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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 12

    Default Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    Oilstructure is an international commercial organization that collects, anylizes and processes information concerning the oil indusry. The organization gets profits by speculating in the oil market. The special feature of the company Oilstructure is a wide international network of agents who work for the oil refining companies worldwide.


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    Join Date : Dec 2007
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    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    Hi Admin,welcome to TG.Your program looks interesting.Just create account and join it for first.

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    Join Date : Mar 2010
    Posts : 1,875

    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    Welcome Admin
    I can't open your site
    Pls check it

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 125

    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    the site can't open

    verify the link

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    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    can't open it. site is temporarily down I guess
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    Join Date : May 2010
    Location : www.euhyip.com
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    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    the site looks nice, but i dont know their plans...............

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    Join Date : Dec 2008
    Posts : 1,940

    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    I dont think that's the problm about the link. Actually I got a 502 Bad Gateway problem

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    Join Date : May 2010
    Posts : 12

    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    Yes, there are some problems because of just starting. Sorry, anyway.

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    Join Date : Jun 2007
    Location : USSR
    Posts : 5,259

    Default Re: Oilstructure - oilstructure.com

    Im in!

    6/3/2010 17:55 39166234 U0313767 (OilStructure) – $50.00 $0.00
    6/3/2010 17:33 39164958 U0313767 (OilStructure) – $30.00 $0.00

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