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    Thumbs up Re: TeamVinh International - TeamVinh.com

    Why do you think/say TeamVihn.com is a SCAM?

    You do know that mike g, jane mark and tom heckman

    are only members.

    Well, I will post my progress in the next few weeks or months and if this one works it could

    be The One to be in.

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    Talking Re: TeamVinh International - TeamVinh.com

    Hello everyone,

    TeamVinh is now moving rapidly ahead, and NOW is the time to become involved ! Signup is FREE !!!

    Latest update from TeamVinh chairman:

    Monday December 6th, 2010

    Update and Special Announcement.

    The World Class Version 1 VIDEO (English Version)>>>>Check it out !!
    has been implemented on the Website Home Page.

    All website content will be updated by midnight.
    All essential elements and infrastructure fine tuned
    And Optimized.

    We will be in full Launch by tomorrow;
    Tuesday December 7th, 2010.

    Offline Seminars by Mr. Jay Luck will be this:

    Thursday November 9th at 7pm at the:
    Hilton Garden Inn, Bloomington, MN
    Hwy I-494 & Hwy 100 (Normandale Blvd).
    SouthEast quadrant.


    Effective immediately and for a very limited time,
    in the next 72 hours, all Vpaks are 50% OFF ! !
    Take advantage of this momentum - right now.

    Since we are now preparing for Lift Off,
    IGNITION POSITIONS will close out very soon.
    So get as many as you can afford. These positions
    are the last of the Profit Share Opportunity with

    I'll be in touch.
    Vinh H. Le

    Author of the Vinh Institute of Wisdom
    TeamVinh International


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    Thumbs up Re: TeamVinh International - TeamVinh.com

    Hi Folks,

    I wanted to share an exciting update on the TeamVinh business opportunity. After developing and perfecting the concept for close to almost 4 years the TeamVinh is ready to launch what I consider to be an almost perfect business opportunity. This is because everything is fully automated and therefore automatic. You don't have to sell, prospect or close ever. For more details or for a link please check my signature. For the next 7 days, you have the opportunity to become a founder with this company as it launches globally on November 27, 2012.

    After almost 4 years of infrastructure development, trial and error, and testing, "V" is now in Formal Pre-Launch! It is very important that you review this page entirely. As the information contained herein is very time sensitive and can have a dramatic effect on your personal life and income once you engage with V.

    "V is currently the only Viable company in the World that comprehensively generates Qualified Leads & Traffic for direct conversions of: Personally Enrolled (“PE”) Accounts - and then placing those PE’s directly into YOUR Qualified: 3rd PARTY MLM Downline!

    Further, in virtually every type of “MLM” Structures in any MLM Company, Prominent Marketing & Advertising “Gurus” (even “Donald Trump”) rarely benefit anyone directly. With V, all that changes. V is Proprietary and its Top Internet Marketing Gurus and Advertising Professionals around the World will serve you, and directly benefit you.
    Register as a FOUNDING Member now."

    Check it out now before this opportunity of a lifetime passes you by.

    If you have any questions or need help or for further info, please feel to contact me and I'd be glad to assist you one on one or even over the phone if you'd like.
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    Thumbs up Re: TeamVinh International - TeamVinh.com



    Let me just get straight to the point. What would we all like in a business? I know what I would like.

    I want a business where:


    That's what I would consider a dream business.

    Is it possible? Not only is it possible but it is real. Not only is it real but it is now within your reach.

    Take a look at it and tell me if I'm right or wrong. If I am wrong, I humbly challenge you to point out to me where my analysis is incorrect so that I could learn from you, especially the more experienced members of this forum. That's one of the reasons isn't it for this forum is to learn from each other? Now, if I am right, then I honestly believe that if you miss this one, you'll miss out on one of the best income making opportunity that this industry has ever seen because of the above reasons as I had stated.

    Pre-launch has started. If you act now before official launch, you get the privilege of being a founder in the company and sharing in the company's global profit pool.

    Take A Look At This Incredible, Never Been Done Before Program
    And Then Grab Your Positions Before It is Too Late.

    For more in-depth information so that you can really get a good sense of what this is, view all the videos on my Youtube channel at:


    Here's a complete rundown of the key points of this program from a leading business opportunity watchdog review site that looks at different programs and examines them to see if they are scams or not and whether they are worth your time and attention.

    -------------Excerpted from ScamXposer.com---------------

    Team Vinh is an extremely rare business. In over 12 years of working from home online, I’ve never seen anything else remotely like it. Team Vinh has figured out a real, honest way to completely automate an above average income for the average person. Team Vinh does all the hard work for you. You never need to personally recruit anyone or do anything other than join and get your 2 V-Paks (explained later in the review). Keep in mind that as you read this review, Team Vinh may sound “too good to be true”, but rest assured that it definitely is for real. Team Vinh has our highest recommendation.

    I absolutely love residual income.

    With residual income, you get paid month after month for only doing the original work one time.

    The promise of residual income is very powerful, so powerful in fact that millions of people have joined an MLM business of one kind or another with the promise of residual income that unfortunately never comes to fruition for the average person.

    The numbers simply don’t lie…

    MLM or Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing flat out does NOT work for 99% of the people that have ever tried it over the last 50 plus years.

    MLM is a VERY flawed business model mainly because the company is relying on untrained sales people (the average person) to do the selling for them. Only a small fraction of the general population knows how to or can even stomach doing any kind of sales, let alone, try to sell an MLM business to someone.

    So, because of this, most people now know to steer clear of any MLM business… and rightfully so.

    However, Team Vinh has figured out a very ingenious, simple and unique way of completely fixing this problem and is able to finally make good on that promise of residual income for the average person.

    Sound impossible?

    I certainly thought so…

    Team Vinh is NOT an MLM business, it is a million times better!

    With Team Vinh you:
    Never need to recruit anyone – EVER!
    Never need to talk to your friends and family – EVER!
    Never need to talk to anyone about anything – EVER!
    Never need to attend meetings – EVER!
    Never need to advertise anything – EVER!
    Don’t need to spend a lot of money.

    How is all this possible?

    It’s possible because Team Vinh does it ALL for you!

    TeamVinh does all the advertising!
    TeamVinh calls all the prospects!
    TeamVinh completes all the sales!
    TeamVinh is international with billions of potential customers!

    TeamVinh International is a very unique marketing company that will build an income producing business for you!

    Everything you need to start making a huge income with TeamVinh will cost you less than $400, a true bargain when you take into account that absolutely everything will be done for you… and there’s no waiting months to get paid… you’ll make most of that back right after launch!

    Here’s the break down of the costs involved;

    Join Team Vinh ($39.97).
    Buy 2 V-Paks from Team Vinh ($99.95 each/ $199.90 total)
    Join Savings Highway at the “Ultimate Membership” level ($149.99).

    Do NOT join Savings Highway until you are instructed to do so by Team Vinh.

    The 2 V-Paks will place 2 personally sponsored, commission generating downline members into Vinh’s chosen network marketing business, Savings Highway, for you. You have full rights to these 2 members and it’s as if you had recruited them yourself.

    Why only 2 members?

    Is it really enough?

    The POWER of 2…

    Those 2 personally sponsored members you will receive from the TeamVinh V-Paks will then buy 2 V-Paks themselves placing 4 more paying members into your Savings Highway downline. Then those 4 new members will buy 2 V-Paks each, then you’ll have 8 more members placed into your Savings Highway downline. Then those 8 new members will buy 2 V-Paks each, then you’ll have 16 more members placed into your Savings Highway downline… then 32 more, then 64 more, then 128 more, then 256 more, then 512 more, then 1024 more, then 2048 more, then 4096 more and so on, eventually filling your entire downline… all starting from the 2 original members you received from the TeamVinh V-Paks!

    You get paid on everyone in your forced matrix Savings Highway downline regardless of who their sponsor is. So, you really only need 2 personal referrals to completely fill your downline.

    A full matrix in Savings Highway pays out an unheard of $135,000 per month and you are fully commission qualified to earn that with only 2 personally sponsored members (the same 2 from your V-Pak) unlike other companies that require dozens of personal referrals to obtain the highest company payouts.

    Oh yeah… and get this, on top of your matrix income, you will also earn a 100% matching bonus based on what your 2 personal members earn from their matrix. Say for instance that they both make $5,000 each for the month. That’s $10,000 additional on top of everything else you’ve made for a given month!

    This will eventually add up to 10′s of 1000s in income per month for you and your family!

    Okay, here’s the nuts and bolts of how it works…

    In the world of MLM we are coached that all you need to do is “get 2 that get 2 that get 2…”, but that rarely happens if ever for the average person. Even then you still have to deal with a huge drop out rate (attrition), because people that don’t make money, don’t stick around very long.

    However, if there was a way for the average person to actually “get 2 that gets 2 that gets 2 that gets 2…” and have all those people remain members and end up NOT quitting on you, that would completely change things.

    This is exactly what TeamVinh has done!

    Team Vinh International is not an MLM business itself, but rather a very unique marketing system.

    TeamVinh allows you to buy up to 2 personally sponsored members without ever needing to recruit 1 person yourself first (or ever)… because TeamVinh does all of this for you!

    So now it’s a matter of joining, buying 2 downline members and watching your business grow as all those members do the same thing. (I will explain this more later – but it is key to why TeamVinh works for everyone, unlike anything you’ve tried or EVER seen before!)

    For people who get in early on something with this much potential, it could be one of if not the best thing they have ever done. It is still “early in the game”, as they haven’t even had their official launch yet – coming in November 2012!

    As many of you who have been members of ScamXposer already know, I have had difficulties recommending any MLM company. Important note: Team Vinh is not itself an MLM company.

    The reason I have not recommended many MLM companies over the years is for the vast majority of people who sign up – in fact 99% of them – the system is basically set up for them to fail (not intentionally however), while making money “off them” for the MLM company itself and the top 1% (so-called “gurus”) who already have many advantages that the average person getting into the business simply does not have.

    TeamVinh International is looking to completely change that. A complete paradigm shift for an industry that currently makes over $135 Billion a year and growing.

    The founder and Chairman of Team Vinh is Vinh H. Le. He has surrounded himself with a very strong team on the Board of Directors of TeamVinh, including very recognizable names in the marketing industry.

    There is also a long and growing list of marketing professionals in their Founding Members. (I am happy to say I am now in a Founding Members position myself.)

    Vinh Le and his team have spent over 4 years coming up with, as they say, “an epic solution to an epidemic problem in the marketplace”.

    The problem is mainly that most people involved in the network marketing or MLM industry simply are not professional salespeople.

    They don’t know how to sell, or they are reluctant, or they are unavailable, etc. And yet the only way they can expect to make money in the “sales field” is to actually sell.

    Pretty obvious, right?

    So if they try to make it work without the knowledge, training, tools, and everything else necessary to be a truly professional salesperson (not to mention the financial resources it takes to achieve all that), it invariably leads to frustration. Which often causes them to quit.

    This is why the attrition rate in ALL Multi Level – MLM businesses are extremely high.

    It’s a “domino effect” that leads to a downward spiral for pretty much everyone except the top 1% who have all the aforementioned tools to be successful.

    This is exactly the problem the revolutionary TeamVinh International concept is looking to solve!

    What if you could join an organization, a company, a “team” where true professional salespeople did the marketing and selling for you?!

    A system in which the “1% type people” did all that for you?!

    What a concept!

    It’s such a simple idea, it makes you wonder why nobody did this before!

    I wondered exactly that myself. Then again, it makes perfect sense when you think of the fact the “one percent” would be the people that set up all the companies in the first place – so why would they mess with something that was structured to gain them immense profits “off the backs” of all the non-professionals who joined their businesses?

    Let’s face it – if you’re one of the 1% making a ton of money with the way businesses were already set up, it would be pretty hard to decide to change the system and share your money with others.

    Which is what makes TeamVinh different. I have personally emailed and spoken with Vinh Le – even asking him “why in the world would you do this?” – and the answer is this undertaking is to completely revolutionize the network marketing industry.

    To accomplish something this significant, you almost need to throw out all your existing thoughts about “how things work”. A complete paradigm shift.

    Big problems require big solutions. And this is a very BIG solution!

    I will get into more specifics shortly, but to wrap your mind around this it helps to understand Vinh’s view – his insistence – that Team Vinh be “civic” in nature.

    The people at the top will still make money, but the idea is to make sure all members of TeamVinh – and their associated MLM “vehicles” – are included in the money making process.

    There is indeed enough money to go around… as I mentioned and you already know, the network marketing industry makes a ton of money – and it will continue to grow. Being a part of a revolutionary change in the industry which helps everybody share in the profit more equitably will have obvious benefits – both personally and financially.

    OK, sorry it took so long to get to the point… so how does TeamVinh International work?

    Again, TeamVinh is a dynamic advertising and marketing medium that propels qualified MLM or network marketing products/companies for their (TeamVinh’s) members, currently with Savings Highway.

    TeamVinh’s staff of professional salespeople handle all aspects for their members (you); including lead generation, advertising, marketing, selling, recruiting, and ultimately converting prospects/leads into your business.

    You can throw away your list of friends and family, because you will never need to bug them ever again!

    They do it all!

    The infrastructure is solid. Their Internet experts handle keyword research, SEO optimization, traffic rank positioning, and competition research. Their team will submit their website to highly ranked, relevant directories.

    They make sure Team Vinh is visible in local engines and directories. Article marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, video marketing (very important these days!), software marketing, eBook marketing, theme marketing, etc. They deal with bookmarking, social media, press releases, link building, press releases, custom blogging, RSS distribution, and more.

    But it really doesn’t matter how they get them, just know that they will eventually be bringing in millions of people into this system!

    Their presence will be international (also extremely important!), and all of this and many, many other things they do will all build credibility and help bring people under the TeamVinh umbrella – which of course builds your business!

    It is a true turnkey system! - unlike many of the other companies who make that claim because it sounds good.

    Team Vinh backs it up!

    If you have a legal issue, you hire a lawyer.

    For a medical condition, you see a doctor.

    So in this industry, you must have professional salespeople.

    They call this the TeamVinh PSI System. PSI simply stands for Professional Salesman International. It is the call center(s) that personally and professionally handle the traffic that comes to their website. They use the analogy that the website combined with the PSI call center are the engine of the vehicle.

    The engine needs fuel to run… and the fuel is their DTC, or Dynamic Traffic Channels. They are the heart of the system that provides all the leads and traffic for Team Vinh members. I basically said what/how they do those things before and why they are important to you… but I wanted to mention the names of their systems/concepts here.

    “OK….so if TeamVinh’s professionals do all the work – what do I do?”

    You sign up and register with Team Vinh International… which costs $39.97. This gets you all your relevant TeamVinh information, including access to the back office and your own secure & hosted Replicated Website Link (RL) among other items to be mentioned after official launch.

    Next, you will sign up and engage with the qualified MLM vehicle Team Vinh is propelling for you, fulfilling at least the minimum level of requirement with them to qualify for their commissions. Yes – you will be making commissions from both your affiliation with TeamVinh and their MLM vehicle as well.

    Then you purchase 2 VPAKs for $99.95 each to get the Team Vinh system to start working for you and empowering your TeamVinh International business.

    When instructed to do so, you will then join Savings Highway at $150.

    This totals less than $400 that can potentially make you 6 figures per year, completely built for you.

    That’s it.

    Then you let the Team Vinh system professionally, automatically, and systematically work for you!

    “What’s a VPAK?”

    That’s what I talked about earlier. A VPAK is what gets you your own “personally enrolled” (PE) member of your business’s downline. It’s how one makes money in any MLM structure. But you didn’t have to personally enroll anyone!…

    TeamVinh does all the work for you!

    There is actually a limit on the number of VPAKS you can purchase – you can get 4 total, of which there is a limit of 2 during pre-launch.

    The “gas for your engine” if you will – and the limitations are necessary for TeamVinh’s unique concept to quickly fulfill your (and everybody’s) downlines efficiently, systematically, and quickly.

    And again, you don’t sell anything. You don’t bug anyone. You don’t have any overhead… you don’t spend time or money on advertising, setting up meetings, or running anything… period.

    You don’t do anything but purchase the 2 VPAKS and get out of the way!

    As you can see, I am very excited about Team Vinh. I could go on with more detail, but I mainly want you to see this is something truly unique and want to encourage you to join me in this revolutionary idea!

    So if you are one of the 99% of people who haven’t made money in network marketing (or online for that matter) because of all the obstacles that were put in front of you – this is your best chance to jump right over those obstacles in a company where the 1% work for the 99%!

    I highly recommend TeamVinh International!

    Official Launch is November 27th 2012, but you will want to join now and order 2 V-Paks to secure your place as a FOUNDING Member (2 V-Paks must be ordered to receive a Founders Position)!

    A “Founders Position” has perks such as a share in the “2% Founding Members Profit Pool” that will NOT be available after official launch!

    Thanks for reading…

    -------------End of Excerpt---------------

    Again, for more in-depth information so that you can really get a good sense of what this is, make sure to view all the related videos on my Youtube channel at:


    Ask me any questions you may have about TeamVinh or Savings Highway.


    To Our Mutual Success My Fellow Entrepreneurs,

    John Chau

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    Arrow Re: TeamVinh International - TeamVinh.com

    This is your LAST CHANCE to BECOME A FOUNDER with this company and SHARE in the GLOBAL FOUNDERS' PROFIT POOL.


    MARKETING & INFRASTRUCTURE FYI's: V's SALES FUNNEL (SF): I have delegated this powerful component to Asia's Biggest and #1 Marketing Consultant: Mr. Raam Anand. We are on track to complete this by Official Launch. MikeG, our Internet Gurus and all Professionals of V will be harnessing and channeling their Networks and Leads to the SF. The Corporate Marketing Arm of V will also be doing the same. This is when I expect to surpass 50,000 Founder's ("in a blink of an eye"). Please note that upon reaching 50,000 FOUNDERS, we will cease and close the 2% Profit Share forever. VPAK Pricing is also subject to increase steadily as Supply & Demand dictates and justifies. *Details of the Sales Funnel can be viewed in the Updates Archive per the prior released update, which was October 31st, 2012.

    BREAKING DAILY RECORDS IN SIGN UPS: Within the last approximate 30 days, in terms of: New V Member Registrations and VPAK purchases, we have had at least 5 record breaking days. I use a simple gauge to monitor and to establish a "record". For example, within a 24 hour period, if we achieve say 40 New Registrations, and the day before lets say has 35 New Registrations, the 40 sets a new daily record. We have "broken the record" at least 5 times within the last month and our current record is over 50 Sign Ups in a single day, which was set recently. Although these numbers are not gigantic - YET, we are growing DAILY and compounding. REITERATING: for almost four years we got to where we were at SEP 19th Formal PreLaunch. Since then, we have grown over 69% ! So we are clearly going into momentum and will become Very Viral as we near Official Launch.

    Here are important insights and FYI's to give you a heads up:

    The Genesis Momentum of V is ever so high and I am so proud of V in terms of where we came from, where we are at today... and where we are heading.

    As many of you are strongly aware, V is valuably NOT a typical "Opportunity". V is not hype. We do not lure people in with "free" sign ups, then tell them to "upgrade" later. Everything is laid on the table and Up Front in terms of: the Value, the Power, and the Paradigm Shift of V. So that everyone Registered with V is Bonafide and PAID and fully engages. As a result and for everyone's benefit: Valuably, V does not have any "free" or "dead beat" members.

    I may be repeating this a bit, but it is exciting to know that it took us almost 4 years to get to where we were per the SEP 19th PreLaunch. And just a month later in October, we set a Record in terms of sales and new member registrations per the MONTH and it was significantly higher than any other months over the course of YEARS of developing V and our beta growth. Now, just last week, we broke the record of October . . . and the month of November isn't even over yet!

    I will be working throughout the weekend and back to back to prepare V for our History making Official Launch. It is important that you and your Network is privy to what is going on. So please make sure you stay very close to me during this important time.

    To keep you ahead of the crowd;
    I hereby want to issue this OFFICIAL NOTICE:

    REMINDER: Per TeamVinh's Compensation Plan, there is never Sponsoring or Recruiting in V, therefore;

    STEP 1: REGARDLESS OF WHO REFERRED YOU TO V: Please Register and Sign Up with the Qualified MLM Company (SH) now using this Link; -----------------------------

    STEP 2: will be to upgraded to Savings highway: Ultimate Plan per the $149 monthly package to fully engage, complete, and fully ignite your V International Business. *For details on the proper perspective of the value of SH, please CLICK HERE.

    Also, please note that the V System is absolute, which means a V Member's VPAKS will NOT be Fulfill-Able if we cannot Verify that you are fully engage with SH (because of course - V cannot propel SH for you if you do not have a fully engaged SH position !).

    In the effort to minimize the time (from when you pay the $149 until you see a positive result and downline growth), expect to Upgrade to SH and pay the $149 on the day of Official Launch: November 27th, 2012.

    We will then commence VPAK fulfillment when everyone whom has Registered in V (up to Official Launch) has been properly positioned in SH. It will take about a week for this process. We will then roll out our massive marketing of V in Strategic and Sequential Phases. . . Then the rest will be History!

    The Unprecedented nature of V is more and more substantiated by the day. We are going to change many peoples lives.


    Vinh H. Le


    -------------------End of Message from TeamVinh Chairman--------------------


    For video updates, go to http://www.youtube.com/TeamVinhInfo

    To your success,

    John Chau

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