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    Join Date : Feb 2009
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    Default Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    LYONESS is just now being introduced to North America!!

    Why I love this lucrative passive income opportunity:

    • This is an opportunity to receive substantial ongoing monthly passive income fairly quickly (without having thousands and thousands of dollars invested or at risk).
    • Money is paid indirectly from Merchants (corporations). The corporations pay the company and the company pays me. (I love having Corporate America pay me for once!).
    • No selling.
    • I get paid for doing my regular shopping, and I get paid for my network doing their regular shopping.

    This is an amazing ground floor passive income opportunity with the Lyoness company that just opened in the U.S. and Canada- but a 9 year-old world-wide company from Austria. They offer a complimentary Cash Back Loyalty Shopping Card to consumers at participating merchants (online and offline). Their motto: Cash Back with Every Purchase! (not points or membership rewards, but cash back!)

    We have leaders that started just a few months ago in the U.S. that are now creating $##,###.00 in passive income monthly! Income increases as more shopping occurs. And we don't think people will stop purchasing groceries, gas, clothing, dining out, traveling, etc.

    Get paid for what you and your associates are already doing!!

    Lyoness - the company:

    • Here is a partial list of their U.S. participating merchants: WalMart, Safeway, Walgreens, Macy's, Shell, BP, iTunes, Foot Locker, Lowes ...
    • Is a 9 year old company that has already paid out billions of dollars:
    o The money is being paid by corporations to Lyoness and Lyoness pays you
    o This is NOT MLM - no selling, no buying products you don't need.
    • Already in over 40 countries, and expanding worldwide:
    o Has opened in the U.S., Canada, soon Mexico, and Asia end of 2012.
    o It's in the ground floor in North America. The U.S. and Canada only have 4,200 members so far.
    o Those of us who join now in North American can be in front of the line and benefit from millions who join after us.
    • Meets all regulatory world, national, and U.S. standards.
    • Audited twice a year by global auditing firm, with successful certifications.
    • There are 2 million members world-wide now.
    o 40,000 members have been joining weekly.
    • This program turns monthly shopping expenses into cash back, residual income that continues to grow and spin off into your own passive income.
    o Get paid for what you and your associates are already doing (buying groceries, gas, dining, traveling, gifts, etc.) every month.
    o 10 ways that you compensated. (see attached.) you could easily create triple or quadruple digit monthly income with a little effort, if you join now at the ground floor (amounts will vary depending on your efforts).
    • They give a % of all their profits to charity.
    • This is a business opportunity that will create substantial passive income. I expect it to be a little effort now (referring team leaders) and very little effort later, just passive income. (kind of like buying stock in Google or Microsoft stock years ago- because you knew everyone would use it daily. But, we don't have to buy stock and the company shares profits generously now (not later) with the 10 ways you can be compensated!

    How is this Different than most other opportunities?

    • No product.
    • No selling.
    • No auto-ship.
    • No minimum monthly quotas.
    • No attrition (or losing anyone) in your team (no one "leaves" your team)- once someone joins your network, they are in your network for life.
    • Payouts are funded by corporations (for those of you who are tired of Corporate America/Big Corporations taking your money).
    • Everyone 18 years or older can use our service (Loyalty Shopping Card) because everyone shops.
    • Unlimited world-wide market - since everyone 18 years or older can be a member.
    • Excellent support from our team network and 40 hour a week phone and email customer service.
    • Passive income can be created quickly and easily without needing thousand and thousands of dollars in a trading account.
    • Who stops shopping for groceries, gas, clothing, gifts, or misc. items? It happens month after month for life, and you can get paid each time you and/or your network shop.

    Where does the money come form?

    • Corporations pay the company for LOYAL customers and the company pays us. This is a better advertising value for corporations than other print and media.

    Why would corporations pay the company?
    • Merchants choose to pay to the company instead of paying advertising to create regular LOYAL customers.
    • This is a better advertising value for corporations than other print and media.

    To be a leader here, you need to:

    • Have internet and communication skills.
    • Be professional, positive, and have an entrepreneurial attitude.
    • Be willing to place a down payment on the purchase of some gift cards from the participating merchant of your choice (will be described in the webinar). These gift cards mature to about 700% to 800% of your gift card down payment. Financing is available (with my referral) without a credit check, without good credit, and without an upfront fee.
    • And be willing to introduce the program to a few of your associates and have them review a webinar.
    • If that is not the case, please wait until the public launch and you should just use the Loyalty Shopping Card as a shopper, not a leader.

    Steps To Be A Leader:

    1. Attend a live or recorded webinar this week. (I'm not allowed to post it here...PM me for the link):

    • This Business Info Webinar Presentation is an overview, and is a good introduction.
    • The 10 methods of compensation seemed quite detailed to me at first. Don't worry about it, you don't need to understand it to get paid. Or, you can view this again later in a recording.
    o You can get paid 10 ways.
    o The first is Cash Back with Every Purchase.
    o They do the accounting.
    o Their pay outs and accounting have been 3rd party verified.

    2. If you see the value of this opportunity and you can refer 4 leaders, but don't have the funds to purchase your business leader gift cards, PM me. I can provide a referral to no upfront fee financing - no credit check, and no good credit required!

    3. Please do not mention the Lyoness name yet to any of your potential leaders so they don't circumvent you. We want them to join YOU directly. If they did though, they would be making a mistake because by joining YOU they will be plugged into the FASTEST growing team in Lyoness history…we are breaking ALL Lyoness records!

    Secure a verbal commitment from your leaders that you know, that they will join your team. (you and they don't have to understand every detail of how you get paid in 10 ways, just introduce this (have them watch the webinar a couple times and have the light bulb go on!)

    4. Our team has made the learning process simple and automated. There will be one website where all leaders go to learn at their own pace. All recorded webinars, support tools, and how to videos will be posted online there. Our goal is to make this as passive as possible.

    Introductory Video Here

    PM me for the link to the private password secured site….Time is of the essence!!


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    Posts : 318

    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    We've just received news that Lyoness has now launched in Hong Kong as a stepping stone to mainland China.

    Also, here is a link to the FAQ page on the company website.

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    Today it was announced that Starbuck's and Exxon/Mobil just became Lyoness Merchants!

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    seems that the only one interested is Shelterman?

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    Quote Originally Posted by regzie View Post
    seems that the only one interested is Shelterman?
    ... I maybe the only one interested on this website, but I assure you this has caught the interest of many elsewhere and I'm active several other places where there is a lot of interest. That's ok though, it's easy for me to put these things in perspective when I think of my own experiences.

    I remember before I joined ZeekRewards, my sponsor must have asked me three or four times to look at it. I didn't understand it and I was too busy to take the time to understand it. And truthfully...I just wasn't very interested. However, one day I received another e-mail from him and I just so happened to be in the mood and had the time to look at it a little closer. And I also remember that there was something in his e-mail this time that perked my interest, so I told myself I'd spend no more than 30 minutes examining it a little closer. That 30 min. turned into an hour and the hour turned into two hours and before I knew it it was bedtime and I had spent a good part of my day going over the ZeekRewards information and was very impressed with what I saw...and for those of you who are involved in ZeekRewards I'm sure you relate to me when I say I'm very glad I took the time to understand itů It's the best decision I've made in a long time.

    My point is that I understand that when any of us decide to participate in any of these opportunities, it is a matter of resonance and timing. The key to this is to believe in your opportunity, keep it in front of your prospect (hopefully without being irritating of course), and keep updating your prospect when changes come along. If you do these things, the likelihood of timing and resonance occurring with your prospect becomes very high.

    I also understand that this opportunity is a little different than what we normally see on this forum. For one thing, there really isn't an affiliate link for you to sign up under, all sign ups are done manually until the "Premium Member" option is no longer available here in North America. That makes for a little more work for us affiliates, but once the Lyoness cards are released en masse in a few months, the opportunity will become passive for us... Our job is just to build the "starting gates".

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    Join Date : Feb 2009
    Posts : 318

    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com


    The Premium Member option will not be available forever here. No one knows just how fast the window of opportunity will close here. In Austria it closed at 25,000 people. In the U.S. and Canada no one really knows. There are more ways to earn as a Premium Member and I would set aside some time to learn about this using the links provided below. For some this will be the ticket to residual GROWING income with none of the effects of attrition as we see with Network Marketing where people stop 'ordering'. Here no one stops purchasing gas, food, and everything else needed for daily life unless they pass on or become a hermit. It is estimated that 50,000,000 people in the U.S. will be using Lyoness cards in the future. As a Premium Member you will be getting a 'piece of that action'. Contact me for the details.

    This is now open to anyone with $225 or more and who is interested in:

    1. Getting Cash Back on potentially EVERYTHING they already purchase, not just what is featured online.
    2. Getting paid to show others how to get cash back on everything they purchase
    3. Getting paid when other people shop in the U.S., Canada, or ANYWHERE in the world
    4. Working their way up to a Premium member position.

    Your choices are:
    1. $225 - Getting Your Foot in the Door (one of the top earners in Austria started here)
    2. $525 - Fast Start and Ready to Roll
    3. $1050 - Minimum Advised for a Good Start
    4. $1350 - Major Income Potential
    5. $3000 - Jaw Dropping Income Potential

    Remember, that this is a ONE CARD SOLUTION to getting cash back on virtually everything you purchase already. Most people who look at this say the same thing: 'This is a no brainer'.

    There are no affiliate sites, most information is password protected, and I have to register people personally.

    This IS passive income but if you do not build a 'life line' it will take longer. The key to the BIG income is to work up to a Premium Member, find 4-5 KEY people who will take the time to learn what this is about. When they see it is a no risk no brainer they will follow in your footsteps and duplicate what you are doing.

    Note, that I can register ANYONE now who JUST wants to be a shopper and get cash back. That will cost you...well...NOTHING. I pay for it on my end.

    Just let me know if that is your wish and I can get you set up.

    But, you MUST commit to shopping through Lyoness merchants within 30 days. Otherwise, your membership will be cancelled.

    If you cannot commit to that then wait until you can. It costs time and money to register you and it is important that you will commit to maintaing your membership in the first 30 days.

    Later, once you grasp the massive potential for income here you may consider doing the above gift card down payments and work towards being a Premier Member.


    *Lyoness is a 9 year old already successful in Europe
    *Lyoness paid out billions to its Loyalty Card members since inception
    *NOT MLM - You sell NOTHING here. No autoships, no product to buy.
    *Already in 40 countries - 40,000 new members enroll every week worldwide right now (that should be a hint).
    *2 million members worldwide so far
    *Only 5000 in the US/Canada (another hint hint!)
    *Already paid out billions in Europe and other open countries
    *It is just coming to the U.S. and Canada, Asia, and Australia opened in April, and Mexico, Latin America is next.
    *Ground floor NO RISK Passive Income Opportunity open to all people anywhere in the world
    *The company is setting up their leadership in the U.S. and Canada right now.
    *The Global Shopping Network is the largest in the world
    *The Merchants pay Lyoness, and Lyoness pays you. The funds do not come from people you refer
    *There are only a few thousand leaders at this time (a drop in the bucket for this huge market). Most people don't know about this yet.
    *Over 400 U.S. merchants have already signed contracts with this company and their gift cards can be purchased online NOW. See them here: http://www.lyoness.net/internal/us/P...erSearch/Index
    *There are already more than 200 Canadian merchants and more coming on each day. See http://www.lyoness.net/internal/ca/P...erSearch/Index
    *You can buy a gift card and shop for your gas, food, and other things right away. You can shop online too.
    *Get paid ANY TIME ANYONE in your entire 'life line' shops at ANY store in the merchant network for food, clothes, gas, dining, gifts, hobbies, cars, furniture, etc.
    *Earn simply by giving away free Lyoness Cash Back Cards that can be used at your favorite merchants including the big name merchants like Walmart, Macy's, etc.
    *Mobile app coming to smart phone so you can purchase store items and pay from a bar code displayed on your screen and $ deducted from your loyalty credit amount.
    *New 4 part video coming soon to your back office to show any time to people you wish to GIVE away cards are introduce to the Premium Membership benefits program.
    *New Merchant brochure and application packet unveiled. Distributing soon.
    *Lyoness uses .1% of total revenue for the child and family foundation that has the goal is to educate 1,000,000 children annually. This is Hubert *Friedl's (CEO) passion in life. 50% of all funds remain in the country of origin to educate local children. The rest goes to 'developing' countries.
    *Lyoness also has another foundation called "Greenfinity" organized to help the environment and ecology of the planet.
    *Lyoness invested $10,000,000 in software recently. So, this company IS serious about doing business.


    Use the present user and pw (changes regularly) to access the http://www.cashbackliving.com/ links below

    User name: global
    Password: cashback

    Start Here: http://www.cashbackliving.com/CashBa...ngBenefits.htm (20 minute)

    Then see the Overview of the company and Vision: http://www.cashbackliving.com/CashBa...gOverview.html (12 minutes)

    Then How to Get Started: http://www.cashbackliving.com/CashBa...ngStarted.html (6 minutes)

    Cashback Magazine - http://www.cashbackliving.info/

    Also, pm me and I will send you a link to a presentation directly from Lyoness that I'm not allowed to post publicly yet which will "knock your socks off".

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com


    You know, I realize how much people are pounded daily with information and find it hard to sift and sort and determine what will work for them to help them reach their goals in life.

    But, I have to knock on your door once more with a 'wakey wakey' call to do your full due diligence on Lyoness.

    The Lyoness PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP opportunity (getting paid in 10 ways) won't be around forever even if becoming a member of Lyoness (getting paid in 3 ways) is around for the next 100 years (and they have a 100 year plan).

    If you miss this window of opportunity I swear that in a couple of years you will kicking yourself hard and severe where it hurts!

    So, please put a few things aside, turn off the TV, the YouTube videos, and just focus ONE HOUR doing some due diligence on this.


    Because, you need something that will be around in 100 years, something you can pass on to your grandkids.

    And because, if you really knew how seriously flawed the economy is right now, how broke governments are, and how they are raiding your pension plans, you would certainly not be depending on any government to bail you out or even provide for you a basic pension in your old age.

    Even the younger folks on this list will be at that age some day, like the baby boomers now, looking at their credit card bill, a $300 a month future pension, and nothing in the bank, and no jobs...UNLESS...they take some kind of action and start creating their own 'Alternative Pension Plan' including LYONESS.

    Honestly, there is no better way to set yourself up for a PERPETUALLY GROWING Passive Income for life, completely risk free, if you go Premium and three ways of getting paid if you just become a regular loyalty member.

    If you take even the slightest bit of action, you will have a growing residual income for life, starting now.

    Here is what one of my direct referrals sent me after visiting the main Lyoness US office in New York:

    Had a 40 minute visit at the corporate office. Met with S and with R (the SME person). Here are my quick conclusions:

    1. They are really there in suite 2710 in the Empire State Building

    2. They are the best home business opportunity I have seen to date (it is NOT MLM - but at the end of the day who cares) because there is no money lost anywhere you can always buy every thing back and its all built around shopping (heck I already have over $100 in loyalty piggybank money) with no sign up fees no quotas, no autoships and nothing to buy except what you are already buying. DUH...

    3. They don't know everything as the home office is deciding the best way to build the business in the US and to make things uniform...pretty reasonable as its not the same here as in Europe.

    4. If you read 3, you go one of two ways:

    a. This is an incredible opportunity and I better get in now (I tell people once you see the cash machines in Walmart - you will get the empty feeling in your stomach and you will remember that conversation with me) while its forming or (to answer (a) you must be a visionary)

    b. They don't have all the answers so I will wait for the answers - fine, but do you want to get in at 5,000 members or at 50,000 members or 500,000 members? Which one is a better opportunity? I rest my case. The choice is NOT mine. I have already made mine.

    Well, I too have made my choice, two months ago, to join as a Premimum Member and I am certainly glad I did. I am watching this complex accounting system kick in and spit out cash already.

    There is no question in my mind. Lyoness dwarfs pretty much everything out there, and is NOT an MLM, nor an investment, nor are you purchasing anything here. This takes people a while to get their head around.

    The visionaries get it right away as they know where the world is going in terms of online and offline commerce.

    Visionaries can see that being in this accounting system when there is 5000 people is going to produce infinite amounts of income as this grows to 500,000 and eventually the targeted 50,000,000 members. Premium Members will be seeing magic happening in their accounts when Lyoness launches advertising campaigns on radio, TV, and magazines.

    So, do not fall for this idea that you cannot 'afford' it.

    You are simply putting up funds you WILL spend on 'stuff' over the year anyways. You are not going to be spending anything on anything you do not already buy. There are no fees here. No monthly costs, nada.

    You can start with a $225 down payment towards future shopping, and work your way up from there.

    If you are JUST a shopper and want cash back on everything, sure, I can register you and show you how to get 2-30% cash back on your normal every day purchases of gas, food, and other necessities. But, you MUST commit to shopping through Lyoness merchants within 30 days. Otherwise, your membership will be cancelled. Contact me if just interested in this option. If you cannot commit to that then wait until you can. It costs time and money to register you and it is important that you will commit to maintaing your membership in the first 30 days.

    But, really, you can do that any time.

    The urgency is not for the 'shoppers'. It is for people who want to become Premium Members and build a long term stable residual passive income that grows forever WITHOUT ATTRITION.

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    A new corporate approved website and an intro to Lyoness video is released. Finally getting some good content and videos aimed at the North American market, but like I've been saying, it is VERY new here. Here it is.

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    So Shelterman whats this lyoness all about i looked at some of the videos is there a place that i can see how this works sounds interesting do you thinks its going to be good? is it going to require lots of work and refferals?

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    Default Re: Lyoness - Lyoness.com

    i have good network team in India. is it launched there

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