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    AlamMoBa Guest


    Originally posted by CoffeeKing@Sep 29 2004, 01:51 PM
    You might as well add FreelandOpps (aka: FLO) to your scam list. Although their PAID mods are keeping the chat room running they are dead in the water. They said if you wanted out you could request a refund by sending an email. I sent the email, got a reply from a Mod (NOT anyone who has control over the funds) and have never heard anything else. This is probably one of, if not THE, biggest scam to hit the net in years. Reports state that the owners of FLO may have gotten away with more than $5 MILLION. Beware, beware, beware.
    ::lightbulb moment:: Hey .... I remember you. Many of us contributed to your account because you were having such a horrible time of things. And now you're asking for a refund?

    I hope you enjoy my money.

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    BOM Bubble Guest


    As the famous PT Barnum said: "There is a sucker born every minute.". How could you possibly give ANYONE money on TG who is crying the blues?

    Hey, I am having a tough time...want my egold account # so you can give me money, too? :lol:


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    AlamMoBa Guest


    Originally posted by Morpheus@Oct 4 2004, 02:19 PM
    How could you possibly give ANYONE money on TG who is crying the blues?
    No - not here. That would define insanity. I'm referring to the FLO board.

    And no, he didn't ask for help. Although many of us read of his plight and responded by helping, it wasn't because he asked.

    Sorta shoots Fetuccini's theory about me all to hell though, huh?

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    BOM Bubble Guest


    Sorta shoots Fetuccini's theory about me all to hell though, huh?
    Good one, Berta! :lol:


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    tomte Guest


    worldwide invest is a blatant scam .I tried to withdraw and the admin blocked me from login in when I queried they said they would look into it .they then said all money had been withdrawn to a mystery e-gold account Impossible as there own rules say principal is not returnable so it should still be in account as I have only been in program 2 x weeks

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    Join Date : Oct 2004
    Posts : 4,294,967,257


    Weekly Gold seems to be missing from that list. How strange. It was a really big rip off, after all.

    Tick Tick Tick

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    Join Date : Dec 2004
    Posts : 278


    Damn, I didn't think I would find any programs that I'm in on here but, it's up there. Stupid dollarblaster.com. Does anyone have any suggestions on actions that can be taken against these sites or is it useless to try?

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    Join Date : Mar 2003
    Posts : 111


    Originally posted by positive@Oct 4 2004, 06:10 AM
    Hello TG-admin.,
    what is your policy in updating the scams-list ?

    I have posted Brian-Elite and Platiniumbank as scams and I cannot find them on your "updated scams-list".
    Platiniumbank-website is gone.
    The site of Brian-Elite is up and I can watch my account auto-compound but cannot withdraw. They donīt answer to messages or to e-mails. They are scammers.
    Why are they not placed on the scam-list ?

    Pos, both programs are there for everyone to see(urls and all). Not
    much more that you can do.

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    banixnet Guest


    YES, I'm posting in the SCAM section because that is where those we are attempting to help lost their funds. If you want to go fishing, you go where the fish are!


    Our offer today is to the Admin of Freelandops. We are not saying Freelandops was a scam, but it appears they need some help, and that is what we do best - help others to help themselves.

    ************************************************** ********

    Anyone in Freelandops want to participate in a "funds recovery" plan? IF so, have the Admin contact TheSkipper@SAFe-mail.net

    The Admin must contact us FIRST. Any Admin that doesn't contact us, we can't help the membership SORRY!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    The Skipper

    Others can imitate us; but, NONE can duplicate us

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    biztips Guest


    I want to put in a good word for Bonded -2 and the Skipper's offer. Everyone who missed the BI-2 recovery launch can find a profitable situation with BI-2.
    There are now 4 different programs and adjustments are continually made to ensure that investors are getting the best return possible. (I mean adjustments in a "good" way).
    There is excellent, almost daily communication concerning program administration. I am very confident that I will recover lost funds from Bonded Investing, and more!



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