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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 8

    Default AlienTrust - alientrust.com

    Hi guys,

    This is a very new AutoSurf program. I think it just got released. The page is pretty cool, it is a very different site.


    Check it out. You get $8 free just for joining in. See sig for link.

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 138

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    another FAQ copycat

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    Join Date : Aug 2005
    Posts : 988

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    trus the alien.
    it's very risky to join new autosurfs near the December.
    I learn, therefore I earn
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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 7,085

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    i will wait a little longer...

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    Join Date : Aug 2005
    Location : HEAVEN
    Posts : 598

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    Mission 1 - Epiphany :: Allows you to purchase up to 1000 Shares of the Trust. Once you're 50% vested in the Trust and have personally referred 5 other Ensigns, you have completed your Mission and will be assigned the next Mission.
    What is this? you have to enroll other ppls?
    Beware, life could be a SCAM!

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    Join Date : Oct 2005
    Location : In the NET
    Posts : 11,337

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    Dont know what site is this...

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    Join Date : Feb 2004
    Posts : 104

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    looks good...

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    Join Date : Sep 2005
    Location : In a place you don't want to be in!
    Posts : 67

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    I've heard they don't payout to egold, but they accept upgrading via egold... What the hell is that??

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 111

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    why should we trust alien? Is this program also backed up by forex

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    Join Date : Oct 2005
    Posts : 2,454

    Default Re: AlienTrust - AlienTrust.com

    I joined this program today. Here's what I see is happening.

    1. You can upgrade by egold but cannot get paid by egold.

    2. Each upgrade is $8.00 however the cashout minimum is $35.00 -- forgetting the $8.00 free they give you, you will need to invest $32.00 a clip to make the payout.

    3. Oh & when you sign up you cannot advert your website. Only upgraded members can do that.

    4. They delete your account after a short time if you don't upgrade. I can't remember how long. Maybe 7 days (here I could be wrong)

    5. They give you 5% commission.

    6. It took me 5 mins to figure out where the darn login screen was.

    However the flash animation is really cool.

    Me thinks me pass on this one.
    Any thoughts
    Tina from ePLACETOBE.com Paid to Click & Traffic Exchange Listings - Yes They Really Pay

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