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    Default Public Gold - GOLD COINS go MLM

    The Public Gold Opportunity

    Public Gold has just opened it's Doors
    Be one of the First

    Here are some outstanding points about Public Gold...

    1. Although less than a month old, it's a stable company
    with a solid infrastructure, run by a successful Texas family.

    2. Owner/Founder Jerry O'Steen operates Public Gold from his
    14000 square foot facility in Cedar Hill, Texas, just south of Dallas,
    He is assisted by an experienced, trained and highly-qualified staff.

    Jerry founded and led a very successful gold coin network marketing
    company over a 5-year period in the mid-90's. That endeavor birthed
    many millionaires, and developed into a 100 million dollar plus company.

    3. We show people how to purchase or earn 1/10th ounce American
    Eagle Gold Coins (fresh from the US Mint), by using Public Gold's unique
    new partial payment program and building a team of like-minded people.

    4. It's only $100 to become a customer. It takes no money or purchase
    to become a Sales Representative. As a customer, you instantly receive
    a tracking center, website and professional back office - with NO other
    costs or monthly purchase requirements. The free opportunity does not
    include a tracking center, website or back office.

    5. Public Gold calculates 7 days a week - you can actually earn up to
    $1200 a day and more through the company bonus program. Sales
    commissions are paid in gold coins and cash.

    6. The binary plan is an easy 50/50 - the computer will automatically
    balance your volume for maximum pay (you can view the movie about
    the compensation plan at my website below).

    7. Currently, Public Gold is the only company of its kind in existence.

    8. Gold Coins are a non-competitive product for the 90% of people who
    are already involved with a nutritional network marketing company. You
    can create additional income ******* without competition or distraction.

    9. We work directly with the top leaders, so you will get strong support
    from a team of seasoned network marketing professionals who recently
    spent a number of days in Dallas, privately meeting with the founder.

    10. We did extensive due diligence before getting involved with
    Public Gold, and are satisfied and encouraged by everything.

    Here's my website...


    To say the least, this has REALLY taken off for us!
    Most people get involved, as it's a true "no-brainer".
    It's unique, simple, affordable and easy to duplicate.

    After you watch the movies, listen to the audios
    and take a look at the website, please call me if
    you have questions or would like to go further.


    Tom Broadbent

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    Default Re: Public Gold - GOLD COINS go MLM

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