COMMODITEX is a virtual company; we are the extension of PRIMEFA HOLDING & Co. located in New Zealand which economy, named as an “market economy” is greatly dependent of international trade.
Many financial companies are focusing on specialized products and services that are in demand globally, such as forex market or stocks market. We’re developing a strategy that’s capable of adapting quickly and being recognized internationally as innovative. We will always search for new opportunities for finance businesses and e-businesses.
COMMODITEX is a financial project created early on 2007 as a result of several financial studies based on principal commodities trading. This basic investment project based on basic resources (commodities) shown valuable earnings in the past year.
An economics & financial students group show this innovative project to PRIMEFA HOLDING & Co. and it was accepted almost by ending the first meeting, because the resources showed and financial strategies was the most effective on the actual trading market. The bases were solid and the profits were almost amazing.
Working with the principal markets of the world (ASIA, AMERICA, EUROPE & OCEANIA), we redirect our investments.
COMMODITEX, is your first REAL STATE COMMODITIES TRADING COMPANY for E-CURRENCIES, as commodities Experts we try to bring you the best service, we work just like a physical company with the difference that you can access your data at anytime, anywhere and our support center is available 24 / 7 to solve your doubts and questions also you can verify your investment status 24/7.
We work with stable and profitable commodities by speculating its prices and selling at the right moment, and buying also at the lowest price, to achieve reliable profits.
COMMODITEX brings you the option to be a successful investor just by making a few clicks that’s the advantage of working with e-currencies, no matter where you are, and no matter when you want to become an investor, you can do it with COMMODITEX .com.
Trading with OIL, GOLD, and BEANS (Mainly Soybeans) markets, we have reached the financial successful with speculation strategy, this means, to buy at the best moment establishing the best price combination of contracts, accept contract offers at the right time, no matter of the price goes higher after selling, our financial trading team ensures you the best and secure transactions.
COMMODITEX offers you an outstanding compensation with stable daily incomes, for further information please go to OUR STRATEGY, and INVESTMENT PLANS.
You will find the exact plan intended for you, with daily and monthly payments, with the total transparency that we are used to offer our clients. With worldwide integrated financial operations we are capable to apply the best investment strategy.

* Up to 2.25% Daily Profits
* 60 Trading Days Term
* Up to 235% of Return
* Principal Included
* Premiun Account Bonus
* 5%Referral Program
* Daily Payments
* A+ Customer Support.

* Up to 62% Monthly Profits
* 3 Trading Months
* Up to 286% of total return
* Principal Included
* 5% Referral Bonus
* Compounding Available
* Monthly Payments
* A+ Customer Support.