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    Join Date : Sep 2009
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    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    Another Glorious Day at PTV….after day….after day….after day!


    For those of you who missed our meeting last night there is no need to worry. I am going to record the meeting after this announcement and make it available thru the PTV Radio feature on the new site. You will be able to access it by going there. If you are unsure where there is, you will need to come to our site and we can direct you. The meeting went well. It lasted about an hour, which included a Q & A session afterwards. We will continue to have a weekly meeting at that time slot for now. (Midnight GMT Monday evening).

    Chat Room

    We decided to forgo making a change to a new chat client at this time. We simply have too many things happening and do not want to consume our time, at this moment, learning all the new features. It really would have been a support nightmare assisting members in understanding how to download a plug-in, and get sound working etc.

    We have expanded our ‘FlashChat’ room to 100 seats. No plug-in is required. The chat sessions are encrypted and the simplicity of using this client is wonderful. We may be acquiring a customized version of this software in the near future. We would like to see some of the attractive features that the TC chat client had, integrated into Flash Client. Half-Duplex Mic, Integrated Browser, and recording option with an on-demand playback per user would be the features we desire. We are looking into these things and will keep you informed as/if they are made available.

    We need to inform the members that the recording of our chat sessions is not allowed. We need to maintain control of the information distribution to the best of our ability. As I am certain you will agree, we do not need numerous rogue recordings being made and wandering around the internet. Can we stop it? No! But we can make it known that we will consider it a breach of your agreement with PTVPartner to record, create, possess, distribute, assimilate or copy any material in our chat sessions without permission. Anyone that has, or is considering making, a personal recording should read the ‘Terms’ information available on our site. We would think that, as members, you would do your best to assist us in maintaining our programs integrity by informing us of any infringements involving our material.

    We have a New Chat Room. Since the launch of our program, many members have requested that we play music when things are quite and slow, or perhaps they like to show off their voices and sing to us, or become the DJ of the hour. Others, however, feel that we should remain a more professional environment. They have referrals coming in, and want things to be represented in a professional manner. We understand both sides of the issue. So we are going to maintain, or perhaps even increase the professionalism in the ‘Community Chat Room’ as well as add another room for those that want to let their hair down and cut loose a little.

    To start this new room we will have a PTVParty, Celebration, Gathering, Festivity….call it what you like. This will happen Thursday evening from 2:00AM GMT till 5:00AM GMT (or until they kick us out). We will have a variety of Music , perhaps a DJ (anyone who has a good music collection and is willing to assist should please apply at out chat room) we may even allow a little Karaoke from time to time (bring your best voices please… we don’t want to run anyone off if you know what I mean?) A lot of members are excited about this ability to have a good time with the friends they enjoy online. So invite your friends, come hang out with us for a few minutes or a few hours. We would love for you to stop by, member or not.

    This new room is located just below the ‘Community Center’ and currently is ‘Nameless’.

    Which now brings me to the next subject. The, Name-The-Chat-Room, contest. That’s right another contest!


    It has been requested that we have another contest, so here you go. You will need to be a registered member of PTV to qualify, but you need not have any active, previous or current deposits…. Just an account (so we can pay you). The contest works like this. Come to our forum and give us your best pick for what we should name our new chat room. It’s that simple! Just make a post in the Forum under the contest thread (your forum username is associated to an activated email…this must correspond to the email associated with your PTV Account as well). You may only post once. The contest will run for 10 days. At the end of that time, we will select our favorite 5 names. The top name will be of course the winner with 4 other places awarded. Prizes will include…

    $50 - First place.
    $40 - Second place
    $30 - Third place
    $20 - Fourth place
    $10 - Fifth place

    Winners will be selected by the majority vote of the Mod Staff.

    Again, we invite members and non members to participate. You do not have to make a deposit to win. Simply sign up at the forum and website then make your post and we will announce the winners after the contest.
    Good Luck to all and remember you have to enter to win.

    One note I want to reiterate here. As we described our intention to various members regarding the above Party, new room, contest and etc, there are those that feel it is unprofessional to engage in these type activities. I want to remind everyone, we are not Wall Street, Charles Schwab or Morgan Stanley. This is PTV. We are a group of expat’s. Many simply live the good, laid back jack, life as I once described it. We did not create this to be a stiff necked white collar environment. We enjoy ourselves. We want you to enjoy yourself. We will maintain a place for new members to come and see a professionally supported program. We will also provide a place where we can move from acquaintances to associates to friendly and perhaps to friends. We hope you don’t hold it against us if we go against the grain. That is just who we are, why we have been successful and a part of our future. This may not be what everybody is looking for. It may not be what any of you are looking for. It is what we are looking for. We hope you join us.

    Looks like the new site will take most of the week. We are working as hard and as fast as we can. You should realize by now, it will be right. Again, our goals have not changed. We are striving to become (if we haven’t already) …

    The Ultimate High Yield Asset for your Offshore Financial Portfolio!!!

    Start the Experience … join PTVPartner to … Free your Life!!!

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    Join Date : Jul 2009
    Posts : 574

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    Date : 10/13/2009 22:37
    From/To Account : U1388978
    Amount : 55.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 1464791
    Memo : PI Payment.
    Payment ID : 896

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    Join Date : Sep 2008
    Posts : 564

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    i too am going to add another program here on tommorrow.. this one is getting hot!!

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    Join Date : May 2008
    Posts : 1,948

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    10/14/2009 00:01 20998551 U6060976 (PTVW3) + $62.50
    10/14/2009 00:01 20998553 U6060976 (PTVW3) + $2.70
    10/14/2009 00:01 20998555 U6060976 (PTVW3) + $6.00
    good job. admin.
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    Join Date : Nov 2007
    Posts : 6,331

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    Date: 2009-10-14 00:01
    Batch: 20998547
    From Account: U6060976
    Amount: $6.00
    Memo: PTV Partner Withdrawal # 875

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    Join Date : Oct 2009
    Posts : 286

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    I have always been paid on time by this hyip.

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    Join Date : May 2009
    Posts : 124

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
    Posts : 47

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    Quote Originally Posted by kota9
    No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
    Thanks mate.

    This is are utmost priority to pay the payments on time.

    There are few contest going on at PTVPartner forum. All the members are invited to join and participate
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    Join Date : Sep 2009
    Posts : 211

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    Date : 10/14/2009 00:01
    From/To Account : U6060976 (PTVW3)
    Amount : 12.0000
    Currency : LRUSD
    Batch : 20998575
    Memo: PTV Partner Withdrawal # 890

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    Join Date : Jul 2008
    Location : India
    Posts : 2,307

    Default Re: Ptvpartner - Ptvpartner.com

    I am sure most of you must've already read through what Garrett had to say.
    He makes sure that his point is out and understood.

    Anyway just here to let members know that there is already good response in the Chat Room and the forum regarding the new chat room and Contest.

    Don't know about others I sure am excited. Hope to see more members take interest in participating the contest, tells us that you are interested.

    All the best with the Contest. BTW you can drop by the chat anytime if you want to ask, chat or just come and visit


    PTV Team

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