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    Default Harvestrade5 - harvestrade5.com


    Harvest Trade Limited (HT) is an independent investment company established in London, United Kingdom since 2007. The team members are talented, experienced and are financial markets expert that have been servicing and generating consistent returns to wealthy individual clients globally since past half decades, are now uniting their investment skills, specialty, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring reliable investment opportunity to everyone and share the wealth in the financial markets.

    The company has a business philosophy reflecting the core value of it partners: entrepreneurship, excellence, performance, independence and transparency. The company adheres to the principle of reliability, openness and professionalism.

    We adhere the best trading portfolio and strategies based on the thorough financial planning, analysis and well-cultivated professional intuition of our best trading team who knows when and where to invest. This allow your trading account gains profit consistently. By using the proven method, you are given a wide selection of investment plan that suit your goals. Trading in various financial markets also needs a tight money management and risk management, thus, we never place any order until we are confirmed the market movements and this fact shall guaranteed your trading account is managed securely.

    Harvest Trade Limited is proud to share the wealth by offering you a venture that enables you diversifying your investment portfolio and take advantage of those great opportunities in the financial markets.

    Having successfully operated on the capital market since 2007, Harvest Trade Limited is proud of its united team of experienced and highly qualified experts that use a conservative approach, extensive in financial and investment fields, analytical skills, comprehensive knowledge of the innovative financial strategies, industrial tendencies, reliable and stable investment models and high technology to achieve the best performance.

    We offer cost-effective alternatives, targeting the optimization of Clients' profits and efficiently lowering investment risks.

    3% Business Day MIN$50 Max $499 for 50Days Princple amount included Total Return 250%
    4% Business Day MIN$500 Max $4999 for 50Days Princple amount included Total Return 300%
    5% Business Day MIN$5000 Max $5000 for 50Days Princple amount included Total Return 350%

    Affilliate Commision: 10%
    Binary Commision= 10%

    *Need Sponser, Join me
    Affilliate ID:33645424
    Placement ID:33645424



    Register Link

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    Default Re: Harvestrade5 - harvestrade5.com


    You have successfully sent a payment from your account:

    Date: 10/3/2012 10:39 AM
    Batch: 112908813
    Sent To: U4073539 (HARVEST TRADE LIMITED)
    Amount: $50.00
    Memo: Buy Credit

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    Default Re: Harvestrade5 - harvestrade5.com

    how to join this program??

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    Default Re: Harvestrade5 - harvestrade5.com

    Harvest Trade Limited(HT) is independent hedge fund manager with a team of talented and qualified financial market spe******t around the world, that takes part in various highly profitable financial markets. HT's team have been servicing wealthy individual clients globally for half decades and share the same objective of wealth creation and preservation.

    Investment Program

    Harvest Trade Package

    Company will return the principle at the end of the term. It means, you will receive profits daily basis and principle back after term completed.

    Harvest Trade Binary Slab

    Payment Method

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    Lightbulb Harvestrade5 - harvestrade5.com

    HARVEST TRADE LIMITED Where Money Never Sleep
    The Best New! >>> Global launching: 10/01/2012 (GET 7% CASH BACK)

    - Daily Returns 3% - 5% for 50 days
    - 10% Binary Commission
    - 10% Affiliate Program
    - 100% Principle Return
    - Minimum investment $50

    Be the first in your country and get extraordinary income!!

    Please join under my reff url, I will share to you 7% of your total investment as a bonus directly to your Liberty Reserve account. Please send a message to achmadbadry@gmail.com to claim your bonus. Available for free web support.

    Registration link: https://www.harvestrade5.com/registe...17EE1F33D5E07F

    NOTE: Make Sure
    * Affialiate ID : 82320333
    * Placement Group : RIGHT (For International Spillover)

    For Indonesian : http://www.harvestrade-indonesia.com/?c=478

    FOR ANOTHER INCREDIBLE PROGRAM PLEASE FIND HERE: http://newbiz4all.blogspot.com
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