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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    "wrong post"

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by ProfitsMonitor
    Too much people losing money at hyip, maybe one day we realize that we don't have to invest anymore in hyip sites... maybe now are paying... but one day... not far away... they will be running with your money...

    By the way I lost like $1500 in safeatom, the last one who stole my money...

    Don't be sad, , coz now they're enjoy in jail I lost money at safeatom too..but this should be our lesson, ...when we ready to join hyip, we should be ready to loose our money, yeah..it's gambling.
    By the way, don't invest at increaseinvestment.com.They're not pay for more 5 months,they're scam!!

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    Default The pirate bay start IPREDator vpn service

    As the entertainment industries turn their lobbying power towards ISPs and governments in their on-going battle against file-sharers,vpns more and more people are looking at neutralizing the effects of monitoring and new legislation.what is vpn

    Many file-sharers already pay a few dollars each month for a VPN service. This type of facility allows the user to protect his Internet connection with encryption while “tunneling’ data in privacy through the servers of a VPN provider, usually located in another country. The user’s ISP-designated IP address remains hidden, revealing only a second IP address provided by his free vpn company. vpn tutorial

    This type of service hinders outsiders from finding the identity of an individual behind an IP address, while helping Internet users effectively side-step laws which may prove inconvenient or unpalatable in their home country.vpn setup

    For those who like to share files, one country set to introduce an extremely unpalatable law is Sweden. Due to come into force in just over a week, the controversial Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED) legislation will make it easier for copyright holders to get their hands on the personal details of suspected illicit file-sharers.setting up a vpn

    But not if the crew of The Pirate Bay have anything to do with it.virtual vpn

    Timed to coincide with the introduction of IPRED on April 1st 2009, a brand new service designed to neutralize the effects of the law will be launched. Dubbed ‘IPREDATOR’,vpn servers this brand new anonymity service from The Pirate Bay promises to make subscribers “more anonymous” than when using traditional virtual private network services.

    Peter Sunde, aka brokep told TorrentFreak that the service is currently in beta and will be slowly opened to around 500 users. cheap vpnWhen those users are experiencing the service bug-free, it will be opened up to everyone.

    Fortunately the service won’t be limited to just Swedish users. Brokep confirmed that anonymity will be available globally for a modest fee of around 5 euros ($6.77) per month.ssl vpn

    The weak link in any VPN/anonymity service is always their willingness (or otherwise) to hand over your customer data when pressured under the law. However, with IPREDATOR this should not be an issue since the service is promising to keep no logs of user activity whatsoever.vpn ip

    Anyone who would like to participate in the beta should sign up here.

    Stay tuned for further updates.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)



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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Thanks for the information,I don't invest polifund and netherland-investments.

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    Thumbs down Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    www.yourpersonaljackpot.com is a scam

    not paid 1 cent since I joined 4/16/09.

    No answers to my help tickets...none whatsoever

    All lies about what their websites promises!

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    I got scammed too by them: yourpersonaljackpot.com
    The XMLGold.eu Provides an Automatic and Instant Exchange Service with Prepaid Debit MasterCard

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    both these are scam! from similar company I suppose:

    1) Golden Capital Inc

    2) Royal-Investment Ltd

    stupid motherf*cker i've lost a total of 500USD to these two. MAY U ROT IN HELL!!

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    strategicprofits.com scammed a buddy of mine a few years ago.

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    Default Order cheapest acomplia on the net!

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