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    Default Re: Surfingmoney - SurfingMoney.com

    12:38 29.01.11 Receive 4795516 U2042760 +6.8 Received Payment 6.8 USD from account U2042760. Memo: Payout -surfingmoney.com

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    Default Re: Surfingmoney - SurfingMoney.com

    Its time for Closing. Email from Admin.
    I am sorry guys but it seems that SFS closure affected whole surf industry. I cant continue this site as upgrades were too low. And beside that AP decided suddently to put a hold on my account until i would get the check and introduce the code for verification which might take 3 weeks. So i've canceled the verification and refunded everybody who invested with ap till now. I am really sorry that i need to close this site.

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    Default Re: Surfingmoney - SurfingMoney.com

    My opinion - BS. Admin, you refunded AP upgrades, why didn't you refund LR/PM ones?

    It looks like admin wanted to gain as much money as he can before first payments are processed. My upgrade will be expired tomorrow, I joined on 16th Jan, the day the program started (MMG topic is created on 16th, on the site there is stated that program launched on 15th but noone knew about that). 2 days ago I have received newsletter about 1st payments for expired upgrades processed (sic!).

    Admin is nothing more than a liar who collected all the deposited money from LR/PM before first payments were sent. He refunded AP upgrades just because he is not able to use the money stored on AP account.

    Admin uses 2 excuses to scam us:
    - about SFS closure which affected SurfingMoney
    - about locked AP account to which I can easily upgrade still, hmmm, are upgrades possible if account is locked?


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