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    imported_Guest Guest


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    To add to this list, please post under this thread and we will add them :-)


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    hys Guest


    Possibly if there are enough, you could make a "hyip scam" dictionary and publish it. Perhaps...

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by hys
    Possibly if there are enough, you could make a "hyip scam" dictionary and publish it. Perhaps...
    It will very useful to everyone if u could compile it into ebooks

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by hys
    Possibly if there are enough, you could make a "hyip scam" dictionary and publish it. Perhaps...
    Some people would actually pay money for that.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    i agree with u

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    My card is unblocked, finnaly. They should improve their customer sevice.
    I was paranoid, I reckon, but there is my one month income.

    They should inform customers that they have to wait to unblock a card.
    I continue to trust, virtualmoneyinc.com. This co is not a scam, I appologies for this statement, but I was damn woried after I call them and there was only answering machine.

    VMI, you better improve your customer service, you risk to lose some customers.

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    Default Where can I go to get some new headlights??

    Hey guys,
    Anyone know where I can arrange some headlights?

    I already tried going to http://squidoo.com/headlights2 ... but its soo basic and crappy! ...

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by hys View Post
    Possibly if there are enough, you could make a "hyip scam" dictionary and publish it. Perhaps...
    HyipHistory.com - Elite HYIPs + High RCB

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    imported_Guest Guest


    Past scams as well.

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    Default Re: Continuing List of Scams! (updated 2/27)

    Quote Originally Posted by imported_Guest
    Past scams as well.

    BEWARE OF 365globalprofit.com

    Does anyone know what is happening to 365globalprofit.com. Are they closing down or whatever as I am still waiting for my 31st March cash-out. They have never answered any of the many emails I have sent them.

    Thank goodness for webmasters of the likes of onwebsurf. Which I joined on the 20th January 2006.
    I purchased Traffic Packs from them totaling $1630.00. I also purchased more Traffic Packs totaling $190.00, this $190.00 was cash that I received from cash-outs from Onwebsurf

    I have received back as of today 24th June a total of $2267.30 from 18 cash-outs. I am now $447.30 in profit Each payout was on exactly on time. By the time my last Traffic pack expires I will receive an additional $4342.40. This along with the $447.30 totals $4789.70 in profit for an outlay of only $1630.00

    I intend to compound all of my future earnings as of the 1st July to the 1st January 2007. Then I will cash-out every week for an amount of $699.00 and intend to start re-compounding again after a few months, till I reach a level to cash-out each week for $1000.00. I can live on that.

    If you are not a member of this excellent program and would like to join, my referral URL is: http://www.onwebsurf.com/?ref=1423

    I wish all you guys massive success in whatever plans you are in. I already am in three other incredible plans.
    Graham Chesworth

    24th June 2006

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