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    Join Date : Jan 2005
    Posts : 19

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    A SERIOUS problem with SCAM lists that is being over-looked is this.

    Not all declared scams are actually scams... and therefore labeling such non-scams as a scam is a "scam" in itself. False.

    Some programs "fail" for purely technical reasons... from bad investments, and other adverse situations, such as computer problems. Crashes, and so forth. And... an ADMIN in such cases may be in a lota pain, and working hard to correct the situation. BUT when the program is widely being called a "scam," then... what point would there be to return? What? No point at all. It couldn't be done.

    So... in such cases (and I believe there have been many) it is the blantant SCAM list that is the culprit and which has taken the given program down, and lost poor peep's their money. The list did it... not the program. It is the publisher of the scam list that is the guilty party in such cases. The bad-guy. Not the ADMIN... who was forced out of business by the SCAM name-calling. In fact, I see some such programs on an earlier list here.

    OF COURSE... in such cases the temperarily failed program can never return, and it goes down in history as being a SCAM. Forever. And who is the responsible person for all the lost funds? The SCAM LIST publisher. That's who. No one else.

    I am pointing this out... because this situation is seriously being over-looked.

    THERE NEEDS to be a solution for this situation, too. It is needed bad.

    There NEEDS to be established a WAY for temperarily down programs to be able to return to business. And a way to refute and get rid of the SCAM label stigma, when it is warranted. WHEN such does exist, it will save a lota peeps from suffering a lot of losses, they should never have experienced... because of loose cannons.

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    Join Date : Apr 2005
    Posts : 4

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Dont pay after 8 days - sent mails - no answer

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    Join Date : May 2005
    Posts : 3

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Doesn't matter why it fails. Invester loses money. For the investor it is a scam. If HYIP wants to be known as good when it fails, then let them roll invester over into a new program with no loss of funds.

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    Join Date : May 2005
    Posts : 18

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    I agree, mistakes do happen, sometimes our fault, but I always give them a couple of days to fix it, if no response then the only recourse is to blab their name all over as not paying. I am currently waiting for a reply from: admin@3cash.com they have 25.00 of my money and I have sent them an email and will let everyone know if they respond!

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    Join Date : May 2005
    Posts : 18

    Angry 3cash.com Is A Scam

    well they are a scam!!! DO NOT USE THEM THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED AT ALL

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    Join Date : May 2005
    Location : www.seanclub.com
    Posts : 1,277

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    my god.....

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    Join Date : Mar 2005
    Posts : 201

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    anything that pays 2% daily, 62% monthly will inevitably turn into a scam one day or another. No program can offer that high of payouts without stealing from others to sustain them for a period of time. think about it, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) is the worlds best investment group. They have averaged 23% yearly for 28 years. 23% yearly is 1.9 monthly and .063 daily.
    all these HYIP are just a risk and it is like gambling with your money before they disappear.

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    Join Date : Apr 2005
    Posts : 10

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    i have deposited $50 with stateinvest.com, and still nothing written severalemails to adminand nothing don't put your money therre!!!!!!!

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    Join Date : Apr 2005
    Posts : 10

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    does anyone know if stateinvest.comis a scam

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    Join Date : Apr 2005
    Posts : 32

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Lets not leave out www.forpay.biz. Never paid and probably never will.


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