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    Join Date : Jan 2005
    Posts : 3,334

    Default Retmond - retmond.com

    New program:

    The Retmond LTD is a fully licensed, certified and regulated company registered on United Kingdom. Thanks to it we do not need to pay a massive taxes and we care that you could get a big, valuable profit from your investment. We spe******e in investing funds on a financial market. Retmond Capital is not just another, based on customers funds trading platform, our capital is primarily the experience and conscientious actions of ours qualified traders who are working for you 24 hours, 5 days a week and giving you extraordinary profits paid out daily - straight to your pocket. The most important feature of our platform is to get you satisfied in the way that makes you wouldn't use competitive services. Our company goal is to build trustworthy relationships between Retmond and investors. We manage an investors' capital and funds, place assets on the foreign exchange trading market as well as on speculative trading of currency pairs and successfully triumph in the main world's leading Forex market and security markets. We invest in convinced, certain high-return, speculative operations with currency pairs are also strongly engaged in the process of extending business in our company. That means we always choose the best investment option. Maximise performance and earnings. The main activity of Retmond strategy is to grow the partnership with investors. We are standing out of the crowd by our reliable actions.

    How it works?

    Deposit your money and after 15, 30 or 45 days you will get the deposit back with a profit from traders. It's easy and free to use! You do not need to invest your time in learning how to trade or even in trading. Simply invest your funds with Retmond, we are here to do it for you. Knowledge of ours traders guarantee safe investment, you need to just wait for your profit.You can focus on your career or lifestyle, thanks by Retmond you might get monthly profit up to 90% without any Forex knowledge. We have prepared several investment plans for you. The Retmond is proud to introduce you 4 of our major investment opportunities! Favourably choose which one charmed you the most: Climb, Rise, Spring or Inspiration. We would like to endeavour to meet your expectation.

    How do we trade ?

    Whenever our traders have a positive outlook in regards to a particular index, the company starts to work actively for the purchase or sale of foreign currency on Forex. A certain amount of income is generated, depending on how fast are transactions, as well as on the value of working capital. This income is distributed among the parties participating in investment process, thus forming profits for all stakeholders.

    Retmond philosphy ?

    Retmond Limited has come a long way to get the necessary experience and knowledge to open Retmond.com. More than three years passed before our company achieved the desired results, which allow us to work not only at our own expense, but also with the use of working capital in trust management. The philosophy of Retmond Limited is based on open and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and customers, as well as the fundamental knowledge and experience of our traders. Generaly the company is a team of professionals. We know how to set goals and find ways to achieve them. We always work for the result and value the contribution of each of our clients to the success and prosperity of the company. We try to anticipate and satisfy any, even hidden, needs of our customers, as well as establish new standards for investment services. The implementation of the company's investment model is designed to change the welfare of clients for the better and help to form a stable source of passive income. Join now - we will be happy to make a reality of your wildest dreams!



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    Join Date : Sep 2013
    Posts : 78

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    Got Paid Plans are stayable admin is good and honest with investors like it our users growing on it

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    Join Date : Dec 2016
    Posts : 21

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    I'm in with 300$, looks nice

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    Join Date : Feb 2014
    Posts : 5,421

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    I'm Joined!

    Added Normal listing!

    Our investment!

    We will support here later!
    Support 24/7 - Telegram : hyipregular - Skype : hyipregular.org
    Trusted Program - ectotrust.com

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    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    I'm Joined, my deposit:

    04 Aug, 08:52
    Transaction ID: 7b79a24d-8a94-41d6-863a-d487409c5475
    Debited: -35.00 USD
    Fee: No commission

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    Join Date : Dec 2016
    Posts : 21

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    i've got payment ! PAYING

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    Join Date : Jan 2005
    Posts : 3,334

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    Good luck
    Today I received my next 2 payments.
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    Join Date : May 2017
    Location : www.hyipmax.com
    Posts : 75

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    ** HyipMax.com Invest in: **

    The amount of 4 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U14356712->U7432745.
    Memo: API Payment. Auto.. Date: 17:04 04.08.17. Batch: 184125331.

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    Join Date : May 2017
    Location : www.hyipmax.com
    Posts : 75

    Default Re: Retmond - retmond.com

    ** HyipMax.com Invest in: **

    Date time 04.08.2017 13:50
    To billing@retmond.com
    Amount -50.00 USD
    Status Completed

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