    Thank you for checking !

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    Join Date : Nov 2010
    Posts : 452

    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    Money Era is a global investment and technology development firm with a staff of 124 employees (as of May 12, 2010). Since its inception, the firm has earned a reputation of an innovative and consistently growing entity. The foundation of our work is technological innovation and extraordinary staff. That's the secret to Money Era success.

    We have established significant presence on most of the world's capital markets, investing in a large number of companies and financial instruments.

    We were one of the first companies to build our business based entirely on internet technologies. This means that our employees work from different parts of the world, being able to perfectly coordinate their efforts and achieve the best results. All our investment strategies are based on mathematical or fundamental principles.
    Our founder, Anton Zimmer, is a PhD and has an extensive work experience at a Computer Science Department of one of the largest hedge funds. During the time of his work Anton managed to build his trading system, based on achievements in the field of computational finance. Once the system started to generate considerable and steady income, Anton founded the Money Era company

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    Join Date : Feb 2010
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    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    ICANN Registrar:
    Registrar Status:
    Name Server:

    I am in .. i will update soon.

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    Join Date : Jan 2007
    Posts : 170

    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

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    Join Date : Feb 2006
    Location : bolohyip.blogspot.com
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    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    Moneyera is hosted on a dedicated server.

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    Join Date : Jan 2005
    Posts : 3,298

    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    Quite interesting program, I am watching.
    Money-Monitor 12 years with you!

    I like these programs: Investment Dragons - interesting long term project

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    Join Date : Jan 2005
    Posts : 3,298

    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    I've decided to join, I see a professional background here.
    The minimum of investment is $50.
    Money-Monitor 12 years with you!

    I like these programs: Investment Dragons - interesting long term project

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    Join Date : May 2008
    Location : www.list4hyip.com
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    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    I am in,
    will update&support here later,

    Date: 10/15/2011 12:50 AM
    Batch: 73605782
    Sent To: U6497348 (Money Era)
    Amount: $100.00
    Memo: Money Era: deposit

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    Join Date : Jan 2007
    Posts : 170

    Default Re: MoneyEra - moneyera.com

    yes , the video presentation is great

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