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    Default Stableinterest - Stableinterest.com

    The project StableInterest.com is working since 2006. It has been launched by the team of professional traders and analysts. We offer reliable and long-term opportunity for online investors.

    Real profit will be yours! You will experience the professional approach and maximum security of your funds.


    Make investment
    from $10 to $99
    and earn 32% income in 30 days


    Make investment
    from $100 to $3,000
    and earn 102% income in 60 days


    Make investment
    from $3,000 to $10,000
    and earn 264% income in 120 days


    Make investment
    from $10,000 to $100,000
    and earn 500% income in 200 days

    We take funds under management with the purpose of further multiplying be means of investing to futures market.

    If you have desire to invest your own funds to futures, though you have no opportunity to work on your own, you can use our funds management service. Our professional traders have worked on the financial markets for years. They can give stable interests from the funds attracted.

    Not a secret that everyone willing to get interests more than any bank may offer should be ready to take certain risks!
    We offer comparatively high interests (anyway more than any bank may offer), minimizing possible risks!

    Our investment portfolio includes more than 20 most favorable investment spheres.
    Among the rest we work of currency market, stock market. We trade futures on agriculture.

    Besides, one of the most significant components of the portfolio is the energy sector. Each of the markets, mentioned above has been thoroughly analyzed with the purpose of maximum diversification.

    StableInterest.com - an ideal solution for those who is starting and for experienced traders.

    That is why we welcome everyone to join our project and benefit from investing to our investment portfolios!
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    Any Posts I make, are for discussion purposes only. I am not vouching for any programs. One should invest in all investment programs with Extreme Caution.

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    Default Re: Stable-interest - Stable-interest.com

    can't open the site now ?

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    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 283

    Default Re: Stable-interest - Stable-interest.com

    I can't access this site,either

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    Join Date : Sep 2008
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    Default Re: Stable-interest - Stable-interest.com

    me too
    we support on forums


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    Wink Re: Stable-interest - Stable-interest.com

    wrong link, try this


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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 139

    Default Re: Stable-interest - Stable-interest.com

    I don`t know what was wrong with the site, but now everything is working, all problems are fixed.

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 179

    Default Re: Stableinterest - Stableinterest.com

    As for me it`s a very stable project and i have lots of reasons to trust them.

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 125

    Default Re: Stableinterest - Stableinterest.com

    Very profitable program, works without problems, the site works normally.

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 179

    Default Re: Stableinterest - Stableinterest.com

    That`s right, on my side everything works too.

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Posts : 152

    Default Re: Stableinterest - Stableinterest.com

    I receive my payments constantly, the program is just perfect.

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