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    Join Date : Mar 2011
    Posts : 16

    Thumbs down Oil-Capital is SCAM!?Tell me,people!Please!

    4 investors.
    3 from USA. names: Viktoria, Nariman and Anatoliy
    1 from Russia(Moscow). name: Oleg
    2 investors in USA have the same IP - BUT before created account they WROTE a letter to OC Admin and asked permition and GOT IT!(Admin Oil-Capital wrote back and said - NO PROBLEM!)

    Viktoria - who FOUND Oil-Capital became Upline to Norman and to Anatoliy. It is HER RIGHTS - according of the RULE ANY HYIP including OC.

    Norman became Upline to Oleg.
    So far everything is correct and NO RULES are broken.

    Amount of investmens:
    20.3.2011 Viktoria invested $880.
    23.3.2011 Norman invested $5010
    24.3.2011 Norman invested $8800
    25.3.2011 Oleg invested $5000
    25.3.2011 Anatoliy invested $10 000
    25.3.2011 Oleg invested $16000
    (all investments were for 10 days plan)

    on 25.3.2011 Norman got $1200 referral commition and for 3 days cound not get it from the account. He wrote a lot of letters to OC Admin - but got NO answers.
    on 30.3.2011 - using the advice of Moderator of this Forum, Nariman placed NEGATIVE VOTE at GolgPoll and provide login and password to Admin of GP -so he can enter his OC account and check information himself.
    Admin (Jeff) - visited Nariman's OC account on 31.3.2011.
    On 31.3.2011 - Nariman got a letter from OC Admin.
    "Because of the Negative vote which Norman left on GoldPoll - his account with $13810- was DISABLED. And all money stocked on the account.
    All investments were PROVED by screen shots from LR accounts and screen shots of accounts while they were abaliable to enter.
    On 3.4.2011 - all accounts 4 investors were DISABLED.
    OC Admin said - all 4 investors were visited all 4 account from the same ONE IP. And created accounts to refer each other and that is WHY - he desided to keep all money - $45,690.00 USD.
    Than OC Admin - fabricated fake information - showing the same IP for each account. Which is a LIE! (But for this much money - why not to sell you soul and lie?)
    And we WILL GET the proof of this information fraud criminal action.
    3 investors Oleg, Anatoliy and Nariman - placed posts here on this Forum -so Jeff can see their Original IP.
    THey NEVER Changed IP and never cleaned the cookies st their computers and all their computers settings are DIFFERENT! They NEVER used any proxy in order to visit any HYIPs -including oil-capital.
    They never hide! They offer to proved their official government documents to prove they ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE and leave at the DIFFERENT addresses and countries. Well - OC Admin never answered for this offer.
    WHY BOTHER? When he got already over $45 000. Nice, sweet , easy stolen piece of pie.

    So - TELL ME,please, People!!
    Oil-Capital is SCAM ?
    I call it SCAM and FRAUD and Criminal activites.!
    I declare Oil-Capital as HUGE SCAM and ROBBERY and FRAUD.

    what is your opinion?

    Thank you!

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    Join Date : Apr 2011
    Posts : 10

    Default Re: Oil-Capital is SCAM!?Tell me,people!Please!

    I believe that it's a scam.
    thanks for sharing though

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    Join Date : Sep 2006
    Location : www.hyiprefer.biz
    Posts : 11,457

    Default Re: Oil-Capital is SCAM!?Tell me,people!Please!

    never invest more over $1k in such hyips.they aren't serious hyips that are worth investing over $10k.

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