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    Join Date : Jan 2009
    Location : Singapore
    Posts : 10

    Arrow IvyBot - $3,236 In 30 Days

    After a few months wait, IvyBot trading system is finally targeted to be launched on 28th July '09.

    Actually, the creators didn't want to give up his proprietary forex automated software to the public. Afterall they were making money with it. However, they decided to released it as they think it was better than any forex robots on the market.

    Luckily, we can now access the forex trading system inside ivybot forex system and include it into our forex trading porfolio. Why waste good things?

    We will look into more of IvyBot trading system with all short overall summary of this automatic trading software. A few points are all we need to determine whether it is a scam or not.

    Since this automatic trading software was not available to our review group, we could only get the backtest results and screenshots from the original beta-groups to write out a review.

    IvyBot forex software Short Description

    What is exactly the uniquess of ivybot trader and other forex robots currently sold in the forex market?

    ivybot robot is very different from the average automatic robot. It adopts one individual forex trading system for each currency.

    I am sure you have ever see a forex robot that has a specialized forex trading system for the currencies.

    Most automated forex software in the market cannot deal with more than 2 currencies at once. They often fare poorly when they try that.

    Thus IvyBot has implemented a new unique solution to deal with this issue. That is to have individual forex trading system to trade each currency.

    ==> Visit Ivy Bot Review <==

    With a dedicated forex trading system, ivybot trading system can deal with the volatility of the currencies much better. This results in a overall higher winning accuracy and trading frequencies. All these can mean a good difference in our trading profits.

    Review Summary for ivybot trading system

    To be fair, no one can made any conclusive statement on IvyBot even the results look great. Simply because we need time to test out any forex automated software. Only then will the profits tell us the true story.

    It sure looks great for now from our current review statements collected. The automatic robot is averaging 8 wins out of 10 trades and is capable to taking many trades and exploiting the current trend.

    If you have been trying out some of the major forex automated software, you will realized that Ivybot is the first to offer individual expert advisors for each currency. This could be a big difference to how profitable your forex automated software as each currency has their own unique characteristic. Lifetime free updates are also included into the package.

    As of now, ivybot robot has passed our scam check guidelines and the vendors certainly look professional to take this forex robot up to Fapturbo level.

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
    Location : Singapore
    Posts : 10

    Thumbs down BAD News...price is going UP

    Bad News......... :<

    Ivybot forex robot price is going up tomorrow afternoon.
    If you are interested in the ivybot I would suggest purchasing before the price increase. I don't know what the price will be (I think $179 but not sure).

    Again with clickbanks return policy you have 60 days so if you are on the fence you might as well save a few bucks and get it before the price increase.

    P.S. Its not a marketing ploy on the price increase from Ivybot forex robot they really are raising the price of the product.
    Last edited by forextradingstudy; 07-31-2009 at 03:03 AM.

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    Join Date : Sep 2008
    Location : East of Eden
    Posts : 60

    Default Re: IvyBot gains support

    Hello Trader Friends!

    Yes, I did it, I bought into the IVYBOT system. Its so pricey I had to wait a minute before pushing the "confirm" button.
    Anyway, the deed is done, and now I'm setup and trading with IvyBot as of yesterday.

    I had one trade last evening with USDJPY, entered at 95.47, TP set at 96.29, and closed at 95.79...all on automatic! A total of 32 pips in profit!

    I'll try to post all trades made by this new Ivybot trade system and at this point, IMHO, I think we have a real winner!

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