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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Can You Tell Me Guys? All Hyips Are 100% Scam? All Hyips Are Evil Money Makers! Even The Honest Ones.......soon They Will Close!

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Here is another HYIP which is SCAM. Washington Golden Trust Company, url is http://e-goldfund.org/.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by casio
    Hi Brian!

    Here's a list of 302 scams I had, last entry was 10/05/03 in my Excel worksheet. It is sad, but 1/3 of these are still online taking money!
    Sorry, didn't add url's at the time!

    1 HYIP - SCAM
    1 Pay Per Day - SCAM
    10 X 20 - e-Gold Account # 924530 - SCAM
    10%x100 Days - SCAM
    100 Days Of Interest - SCAM
    123 - SCAM
    1414 - SCAM
    15Daily.com - SCAM
    20 Percent - SCAM
    20 X 6 Gold - SCAM
    20x7days.com - SCAM, quit paying the 8th day online
    273% In one day - SCAM
    2P Gold - SCAM
    40 Days Of Gold
    5 Percent 4 U - SCAM
    5 Percent a day - SCAM
    5% Forever - SCAM
    706050.ws.to - SCAM
    80 in 60 - SCAM
    A Parker Investments - SCAM
    Abundant Gold Ventures - SCAM
    Ace Hi Loans - SCAM
    Ads Flow - SCAM
    advancedinvestmentgroup.com - SCAM
    Affinity - SCAM
    am-it.biz - SCAM
    Apple Investments - SCAM
    Aqua Football Waiting for payments to restart
    Atlantic Invest - Not Paying
    Atlas Trading Group - SCAM
    AU Trader - SCAM
    Aussie Gold - closed
    Autoegold - SCAM, stopped paying 9-26-03
    automaticInvestments.com - SCAM
    Bank Of Gold - Not Paying
    Bazinvestment.com - Fake Address and ZipCode
    Big Gold Mine - SCAM
    bland-invest.com - SCAM
    Blue Gold Spend - SCAM
    Bold Gold - SCAM
    Bookie Basher - SCAM
    Brister Trading - SCAM
    Bullion Group - SCAM
    Buy Forevers - SCAM
    Capital Gains - SCAM
    Caribbean Gold Fund - SCAM
    Cash Highway - SCAM
    Cash Now - SCAM
    Cash Paradise - SCAM
    Cash Post.net - SCAM
    cashrepeater.com - SCAM
    Celtic Trader Waiting for Refunds
    Century Investment Group - SCAM
    Christmas Fund - SCAM
    Christmas Gold - SCAM
    City of Gold - SCAM
    Colonial Trust - SCAM
    ColonialTrust.net - SCAM
    Com Traders Group - Waiting for Refunds / SCAM
    Corporate Killer - Waiting for Refunds
    Daily Gold - SCAM
    Daily Profit Net - SCAM
    Daily Shares - SCAM
    Daily Trader Group - Not Paying
    Datatech Group - SCAM
    Day Trader - SCAM
    Derivates Fund Traders - SCAM
    Diversity Mutual Group - SCAM
    Double In 5 Days - SCAM
    Doubledmoney.zr.ro - SCAM
    E Gold 2 Pay - SCAM
    e-broker.biz - SCAM
    E-Business - SCAM
    E-Catolog.org - SCAM
    E-Currency Investment - SCAM
    E-Currency Mutual Fund - SCAM
    E-CurrencyExpress.com - SCAM
    EDIC Waiting for Refunds
    E-gold Central.com - SCAM
    Egold Explorer - SCAM
    Egold Profits - SCAM
    E-gold Success - SCAM
    egoldbanking.com - SCAM
    Egold-Boss - SCAM
    E-Goldinterests - SCAM
    egoldmaking.com - SCAM
    e-goldzone - SCAM
    EIC - Waiting for Refunds / SCAM
    Ei-fund.biz - SCAM
    E-Invest - SCAM
    E-Moneta - SCAM
    Enchanted Gold - SCAM
    Enrich Superb Performance - SCAM
    Equity Gold Venture - SCAM
    Equity Investment Trust - SCAM
    E-Share.org - Not Paying
    Eternity of Gold - SCAM
    eurotrade-group.com - SCAM
    EveryDay Pay - SCAM
    EZ Bonds - SCAM
    Ez-Bucks - SCAM
    EZCash - SCAM
    Fast Money - SCAM
    FastGold - SCAM
    FHG Trades - SCAM
    Financial Underwriting - SCAM
    First International Trust - SCAM
    FIT Investment Program - SCAM
    Five Daily - SCAM
    forcedforever.com - SCAM
    FOREX Buddies - SCAM
    FOREX Functions - SCAM
    FOREX Sharks - SCAM
    Forgold - SCAM
    Fortuny 15% - SCAM
    Freedom Club - Waiting for their new program to start
    Freedom of Gold - SCAM
    Fronex Bank - SCAM
    Frostysgold - SCAM
    Galts Gulch - SCAM
    Global Gold Speculator - SCAM
    Go Search Invest - SCAM
    Gold 4 All - SCAM
    Gold Bonanza - SCAM
    Gold Capital - SCAM
    Gold Central - SCAM
    Gold Commerce - Waiting for payments to restart or for refunds
    Gold Continuum - SCAM
    Gold Earnings - Waiting for Refunds
    Gold Excel - SCAM
    Gold Exempt - SCAM
    Gold Fever - SCAM
    Gold Generation - SCAM
    Gold HYIP - SCAM
    Gold Masters - SCAM
    Gold Mine Reserve Corporation AKA Washington Golden Fund Company - SCAM
    Gold Nexus - Waiting for Refunds
    Gold Profit Heaven - SCAM
    Gold RC - SCAM
    Gold Sportsbettings - Spams Many Forums/Use Caution
    Gold Stock Market - SCAM
    "Gold Storage International - SCAM, owner ran off with money"
    Gold Universe - SCAM
    Gold Vaults - Non-performing
    Gold Works - SCAM
    Gold World Loan - SCAM
    Gold Worth - SCAM
    Gold.active.ws - SCAM
    Gold-2003 - SCAM
    gold3_6_9 - SCAM
    goldarcade.com - SCAM
    Goldavenu.com - SCAM
    goldbanks.net - SCAM
    Golden Bananas - SCAM
    Golden Bank - SCAM
    Golden Bucks - SCAM
    Golden Eagle - Non-performing
    Golden Plans - SCAM
    Golden Reward - SCAM
    golden_castle - SCAM
    Goldenway Finance - SCAM
    GoldexChanger.co.uk - SCAM
    Goldi - SCAM
    Gold-Member.co.uk - SCAM
    GoldPile - SCAM
    goldsiren.com - SCAM
    GoldUniverse - SCAM
    Good Day Gold - SCAM
    Goshen Gold - SCAM
    Growing E-gold - SCAM
    Guarantee 50 - SCAM
    Guardian Fund Group - Not Paying
    Hi Fi Gold - SCAM
    HifiGold - SCAM, owner ran off with money
    High Yield Gold - SCAM
    Hot Investment Club - SCAM
    HYIP Market - Waiting for Refunds
    HYIP Opps - SCAM
    HYIP.org - Not Paying
    iacoinvest.tk - SCAM
    IAP Services - SCAM
    indoglobalshop.net - SCAM
    Innovative Gold Equity - SCAM
    International Investing Club(IIC) - SCAM, under investigation by FBI
    Invest Success - SCAM
    investingo.com - SCAM
    Investor Program CO - SCAM
    Invest-To-Gold - Scam
    Legit Investments - SCAM
    London Gold - SCAM
    Low Yield Reformation - SCAM
    Lucky777 - SCAM
    Lucky-Investment.com - SCAM
    make-gold.net - SCAM
    Maxxx Gold - SCAM
    Mega Invest Non-performing
    Merinos 01 - Waiting for Refunds
    Modern HYIP - SCAM
    Money Flow System - SCAM
    Money Trust - SCAM
    Money Works - SCAM
    Mooksgold - SCAM
    Multy Gold - SCAM
    Mutual Options - SCAM
    NEO Estate - SCAM
    Net-Profits.net - Not Paying
    New Currencies - SCAM
    New Gold City - SCAM
    newtrust.net - SCAM
    ODEN Stability Fund - SCAM
    Oil Mining Investments - SCAM
    Omni Group - SCAM
    On-line Investing - SCAM
    Only One Day - SCAM
    Pacific Tri-Invests - SCAM
    PaidByGold - SCAM
    Pay Day Gold - SCAM
    Pay Day54321 - SCAM
    Pecunia Club - Waiting for payments to restart
    PFYW Inc. - SCAM
    Phill ex Trading - Waiting for Refunds / SCAM
    Pioneer Investment Trust - SCAM
    PlanetGold - SCAM
    Power Gold - SCAM
    Premium Gold - SCAM
    Premium Gold 200 - SCAM
    Preparing For Your Week - SCAM
    PrimaGold - SCAM
    Prime Index Investments Club - SCAM
    Prime Time Returns - SCAM
    Private Pool - Non-performing
    Professional Earnings - SCAM
    Profit 220 - SCAM
    Profitable PIPS - SCAM
    Psyclone.us - SCAM
    Raining Gold - SCAM
    Real Estate Tycoon - SCAM
    Residual Income Builder 2 - SCAM
    RF Invest(Investments) - SCAM
    sanyliesgold - SCAM
    Season Gold - SCAM
    Secured Gold Ventures - SCAM
    Seven Seas Gold - SCAM
    Sharp HYIP
    SINED(sined.prv.pl) - SCAM
    Smart Gold - SCAM
    Smart Investment Group - SCAM
    Smiley Investments - SCAM
    Special Egold Program - SCAM
    Spirit Of Gold - SCAM
    Stable Profit - Waiting for Refunds
    Steady Gold Inc - SCAM
    Steady Investment Group - SCAM
    ST-Investments - SCAM
    Stock Cruiser.biz - SCAM
    STX Trading - SCAM
    STX Trading - SCAM
    Swiss Invest SCAM
    The Complete HYIP - SCAM
    The Exchange - SCAM
    The Gold Emporium - SCAM
    The Golden Chateau - SCAM
    The Green Machine - SCAM
    The Heritage Foundation - SCAM
    The Investors Group - Waiting for payments to restart
    The Stability Fund - SCAM
    Thebesthyip - Use Caution
    themonth.tk - SCAM
    Toteki Investments - Non-performing
    Traders Club - SCAM
    Trades 4u - SCAM
    Trust Investing - SCAM, paying only some members
    Two Program - SCAM
    UGT - SCAM
    Ultra Pays - SCAM
    United Profits - Not Paying
    VBU 12 Waiting for their new program to start
    VBU 150 Waiting for their new program to start
    VBU V Waiting for their new program to start
    Vegas Craps Pays - SCAM
    Viaegold.com - SCAM
    Via-Gold - SCAM
    Virtual Gold Bank - SCAM
    Virtual Stocks - SCAM
    War of 1812 - SCAM
    Wealthcoop - SCAM
    Westside Holding - SCAM
    Wines and Gold - SCAM, closed down
    Winline - SCAM
    World Wealth Foundation - SCAM
    YESSPE******T - SCAM
    Yieldopp.com - Fake Address
    Young and Rich - SCAM
    ZA Dollars - SCAM

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    allaboutmoney Guest

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    wow so many scams it's insane!

  5. #815

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    My experience with HYIPs so far... have not found one that isn't a scam. Perhaps there may be a couple that are legitimate, but with very low returns over a longer period of time. But then again, the longer I wait, the more risky I feel. So? I'm generally avoiding them.

  6. #816

    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    how do you guys know so many programs are scams? have you been scammed yourself?

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    If you don't want a Trojan don't click on those scammer links located in the Original Post links. Lucky for me my antivirus detected and I denied it on install

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    Location : akure
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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    what does anyone know about www.goldprofits4you.com.
    i invested $2700 and yet i have not got any returns,all i got is pending withdrawal and no response since june 4 2008.
    I have decided to take legal action,anyone with helpful tips will be highly appreciated.

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    Thumbs down Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    I think AsianPay and Thailand Gold Exchange well deserve to be on this list now, after intensive investigation their fraud runs into millions of dollars !!

    Keep checking these web sites out for regular updates.....they will be jailed and barred from Thailand very soon!

    Warning! ASIANPAY FRAUD SCAM Ring / Gang Operation Thailand!!



    In case you are wondering why 2 web sites have been built it is for maximum coverage on the internet to warn others off as they are still stealing money off victims lining their own pockets..

    If you are a victim yourself please email us at asianpayfraud@aol.com

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Dear All

    I originally wrote the piece below on the 29th of August and published it at http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Gem-L...=Gem+Lifestyle . It seems to have touched a nerve!!!!

    As soon as my forum note was published, the website was changed, the Company Address, Telephone number and “Director” details were taken from the website. No one has replied. Funny.

    Have Dixcart Trust Corporation pulled the plug?
    Have the Guernsey Financial Services Commission started an investigation?
    Have the UK Office of Fair Trading started to investigate to see if public interests are in danger?

    It seems that not all is well in the Gem Lifestyle Camp. I would not touch this with a barge pole. You will end up losing all your money. Why hide the truth, maybe there is a lot to be aware of, or just incompetent corporate governance. Come on Gem Lifestyle, TELL US THE TRUTH and ANSWER my OBSERVATIONS.

    Yours inquisitively


    29th August 2008.

    Dear Sirs


    I am writing to you as I am concerned about the above company and its offering to the public, which you are promoting. The offering to the public gives me several reservations about the nature of the business and its lack of compliance in various areas.

    For your information I have listed my concerns below.

    1. The company website www.gemlifestyle.biz does not clearly state who the company is but gives an address in Guernsey.
    2. The address in Guernsey is that of a company called Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited who have been issued a Full Fiduciary License by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.
    3. On the page www.gemlifestyle.biz/company.asp page it clearly states that John Nelson is the Director of the company. This is incorrect according to the public records held at the Guernsey Registry. The Directors are Phillip Charles Elias Perree, Dawn Elizabeth Sarah Perree and Alan Stephen Corlett.
    4. The addresses of the Directors are shown as at Dixcart House, however the Perree’s are Sark residents.
    5. On the page www.gemlifestyle.biz/management.asp several persons are listed with various titles, one in particular is Mark Campbell who is stated as Founder. This is incorrect as the company is a Private Limited company and the subscribers to the company are the founding members of the company. It is stated on the publically available documents “Founder Member Details” as Lubicon Investments Limited a company in Cyprus, that holds two shares only.
    6. Referring back to the www.gemlifestyle.biz/company.asp page there are several activities listed that would appear to require licensing, for example a Casino (also referred to on page www.gemlifestyle.biz/preassociate.asp) and Virtual Banking Facilities, and I cannot find any reference to a banking license being issued by the GFSC or a License issued by the States of Guernsey under the Gambling (Casino Gaming) Regulations 2003.
    7. There is no Statutory Warning anywhere on the website that is currently required under, for example UK Law, stating: “Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.”
    8. The business model seems to contravene one or more regulations in the following UK Acts: Fair Trading Act (As Amended. Trading Schemes Regulations and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.
    9. It has been circulated by promoters of this scheme that a commission will be paid for the introduction of Pre-Associates from the €30 that is required to be paid to become a Pre-Associate, but a there is no product available at this time, it appears that this scheme is a Pyramid.

    Yours faithfully – ScamBusterHarvey

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