Dear Friends,

During previous days, I have encountered with some dangerous scam HYIP websites.
The owner of these sites are using fake SCI of Absolutely these are PHISHING sites.
Please note that after login into your account in following websites, for making deosit via LR, the script redirects you to a fake page of LR: or and recently

Also these scammers already launched many scam exchangers: one of them is,
When you try to exchange your LR to other ecurrencies, similar to their scam hyips they use fake libertyreserve website (
(Previously, they launched several scam exchanger like and many others)

After visiting their websites I sent an email to all monitor admins who listed these phishing websites. Many of them like more-earning and maxhyip instantly sent these programs to blacklist.

But the following monitors did not answer to my emails and at this time support scammers:
(Do not trust any program listed in below monitorings, because they support phishing websites)

In addition these monitors belong to these scammers:,
This is their Game site:

For more info you can read:

Many people already lost their LR, maybe they will hack your LR account in future.

Take Care,