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    Join Date : Feb 2006
    Posts : 14

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    Income4free is now oline again.

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    Join Date : Apr 2010
    Posts : 8

    Default income4free account suspended

    Guys what have we to lose here , nothing so i think we should give it a go .yes i registered yesterday with income 4free as well and its the same here , its saying account suspenfded , whats wrong with these guys, lets be patient and wait , to all guys who regieterd to all like i did just be patient , always remember its like yesterday when we were buying presents for christmas , but hey its only 7 months to another one , so time flies take it easy guys ,

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    Last edited by mymailaff; 05-08-2010 at 03:23 PM.

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 23

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    im in nothing to lose

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    Join Date : Mar 2010
    Location : Commack, NY, USA
    Posts : 132

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    All is normal now. I guess the "account suspended" was just part of their website issues.

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    Join Date : Jun 2010
    Posts : 44

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    I just heard of the program today from an email. I joined it after researching a little. I have seen one screenshot which was about the size of the
    user cp register faq community calendar new post search quick links logout
    bar above on this page. I dunno if it was legit but it said payout $1.17 and so I didn't link to it because I don't know if that's ok to do on this board or not. If it is, when I get paid I will post a screenshot.

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    Join Date : Jun 2010
    Posts : 44

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    I would suggest the last poster delete his or her affiliate url unless they want to be banned. The site (here) only allows 1 affiliate url (op's), otherwise the whole site would be full of aff url's all repeating.

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    Join Date : Jun 2010
    Location : Montreal, Canada
    Posts : 398

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    I cant enderstand. We pay nothing ? thats to good to be true. Im sure that they will try to hack my account. In their homepage ,they didnt explain well how their system work.

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    Join Date : Jun 2010
    Posts : 44

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    They can't say too much because competitors will spring up and take their business model from what I understand. I think its something though like if you make so much money, you have to pay taxes on that money. If you get rid of it, you don't pay taxes on it though saving them $. Its something I think like Bill Gates does. He gives away money to charities saving him money on taxes. I could be wrong though but its just an idea.

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    Join Date : Jun 2010
    Location : Montreal, Canada
    Posts : 398

    Question Re: income4free - income4free.org

    Ok so who get pay by them

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 14

    Default Re: income4free - income4free.org

    Now, who get pay by income4free??

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