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    Join Date : Jan 2008
    Posts : 2,751

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    I'm in too and invested test spend , will be update when I got paid from this nice program, it can be hot soon

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    Join Date : Apr 2007
    Posts : 45,734

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    6/7/2009 21:21 15973817 U2296155 (Infinitiva) + $2.00
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    Join Date : Oct 2008
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    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    6/7/2009 17:37 15969445 U2296155 (Infinitiva) + $2.40

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    Join Date : Sep 2008
    Location : USA
    Posts : 101

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    Nice looking site , domain Expiration Date: 28-oct-2016
    A lot of advertising around , i like it !!! Thinking of joining here.
    The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows.

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    Join Date : Jun 2009
    Posts : 416

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    domain Expiration Date: 28-oct-2016
    very good,admin want long run.

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    Join Date : Nov 2006
    Location : hyipreference.com
    Posts : 4,396

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    Date: 6/8/2009 06:41
    Batch: 15979590
    From Account: U2296155
    Amount: $1.00
    Memo: INFINITIVA V77342/#0006418

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    Join Date : Mar 2008
    Posts : 4,456

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    Glad to see many investors join this program..I am planning to invest soon

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    Join Date : Mar 2008
    Location : http://hothoty.blog.163.com/
    Posts : 1,150

    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    Quote Originally Posted by x66
    I think you should better ask goldpoll admin
    I have invested and 100% compound .
    and you? I saw you invested here.
    if you got paid ,PLZ post here.
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    Join Date : Mar 2009
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    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    good luck, i`m in too. i think this program will be HOT

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    Join Date : Sep 2006
    Location : www.hyiprefer.biz
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    Default Re: Infinitiva - Infinitiva.com

    this program has great potential,just received two payments from admin,keep good work.
    Date: 6/8/2009 15:56
    Batch: 15992771
    Memo: INFINITIVA I78613/#0006510

    Date: 6/8/2009 15:04
    Batch: 15990159
    Memo: INFINITIVA I78613/#0006488

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