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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 11

    Exclamation Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    Visit www.Felixbastard.com
    Starting this thread so we can figure out facts about Felix /Tom bastard who is biggest Scammer in forex world.
    Last edited by Tomyoman; 07-18-2006 at 06:10 PM.

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 11

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    100 % wrong signals and people 100% loosing
    lol yes we know felix bastard always send emails to his users and subscribers, this is a good marketing way to trap people, yes you are right his actual face is infront of public now. many users are losing a lot of money with his signals. and he accepted that many users lost too much money, read tom yeomans reviews where felix bastard said that they have decided to increase the monthly subscription from $ 200 to $ 2000 per month because low investment users loose lot of money by using his weak signals because he doesn't know how to handle low investment users, if he is that smart he must know how to handle low investment people.
    read 2 star reviews of Abraham , New York on Tom bastard's signals.

    it shows that thier signals are 100 % wrong and people 100% loosing

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 11

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    the following post clearly shows the bastard's thinking about low investors, here is the paste the Felix bastard update on Abraham's post: ENJOY !

    6/27/06 Update from Felix: I normally wouldn't post this review, because it didn't pass through my 6-step verification process. The IP address from which this review was submitted, was not from New York, and it was not even from United States. However, I still decided to post it, I received about freedomforex.com, and the guy has a good point here. If you are trading a mini-account, or even 1 standard lot at $10 pip, get real, you are not going to make a fortune. If you want to trade the news and make a full time living of $5K-$10K/month+, "Abraham" is right, you have to have enough money to put trades at least $30, $40, $50 per pip. However, before you can start putting up such money, you have to gradually graduate to that by practicing with mini-lots. And Abraham is wrong, it's not $200 per month anymore, but it's $248.50/month, and I'll gradually keep raising it every month, and if $248.50/month for an education and calls from professional forex trader sounds too much to people like Abraham, then I think I made a serious mistake by offering it so cheap... Tom was right, I think we should start charging $2,000/month, that way we only attract people that can afford to trade, and that can actually value the service for what it is... I'll think about it...I think the person who said that people don't value the service by what it really is, but they value it by the amount of money you charge for it, was right. Perception is everything. I personally would rather deal with 10 serious people at $2,000 per month than with a 100 at $200/month. Because out of every 100 we'll have a few "Abrahams" that don't care about what's in it for them, and how it can improve their trading, but rather care by how much money we are making in subscription fees. Anyway, I hope Abraham requested a full refund from his real name, because apparently this service is definitely not for him. And no hard feelings if you feel this service is not for you. You are welcome to always request a refund.

    if felix bastard think that his service is not for low investors then he must deny becoming an expert and helper of all forex users, with this post we can judge how many negative reviews he is hiding from public.

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    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Posts : 11

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    i also read tom's manual of trading which may have lot of grammer mistakes and it seems like any kid wrote this trading book while he was eating icecream. because his book is very third class thing to guide traders. go and read great books by brent, abe-cofnas etc coz tom yeoman's book is showing very low level integrity of knowledge.
    if you are also investigating read posts on different forums :
    posted June 02, 2006 10:03 PM

    For what it's worth a trader buddy of mine did his first call with Tom Yeomans this morning on NFP and was very disappointed.

    I think the 1 min news strategy by 4DLuv is as good as any.

    Save your money.


    Matt NZ

    Senior Member
    Member # 4900

    posted June 04, 2006 06:24 PM

    I havent used Tom's service, but have previously looked into using it. It is obscenely expensive at $997 per month!! According to Felix who has reviewed the service you get approximately 100 pips per month from it. To just break even, you would have to be doing 100k lots, assuming you followed his winning trade calls. There are much cheaper services out there that will be able to give 100+ pips per month. I actually sent in basically the same info to Felix at forex bastards in the past month, but he never posted it. It makes me wonder whether his site is really an independent review, or if he is making money off referrals, and not posting negative (but fair) responses to those he makes money off. I also noticed that Tom has an affiliate program, for 20% of what he gets...perhaps $200 per month per referral is a good incentive not to post such comments. I'd be interested to hear other's experiences.

    Matt NZ

    Senior Member
    Member # 4900

    posted June 04, 2006 08:52 PM

    having looked more into Tom's offering, it seems even worse than I thought. He has a video where he shows his recommendations for NFP in June, his amazing advice for $997 per month, the NFP figure was only 75k, so that means you should buy EUR/USD, it takes a trading genius to figure that out...lol.

    Junior Member
    Member # 8958

    Member Rated:
    posted July 07, 2006 06:37 AM
    3 to 4 percent make money but the vast majority are losers which is why we hang out here looking for the next holy grail of trading or forex guru to show us the easy route to riches.

    Junior Member
    Member # 8980

    Member Rated:
    posted June 25, 2006 04:54 PM

    Euro falling to 1.20???

    After topping at 1.2978, completing a five wave structure up, being the second active wave of the pattern, an important change of trend took place. And the bears control the market since then. All trends have at least three waves, and the first wave down is complete at 1,2528 and retrced to the 0.382 fib level. How long can be the next wave down?, the elliott wave structure and relationship between waves can help to establish a support for this low, as the daily map show at the forecast.


    Member # 7773

    Member Rated:
    posted June 25, 2006 10:30 PM

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    Join Date : Apr 2006
    Posts : 1,590

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    Keeping it to 1 post would be nice. I have read your site. Its quite blatant, would be funny if it turned out to be true. Would also get some people banned from this website if your accusations are true.

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    Join Date : Mar 2003
    Posts : 86

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    Those who 'buy' signals to trade instead of 'constructing' their own trading signals deserve no better.

    Surely this doesn't mean that the scambag can go laughing all the way to his bank. The thieve should be jailed for life.

    Why do wannabe traders BUY signals?
    It is like getting a fake license to practice medicine.

    Both the buyer and the snake seller deserve ill fate.

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    Join Date : May 2005
    Location : NY USA
    Posts : 1,384

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    The one thing that discredits your site is your claim that Oanda is a scam. That makes me lose all respect for you.
    Disclaimer: I am not licensed in any way. Everything written here is my opinion. I do not offer individual investment advice.


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    Join Date : Apr 2006
    Posts : 48

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    Oanda's not a scam you bozo.

    You must be one of the con artist Felix is warning about on his site

    Oanda is a credible broker -

    Go back to your hole.

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    Join Date : Feb 2005
    Location : Ashland, Ohio
    Posts : 119

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    you're an idiot

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Posts : 30

    Default Re: Felixbastard.com facts about Felix

    You know, i think there is a new law that if you slander someone on the internet, you can get arrested... Keep it up

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