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    Join Date : Oct 2016
    Location : Banglore
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    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    Firefox is the best browser for Computer but opera is best browser for mobile

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    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    Mozilla Firefox is 33% faster than Opera Browser in warm startup time, which represents time spent opening the browser right after closing it. The difference in time spent opening the browser after reboot, cold startup time, is less pronounced, but important to observe. Mozilla Firefox is 20% faster than its competitor Opera Browser, which results in a time difference of 0.8 seconds. Therefore, users who prefer speed when loading browsers should opt for Mozilla Firefox.

    Regarding memory usage, Mozilla Firefox is 15% more efficient than Opera Browser under the condition of 10 opened tabs. Opera Browser's inefficiency relative to its competitor will become more noticeable as additional tabs are opened. Users who prioritize efficient memory usage should lean towards Mozilla Firefox.

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    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    I use them very seldom, although Opera still is my favorite.

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    Join Date : May 2017
    Location : India
    Posts : 74

    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    Opera provides free VPN and it has improved its quality in last few years. Talking about Firefox it eats lots of RAM and I am not a big fan of Firefox.
    Opera have implemented new features like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp chat so they are developing great products.

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    Join Date : Jul 2017
    Posts : 2

    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    I personally have surfing problems in Firefox
    Here is the reason for this problem: http://macsecurity.net/view/108/

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    Join Date : Jul 2017
    Posts : 2

    Default ВСЕМ ПРИВЕТ К&

    В то******** случае, если у вас останется или просто есть в наличии са********одельное вино (********ожно и не са********одельное а бутылочное или разливное, если не жалко), то ********ожно пропустить данный напиток через специальный са********огонный аппарат, который называется ала********бик.
    Вся суть данного аппарата в то********, что он полностью изготавливается из ********еди. После прогонки и получения виноградного спирта, ********ожно пить сразу, или же залить в тару из дубовых досок или, за не и********ение******** последней, в стеклянные бутли с дубовой крошкой. Выдержав необходи********ое по ваше********у вре********я, получи******** до********ашнее виски. Или, вернее сказать, бренди.

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    Default Recent install

    My contemporary number
    adnaan movement quote wudu makeup

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    Default <a href=http://fxtm-forex.com>Форекс Т

    <a href=http://fxtm-forex.com>http://fxtm-forex.com</a>

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    Location : india
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    Default Re: Firefox or Opera?

    Opera is one of the most secure browsers because it has a smaller userbase, so it is less targeted. Some sites will have problems supporting Opera because of its small popularity. Many of the extensions for Firefox are built-in features on Opera.

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