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    Default Vanguard Global Ventures - Myvgv - Myvgv.com


    Imagine... a Simple Home Business,-
    100% Automated So The Work is Done For You
    Your Only Job is to Count the Money!

    Join real people who are getting real results with this revolutionary income
    building system. You know that business depends on leads and sales to grow.
    Now YOU can GET PAID every month members mail postcards and letters to
    market their business. Direct mail is the most proven marketing strategy for
    home business and is a high demand, repeat product to build YOUR income.

    You Can Be Our Next Six Figure Leader!

    We Believe success should be fun and fast. You can work from anywhere in
    the world, get paid even when not working, and build the foundation for
    long term success. This is why our members include engineers, housewives,
    business owners, Doctors, retirees, pilots, truck drivers and other
    busy people who want a successful business and a life at the same time!

    You Should Expect To Succeed!

    Let's face it, working from home is only fun when you DO make money, and
    lots of it. This program is built to produce income for you fast and long term.

    You will enjoy the Power of Residual Income flowing from your 100% turnkey
    direct mail campaign...combined with a complete website system that tracks
    and converts your prospects into loyal members. This will change your life!

    How it works:

    Step 1. You refer prospects to any of our Vanguard websites that sell our products.

    Step 2. If the people you refer purchase any product from Vanguard Global Ventures,
    you will earn 34% commission from the sales.

    Step 3. When they refer other prospects to subscribe, who in turn purchase any product from us, you will make 10% of their sales. That's your 2nd tier overriding commissions.

    Step 4. When these members refer other buyers, you will make 9% of their sales. This is your 3rd tier overriding commissions.
    The best part is Step 3 and Step 4 happen automatically, without much effort from you!

    Affiliate Program Commission Schedule
    Product Description: Earnings: Tier 1 34% Tier 2 10%, Tier 3 9%. Price is monthly charge for ongoing monthly leads.

    Postcards and Leads Price T1 T2 T3
    Vanguard Leads - 100 Pack VP-100 $77 $26 $8 $7
    Vanguard Leads - 200 Pack VP-200 $147 $50 $15 $13
    Vanguard Leads - 300 Pack VP-300 $212 $72 $21 $19

    Masters Series 12 month - Letters
    Vanguard Masters - 150 PackVM-150 $247 $84 $25 $22
    200 Postcards, 150 Letters, 350 Leads
    Vanguard Lead Masters 350 SetVLM350$377 $128 $38 $34
    Masters Series 1 Pmt - 1800 Letters
    Vanguard Masters Series
    (onetime only cost of $2467)VM1 $2467 $839 $247 $222

    Letters and Leads
    Vanguard Letters & Leads - 150 Pack VL-150 $97 $33 $10 $9
    Vanguard Letters & Leads - 300 Pack VL-300 $187 $64 $19 $17
    Vanguard Letters & Leads - 450 Pack VL-450 $277 $94 $28 $25
    Any Posts I make, are for discussion purposes only. I am not vouching for any programs. One should invest in HYIPs with Extreme Caution

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    Default Re: Vanguard Global Ventures - Myvgv - Myvgv.com

    For those interested in the EPXBody / EPX180 company, we can set up our Vanguard Global Ventures (VGV) back office for the dual income lead capture video which directs to information on EPX180 / EPXBody and secondarily directs th VGV direct mailing system.

    Folks in the largest team in EPXBody / Epx180, of which I am a part use this as their offline way of promoting EPXBody / EPX180.

    I intend to up the number of postcards I send out monthly with this.

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