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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    INVESTDAY.COM IS SCAM !!!!!, never paid

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    could I include http://www.dailytrust.net

    I have absolutely no idea whether it's paying or not, but my McAfee Firewall detected viruses (multiple) from the site...maybe they put it inside the script or something...don't realli know, but I got heaps of McAfee popups while I was visiting the site

    not sure if that could be considered as "scam" or not...

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    http://www.goldpolice.com/scamkiller.htm identifies the e-gold accounts of Williams Partners LLC, Sambrero, and Infinex as were, are, or soon will be scams. They also show a list of planned scams with a "go date" in their list of "Next-Scams." I have personally been scammed by the following HYIPs that are not now on their list:
    INVEX Ltd. 1863165
    GateHYIP 2344007
    GrandHYIP 1637421
    HYIP-Sensation 2356094
    The Capital Investment 2364620
    Suisse Quebec S. A. 2358475
    Dream HYIP 2384030
    Trading Experts Daily 2405633

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Update on http://www.goldpolice.com/scamkiller.htm that lists the e-gold account numbers that were, are or soon will be used in scams. I contacted the person who runs the site about other scams. Gold Police updated the site immediately. Talk about efficient! They knew about Invex early on and posted to a forum that it was a scam. Out of revenge, Invex sent them emails with a virus, but they couldn't hurt Gold Police.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Scam Scam
    they stop pay from 11/10/2005, just opend 08/10/2005

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    Exclamation Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by esoter
    A SERIOUS problem with SCAM lists that is being over-looked is this.

    Not all declared scams are actually scams... and therefore labeling such non-scams as a scam is a "scam" in itself. False.

    Some programs "fail" for purely technical reasons... from bad investments, and other adverse situations, such as computer problems. Crashes, and so forth. And... an ADMIN in such cases may be in a lota pain, and working hard to correct the situation. BUT when the program is widely being called a "scam," then... what point would there be to return? What? No point at all. It couldn't be done.

    So... in such cases (and I believe there have been many) it is the blantant SCAM list that is the culprit and which has taken the given program down, and lost poor peep's their money. The list did it... not the program. It is the publisher of the scam list that is the guilty party in such cases. The bad-guy. Not the ADMIN... who was forced out of business by the SCAM name-calling. In fact, I see some such programs on an earlier list here.

    OF COURSE... in such cases the temperarily failed program can never return, and it goes down in history as being a SCAM. Forever. And who is the responsible person for all the lost funds? The SCAM LIST publisher. That's who. No one else.

    I am pointing this out... because this situation is seriously being over-looked.

    THERE NEEDS to be a solution for this situation, too. It is needed bad.

    There NEEDS to be established a WAY for temperarily down programs to be able to return to business. And a way to refute and get rid of the SCAM label stigma, when it is warranted. WHEN such does exist, it will save a lota peeps from suffering a lot of losses, they should never have experienced... because of loose cannons.
    1) The ADMIN of a program that fails, or is on hard times should contact each of thier members, or post news on thier website explaining that there is a problem.

    2)They should NOT compound interest or accept new signups while there is a problem.

    3) They should let members know that there will be no interest earned and there will be no-payouts until the program is back up (most of the member agreements state that this may happen).

    4) If the program is not planned to resume, it should close, let all members know it has closed, and that they will not be paid (again, most of the member agreements state that you are investing at your own risk and you stand to lose 100% of your investment.)

    If they can't do any of these, and they continue to take money without paying the posted return, then they deserve to be labeled SCAM. If these programs were concerned with honesty and disclosure, they wouldn't hide behind anonymity and e-gold, they would make thier contact information readily available and respond to contact. Since they don't you're gambling, when the table stacks the deck (collects money but doesn't pay) people should know.

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    Posts : 4

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    http://www.WinnerHyip.com. This has shut down without paying. Now there is another site http://www.SecHyip.com which is not only similar in its schemes but even the design and fuctionality of the site is same with only color changes.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    dollar-hyip is scam too,,,im not paid ...

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    add :
    - sharktraffic.com
    I learn, therefore I earn
    HYIP Monitor

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