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    Join Date : Mar 2007
    Posts : 13,620

    Smile pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    i m not admin.

    About US
    Pharmaceutical Investment Group is an independent global investment of private capital.
    Pharmaceutical funds managed by Investment Group (P.I.G Funds) tend to invest in companies
    with a value of between $60,000.00 and $115,000.00 dollars. Funds investing in five growth
    sectors Health Technology and Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Business relations in the
    medicine and Forex market. Pharmaceutical funds Investment Group is committing capital on behalf of a wide range of investors, including private pension funds, insurance companies, physicians,
    university foundations of medicine and other financial institutions. Pharmaceutical funds
    Investment Group are used to buy both the majority and minority stakes in large companies
    that are strong, established market and the potential to expand. Pharmaceutical Investment
    Funds Group is used to back outstanding management teams to create efficient and sustainable
    companies that have a strong record of growth through investment in research and development,
    exports,sales and employment.

    The team of Pharmaceutical Health Investment Group uses a combination of global presence and deep experience in the sector to proactively identify unique investment opportunities and make significant contributions to the Portfolio Companies.The health team consists of investment professionals with experience.

    Plan : 3.20%-3.80% daily for 20 days,

    3.90%-4.50% daily for 30 days,

    4.60%-5.05% daily for 40 day,

    principal returns in all plans.

    Link = > http://pharmaceutical-investment-group.com/

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    Join Date : May 2007
    Location : Kingshyip.com
    Posts : 4,854

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    You have successfully sent a payment from your account U3516515

    Date: 5/5/2010 09:37
    Batch: 37248756
    Sent To: U3363987
    Amount: $50.00
    Memo: Deposit to pharmaceutical-investment-group.com User kingshyip.com

    Thank you.

    I am in this program I like instantly payment very much ~

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    Join Date : Oct 2008
    Location : www.hyiphall.com
    Posts : 41,308

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    I deposited $100 in 30 daily plan!

    Date 5/5/2010 10:26
    Payment mode Account
    Batch 37251646
    To U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment)
    From U0575223 (hyiphall.com)
    Amount $100.00
    Memo Deposit to pharmaceutical-investment-group.com User hyiphall.com

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    Join Date : Dec 2008
    Posts : 1,940

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    the site looks, again, very basic. I have seen this script layout and similar design b4. And rates are high too, take the 20 days plan for example. You can make 60% profit according to the plan, that is not a sustainable one.

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    Join Date : Apr 2010
    Location : Belarus
    Posts : 4,333

    Arrow Re: www.pharmaceutical-investment-group.com-pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    My first depo
    Batch # 3026628
    From U1449xxx
    To U1136180 (Pharmaceutical Investment)
    5.00 USD
    Deposit to pharmaceutical-investment-group.com Use

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    Join Date : Nov 2005
    Location : Compus
    Posts : 9,055

    Default Re: www.pharmaceutical-investment-group.com-pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    will reformat the title.

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    Join Date : Dec 2008
    Posts : 1,940

    Default Re: pharmaceutical investment group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    This one looks nothing special to me , especially the design, I have seen it many times b4. The rates are also high, eve for the 20 dyas plan. 60% after 20 days is certainly impossible.

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    Join Date : Jan 2009
    Location : http://hyip-premium.com
    Posts : 1,716

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    5/5/2010 09:27 37247423 U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) $50.00

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    Join Date : Dec 2006
    Posts : 5,720

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    I am in!
    5/5/2010 11:14 37254632 U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) $30.00
    AllworldHYIP.com - Online since 2005! RCB 200%

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    Join Date : Apr 2010
    Posts : 38,814

    Default Re: pharmaceutical-investment-group - pharmaceutical-investment-group.com

    I am in, and will update here later

    Date 5/6/2010 00:07
    Payment mode Account
    Batch 37307557
    To U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment)
    From U6480345 (Gold-Lister)
    Amount $60.00
    Memo Deposit to pharmaceutical-investment-group.com User gold-lister
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