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    Join Date : Jun 2012
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    Default Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Frederick Mann is come back with the new investment program

    This is Pre launch Site.

    Users can get paid easily into their accounts once they complete any of the offers on the Click Paid site. Different offers will offer different payments.

    The Click Paid referral program has just two levels. Users can get paid on their first level referrals and on their second level. Both levels combined can become very lucrative! In addition to this, Click Paid offer many extra bonuses and cash prizes.

    Lock your position now for get earlier share the Matrix panel.
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Yeah, Frederick man..

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    Join Date : Sep 2012
    Location : http://hyipcheckpoint.blog.com/
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    dont know if this is real or not..
    but considering his recent move with jbp to pc i dont think im gonna join this one

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    Join Date : Sep 2011
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    How could you be so sure that this project is owned by mr. Mann??

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    Join Date : Apr 2003
    Location : Europe
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    Smile Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    This is definitely Frederick Mann.

    I heard him speak last night on the Live Call. There's no doubt it was him.

    I have just joined. Phase One is for the big recruiters. When I signed in I saw this message:

    You are NOT YET QUALIFIED for Phase One Roll Out! You will be placed into a later phase to complete your sign up process. Itís not too late to advance to Phase one. Visit your 'Invite People' page and keep recruiting!
    Anyway it will be interesting to see where it goes and how it works out.


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    Join Date : Oct 2009
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    About 4000 members so far.

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    Join Date : Feb 2013
    Location : Latvia
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Mann is ONE OF FOUNDERS, as i understande, this will be someting similar to PC.

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    Join Date : Dec 2012
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Quote Originally Posted by gajahgila View Post
    dont know if this is real or not..
    but considering his recent move with jbp to pc i dont think im gonna join this one
    I agree. Somehow he is still associated with PC. Isn't that his picture we see when you are on the login page? He knew where PC was heading.

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    Join Date : Oct 2009
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    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Here is the update I will be sending to my list unless I am
    missing something....

    Subject: Follow- Up To First Notice Program Advisory - ClickPaid

    Greetings Everyone,

    Last Thursday I sent an advisory about the new ClickPaid program
    and I advised everyone to register a position at no cost while we
    evaluate the project.

    For passive members with no referrals

    The program is simple enough. Members may purchase one or more
    "Click Packages" at a cost of $10 each. They must then view 3 ads
    per day in return for which they will receive $.20 per weekday and
    $.10 per weekend day.

    For active members who refer others

    Same as above except that they earn $1 for every Click Package
    purchased by a direct referral and they earn $.50 for every Click
    Package purchased by a 2nd level member.

    I always judge a program based upon what it offers to passive
    members. In this case, unless I am missing something, I do not
    like what I am seeing. A passive member can earn no more than
    $1.20 per week per each Click Package purchased. It will take
    over 8 weeks to recover the cost of the packages purchased.
    Furthermore, I see no information about how long the daily
    payments will continue.


    I believe there are much better ways for passive members to
    spend their money.

    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    Join Date : Feb 2013
    Posts : 3

    Default Re: Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com

    Frederick Man is back :P

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