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    Join Date : May 2008
    Location : www.list4hyip.com
    Posts : 117,802

    Default Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    I am NOT the admin!


    Welcome To My Diamond Share

    Are you concerned about the volatility of the investmentmarkets? Have you lost money in the stock or bondmarkets? Are you looking for options, ideas, aboutwhere to save or invest in this volatile bear marketeconomy? Forget about everything youʼve seen before.If you want to start earning real cash each and every day, you need to join My Diamond Share.

    If you are searching for a business opportunity that will reward you with security for You and Your Family then You should make a right decision by joining My Diamond Share!

    Visit below to learn more about each investment product.

    Bronze Share - 1.4% daily for trading 150 Days (Mon-Fri) Minimum Deposit $50
    Silver Share - 1.6% daily for trading 150 Days (Mon-Fri) Minimum Deposit $5,000
    Gold Share - 2% daily for trading 180 Days (Mon-Fri) Minimum Deposit $20,000
    Diamond Share - 2.6% daily for trading 180 Days (Mon-Fri) Minimum Deposit $50,000

    Compounding Not Available
    Principal Return Available (after end of the term)
    Signed Paper Contract Available

    We seek to ensure that all companies in which our clients are invested comply with best market practice and act in the interest of shareholders. When considering our position on such matters as remuneration, board structure and incentives, our target is to promote best practice but we agree that a precise set of rules canʼt be suitable for every My Diamond Shareʼs circumstances and we are to be flexible.

    We believe that the responsible use of voting rights is part of the process of both preserving and increasing the value of the investments entrusted to our management and therefore, where our clients have agreed, we use our discretion in voting to achieve that aim.

    * Daily profit is calculated for your comfort. Initial Investment and profit generated released after 150 and 180 business days accordingly. My Diamond Share Funds does not generate profit on weekend or holidays affecting Financial Market.
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    Join Date : Apr 2009
    Posts : 19,611

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    Date: 1/12/2012 1:53 PM
    Batch: 81641524
    Sent To: U6985477 (My Diamond Share)
    Amount: $50.00
    Memo: E-Wallet Fund: 50.00 [Lrhyipbiz]

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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Location : hyipreference.com
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    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    I am in

    Date: 1/12/2012 4:50 PM
    Batch: 81661629
    Sent To: U6985477 (My Diamond Share)
    Amount: $100.00
    Memo: E-Wallet Fund: 100.00 [HyipReference]

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    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    nice site.will pay attention to this one
    $30 No Deposit Bonus | VPS For Forex Traders | Cheapest Price | Only $4.1/Mn
    MyFXbook | Contact Details : | Facebook | Lin Ked in : b i t (dot) ly/1PqWjjP

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    Join Date : Aug 2009
    Posts : 439

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    I am in with $50 I will update tomorrow when i get paid.

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    Join Date : Mar 2010
    Posts : 5,621

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    the site looks great with ssl protection.

    check whois:

    Registrar : ENOM, INC.

    Nameservers :

    Created : 27-jun-2011
    Updated : 26-dec-2011
    Expires : 27-jun-2015

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    Join Date : Sep 2011
    Posts : 2,072

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    I agree with Umeg..
    a very nice and promising program..
    Comparing with other good program (ev.biz) this program only lack 1 thing

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    Join Date : Dec 2007
    Location : Internet
    Posts : 50,658

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    Date : 2012-14-01 11:01:38
    From/To Account : U9098228 (My Diamond Share Limited)
    Amount : 2.5000
    Currency : LRUSD
    Batch : 81821782
    Memo : Cashout #2240416

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    Join Date : Jul 2010
    Location : Shamballa
    Posts : 15,740

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    Date: 2012-14-01 12:43:57
    Batch: 81828402
    From Account: U9098228
    Amount: $2.50
    Memo: Cashout #2240418

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 55,519

    Default Re: Mydiamondshare - Mydiamondshare.com

    The 1st payment received from My Diamond Share by schedule :

    Date: 2012-14-01 11:01:38
    Batch: 81821780
    From Account: U9098228
    Amount: $2.50
    Memo: Cashout #2240417

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