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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Truth has to be told and it will be told

    This is not a thought or a comment but a report of a cyber CRIME that has unfolded right in front of my eyes! I will try to make the story short! And for the sake of simplicity, I will use “he” to refer to that character in question.

    A poster named thinkdifferent had been posting at MNO shout box aggressively until the day his TRUE IDENTITY was being exposed on August 21. And he literally STOPPED posting right there from that point on!

    His true ID is a BLOGGER named leagao who runs a blog called flaxtalk.

    This leagao character (alias thinkdifferent) is giving WEEKLY ADVICE and recommendation as what programs to invest quite specifically. The LIST of programs is changing every week.

    He is telling his readers that if they join the programs under him, instead of getting referral commission back (as many other bloggers and non bloggers are doing), he is going to INVEST and make big money for them with the commissions.

    Then he also invited people to invest in that PONZI of his with their fresh money. He even created a fancy name for his ponzi: Hyper-compounding to MISLEAD the inexperienced readers. He also boldly told people that he was building an empire for everyone.

    I don't know what his agenda was for creating that thinkdifferent character and sending him to MNO shout box.

    Thinkdifferent was even featured in leagao’s blog and they TALKED to each other complimenting each other.

    The only reason for this leagao character to do that that I could think of is to promote himself via the third character. And I wonder how many thinkdifferent characters he has created for the purpose of making up his own story!

    Anyway here is the EXCERPTS from thinkdifferent’s posts on August 21 in MNO shout box that led me to the conclusion that thinkdifferent = leagao.

    Compare thinkdifferent’s writing with that of leagao in his blog.

    They both use exactly the same improper English writings. I am sorry to use the word “improper” to describe their English but that is what it was that led to this incredible DISCOVERY.

    “…..I not understand what your problem with these "experts" is. …..she not recommend anything…….. it not looked good…….I not trust all of them…… a program what fix interests can't be real. ……. better looking programs what gain trust of investors stay longer……but it not helps when you speak bad about some good programs……. I not say you are wrong……”

    We can truly say that the proof is right in the writing or he was caught red-handed.

    The matter of fact is that the proof is in the IDENTICAL writings. It is no rocket science and no analysis is needed here. NO 2 persons can write exactly the same way, whether they are of the same nationality or 2 different nationalities. Not to mention this is already a very small HYIP circle.

    OK let’s go on with more interesting FURTHER DEVELOPMENT.

    2 days later, after thinkdifferent’s true ID was being exposed on August 21 and disappeared from MNO shout box, suddenly he was hinting at people in one blogger’s shout box that he was from Thailand and he even wrote Thai words.

    Obviously it was an act of creating an ALIBI to cover his crime (I was quite amused by that.) by hinting at people that “he was in another place (away from leagao who was supposed to be in Hong Kong) at the time of the crime.

    This only adds more evidence to my belief that this is a well-organized GROUP of SCAMMERS in Asia. I have reasons to believe that this leagao character does NOT work alone but is assisted by a few others to run a BLOG and a PONZI scheme and to build an empire as they say and will run away with people’s money when their empire gets BIG enough.

    I have no proof in this statement, but one of the programs that they now heavily promote as real business (LOL!!) and are closely associated with called AMF1989 could be their major plot. Beware of that as well!!

    As I always despise and hate dishonest people and liars, I want more people to know about it! Please beware of this on-going SCAMMER leagao a.k.a thinkdifferent.

    This information served as a warning to our community is a bit long but I hope you find it interesting and helpful!


    P.S. Please feel free to post this in other major forums so that we can together stop the crime.

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    Join Date : Sep 2010
    Posts : 13

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    MNO I do not trust! They advertise the project low class!

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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    Dear Friends, I would like to share a VERY INTERESTING comment from a forum admin:

    “Well, their biggest Lie is their identity. As I said with Akashic Records, they are a Group of men, not a woman.

    Then, that they are a HYIP disguized of a blog.

    So, if the base is False, all what they say in their articles and all, is Manipulation.

    For me, this is so sad.


    William Family.”

    Thank you William Family!

    Here is the link:
    ************************************************** *******************
    Oh GOOGLE “Akashic Records”. It is quite interesting!!

    The main point in layman’s term is about “Building On The Platform Of Hypnotic Influence”.

    That is exactly what that leagao character is doing! He is manipulating and organizing people with lies!

    The people that he manipulates include other bloggers and program admins! They work together; soon it will develop into a cult-like community!

    ************************************************** *********************

    But the MOST hilarious LIE was he talked to himself via alias thinkdifferent in his blog!

    Just analyze in that thinkdifferent character’s writing in MNO shout box on August 21:

    “…..I not understand what your problem with these "experts" is. …..she not recommend anything…….. it not looked good…….I not trust all of them…… a program what fix interests can't be real. ……. better looking programs what gain trust of investors stay longer……but it not helps when you speak bad about some good programs……. I not say you are wrong……”

    Who was "she" that he was trying to defend! It was that leagao character himself!
    Last edited by Joseph; 09-13-2010 at 05:52 PM.

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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    Hi Friends,

    Someone was kind enough to point something out to me at MNO forum.

    So I went and did a little bit more reading in the thebesthyipsoftheworld forum.

    I do NOT agree everything they are saying. ONLY what is below:

    “…..I am tired of the lies of people. This blog lies from the first moment. So all they do after this, is a Manipulation……”

    This is just to clarify my stance …….

    ************************************************** ****************

    TRUTH is always hurtful for some who insist not to accept the FACT.

    As to why there are so many MNO haters, this is a very good topic. As a bystander and an observer, I will do it at some other time if I feel it is necessary without having to bore anyone and also depending on my mood.

    Have a good weekend everyone and keep smiling!!!

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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    3 weeks have gone by since that morning on August 21 and I still received challenge and curse in MNO forum and shout box as regard to the finding that leagao = thinkdifferent, even when there is NOTHING to argue about.

    Number ONE: their IDENTICAL writings.

    Number TWO: The DISAPPEARANCE of that thinkdifferent character from MNO shout-box.

    (I am sorry for having to repeat the same things over and over again in order to get into everyone’s head!)

    How often do we see a scammer get caught lying with SOLID evidence? Almost never UNTIL they start to stop paying or make excuses?

    In this case it is even more SHAMEFUL because it involves a dishonest blogger.

    The fact remains that leagao character used alias thinkdifferent (We don’t know how many FAKE NAMES he has created.) to manipulate people in his blog and got caught in MNO shout box.

    For that reason, he has lost all his credibility; anything he says and does will be questionable.

    He is playing with people’s psychology by rallying a group of so-called “real business” admins in a cult-like community where people are having good times!

    He tries all his best to give articles daily just to impress people for the sake of building his own empire!

    He is creating all kinds of “great ideas” in order to MISLEAD the inexperienced and gullible “investors”!

    While he knows perfectly well HOW this industry works and that “REAL BUSINESS” and HYIP do NOT mix!!

    ************************************************** *********************

    The MAIN reason for me to respect Paul is that “He understands perfectly HOW THIS INDUSTRY WORKS, he does not mislead and he speaks only the TRUTH”!

    There is another EXCELLENT post from Paul yesterday under “The Truth has to be told” in MNO forum!

    I am asking every MNO reader to read it and digest every word he wrote in that exceptional post!

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    Join Date : Mar 2006
    Location : location > /dev/null 2>&1
    Posts : 10,362

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    No more links please, I'm now prepared give a "warning" because of advertising that BS hyip and forum.

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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    OK Admin, it is too late for me to delete some part!

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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    Hi Friends,

    Mr. X continues to come back and argue with me with his twisted mind. He simply has lost his logics!

    It is said that people like to hang around at the crime scene and very often the person who commits the crime is among the onlookers.

    And all this time I have been puzzled as to why a handful of people are DENYING it and refuse to accept it, while the rest of the world see it.

    So I have to consult Wikipedia for diagnosis according to Mr. X symptoms and there I have found the answer. It is the best way to SUM UP why Mr. X is behaving the way he is after that dreadful finding of the true ID of that thinkdifferent character on that fatal day of his on August 21.

    There I have found all the KEY words I need!!

    DENIAL is a DEFENSE mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a FACT that is TOO uncomfortable to accept and rejects it INSTEAD, INSISTING that it is not true DESPITE what may be OVERWHELMING evidence.

    Look it up in Wikipedia for more information if you find it interesting because that could be applied in many areas!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank this forum admin for allowing my thread here!!


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    Join Date : Aug 2010
    Posts : 7

    Default Re: Truth has to be told and it will be told

    “Why would it NOT be possible to see a real business trying to get financed by the hyip arena?”

    This question has been asked over and over again. It is a very good question and apparently there are inexperienced players out there who still do not quite get it.

    Below is my article “Why REAL BUSINESS and HYIP don’t mix” that I would like to share with everyone here. Hope that answers the question!

    But first off here is an excellent post from Mr. H to illustrate the key point:

    “IF you have a business venture that can turn $100,000 into $730,000 WHY would you continue to give it away?

    The LOGICAL thing would to borrow $100,000 at 9% APR, and pay off the loan leaving you with ~$630,000 minus overhead. WHY would you pay the full $730k to HYIP investors?”

    ************************************************** ***********************

    For a long time like many others, I was searching for real business IN this industry because I was STUBBORNLY NOT convinced that there was no HYIP backed by real business. So I kept losing money.

    Then there came a discussion in a forum about 2 – 3 years ago.

    Their topic was “Is it LIKELY to have Real Business in HYIP?”

    I do not remember the exact wordings. So treat this article as one from me! Hence the topic is called “Why REAL BUSINESS and HYIP don’t mix!”

    In the middle of all the discussions, the said forum admin wrote an article on why “It is UNLIKELY to have Real Business in HYIP.”

    He said, GRANTED the admin has a real offline business and sincerely wants to get finance from the HYIP investors and share the profits, instead of getting the loan from a bank for whatever reason; his program will EVENTUALLY become a ponzi.

    ************************************************** ************************

    Here he gave the details as WHY:

    A new program has launched saying that they are backed by a “real business”; a fish farm, a coffee plantation, a silver mine, forex and what-not, anything they could think of.

    Some would show PICTURES of their whatever or their so-called “solid proof” of some piece of PAPER. Some would even produce VIDEOS to show their “face” in order to give investors confidence and trust.

    OK Let’s SAY everything they say about their “real business” is true and people start to invest.

    Everything goes slowly and smoothly for a while. The admin manages WELL their investors’ accounts because it is still MANAGEABLE.

    This WAITING period can last from 4 months to 4 years before they start to catch BIG fish.

    ************************************************** ****

    So new investors keep coming in because of the news about such great program all over the net! Here the admin’s GREED starts to kick in! Now he finds the first TASTE of making easy money on line rather than working like slave in his “real business”.

    After 6 months or 9 months, the investors’ accounts GROW like a rolling snowball. The program is gathering MOMENTUM.

    Now the funds have become so LARGE that it becomes UNMANAGEABLE. (Forget about the transit time in payment processor and banking systems!)

    So INSTEAD of taking the funds out and let it work on their “real business” and make real profit to share with their investors, they start to PAY the OLD investors with NEW investors’ money.

    The funds NEVER leave their PP from this point on. (And we will never know if that is what they are doing right from the start!)

    ************************************************** *****

    The program can still survive as long as the INCOMING fund is larger than the OUTGOING payments.

    New members keep coming in with LARGER amount of money especially from the BIG investors and don’t forget many investors are in COMPOUNDING mode. Some would put more FRESH money in the program because they are SO convinced the business is for real.

    Eventually the BUBBLE gets so big that it comes to an inevitable final BURST.

    That is WHEN the admin disappears with our money without trace.

    ************************************************** *************************

    Have you noticed that the whole process is NO different from a PONZI right from the start?

    The IMPORTANT lesson I learned here:

    WHY bother to prove if the program is backed by a “real business” or not, how much they have spent on their website and what-not.

    ALL ONLINE programs will STOP paying eventually one way or the other with NO exception. They all DO the same things with some variations from START to FINISH!!

    ************************************************** *************************

    This is the message for all HYIP players!

    REAL BUSINESS and HYIP just don’t mix!

    If you STILL want to play in HYIP, play it like GAMES whatsoever. This is the true NATURE of this industry!!

    Once you know HOW this industry works, when you win, be HAPPY for your luck!
    When you lose, you know you have no one to blame but SMILE and move on!


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