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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    I'm very astonished. Yesterday I got my payment, withdrawn a week ago.

    API 4/25/2010 22:12 36547007 U3917259 (PanaMoney)

    Thank you.

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    Join Date : May 2009
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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    4/26/2010 20:53 36615725 U3917259 (PanaMoney) + $2.00 $0.02

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    Join Date : Oct 2009
    Posts : 41

    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    Some scamers have already announced Panamoney´s end 1 year ago and these guys get outraged, that this did not happen, while their affiliate recommendations haven´t survived, ripping off a lot of money of those, who believed them.
    If Panamoney were really to disappear, their website would have simply been shut down, the domain unregistered. Instead this didn´t happen, customer support is available.
    So for the time being I suggest to remain silent.
    Of course I still don´t know, whether they´re just a Ponzi scheme, like most other programs being dealt about here or really trading forex, or a combination of both.
    But at least they pay me now since last year, I´got only 55 days to go and I´m sure, I´ll still see Panamoney allive then and probably reengage with the principal. Have to admit, that it´s easier to talk like this, when accumulated (and withdrawn) profits till now have exceeded the principal.

    P.S.: I´m engaged with more than the usual amounts posted here...

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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    Limoges, you got your point.
    However same thing happens to Genius Funds. Their supports are still responding when the site is dead, which has disappointed everyone as they didnt' come back.
    Shouldn't expect much from HYIP. Just treat it as a risky game which is worse then gambling.
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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    is panamoney going to be a scam too? what a year...

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    Join Date : Mar 2007
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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    Date: April 27, 2010 12:09:01 AM
    Amount Sent: $3.00 USD
    Sender Name: PanaMoney Technologies Inc
    Sender Email: contact@panamoney.net
    Reference Number: CDB34-CD5ED-F4BE5
    Message: Withdrawal from Current Account

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    Join Date : Feb 2010
    Posts : 2,488

    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    Date : 2010-26-04 21:06:58
    From/To Account : U3917259 (PanaMoney)
    Amount : 5.00
    Currency : LRUSD
    Batch : 36616773

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    Join Date : Jan 2010
    Location : Argentina
    Posts : 13

    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    I got my pending whitdrawal paid today. seams ok

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    Join Date : Apr 2007
    Location : Mostly on InvestDad.com
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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    InvestDad has one pending since last Friday. We moved PanaMoney to our waiting list

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    Join Date : Mar 2009
    Location : hyipvoter.com
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    Default Re: PanaMoney Technologies - PanaMoney.net

    no interest was added for this monday.. status changed to waiting.
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