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    Default PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    I am not Administrator of this program, but am helping out with Advertising and some Support. My name is Bill.

    "A Traffic Exchange That Makes It Possible For You to Advertise Your Program or Website and Make Some Extra Cash In The Process! "

    " Plus!! We Share 75% of All Revenue Back to All Paying Advertisers! Yes! All Paying Advertisers EARN CASH BACK In Our Revenue Sharing Program When Anyone Makes a Purchase On Our Site! "

    " Advertising Packages Expire When You CASHOUT! You Decide How Much You Want To Earn! "

    " What Other Traffic Exchange Do You Know That Gives You Quality Advertising and Pays You CASH Back! "

    Partial List of PayItForwardTraffic.com Benefits
    # Manual Traffic Exchange
    # 15% of Your Referrals Activity
    # 10-second Surfbar Timer
    # 60% Split Up Between All Paid Members
    # Banner and Text Ads
    # Bonus Credits & ebooks
    # Email Ads
    # Paid to Click Ads/Emails
    # Randon Referrals available to Advertisers(members that signup at link below will be assigned to random members!)


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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    You are Welcome Admin, please feel free to have your members post here when they are paid.
    You can get our button link at: http://www.talkgold.com/tgbuttons.html and link it to this thread.

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    This program looks like something new and original.
    It says: Your Advertising Package stays active until you cashout!
    But what if I buy more then one package?
    BesteMoneys.com - about everything related to best e-currencies.
    Shares Program - 150% revenue sharing! 10% Affiliate Bonus.

    Humans cant always be right, but if we are afraid to be wrong, how will we become smarter!?

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    I'm in with $100 as a start .. This program looks promising

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    Payment received .. Thanks Tony

    From STPay username: xxxxxx
    Transaction Number: 269142436
    Amount: USD 16.00
    Details (if provided): PayItForwardTraffic.com Rebate/Commissions for Member ID: 207

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    Got paid very fast .. Thank you Tony

    From STPay username: xxxxxxxx
    Transaction Number: 269152284
    Amount: USD 18.00
    Details (if provided): PayItForwardTraffic.com Rebate/Commissions for Member ID: 207 ebusiness

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    Smooth surfing again. Get paid every week. Basically a clone of A-V4U but I think that is a good thing. It is getting bigger and stronger every week.

    Since it is newer you have a good opportunity to get referrals also.

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    Does anyone know how you can tell if your surfing activity was recorded correctly?

    I see the total sites visited number on the surf bar but when I go to the back office I can't seem to see anywhere that it shows what you surfed for that day.

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    indeed A-V4U clone what make it better is that we don't need to surf everyday !hehe

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    Default Re: PayItForwardTraffic - PayItForwardTraffic.com

    Update from Admin

    Hello everyone,

    It was a busy weekend here at PIFT. Both in work to the site and purchases of Ad Levels.

    Script/Software Change
    The site is now running on the new version of the software for everyone now. Some Free Members
    have not gotten moved over yet, but we are moving them a little at a time. If they sign up new
    they will be moved under the correct upline.

    Ad Levels Page
    Most will notice that the new "View Ad Levels Page" is up now. Just want to let everyone know
    that this is just a basic page for now that only shows your Ad Levels purchased and thats it.
    We are revising that page now as I type this and it will show more information such as dates,
    current value of your Ad Levels, any rollovers, etc. That page should be up late this evening
    sometime. We want it completed before tomorrows Revenue Share posting. So, please don't email
    us about things missing on the page until after the new one is up.

    Referral Commissions and Earnings from old site
    We are moving commissions and earnings from the old site over today as well. We are having to
    separate the two, so it's taking a little while to do this. We will let you know when it's done.

    Referral IDs
    I am still seeing old referral ids at other sites. You must make sure you are using the correct
    Referral ID to get credit. Click on "My Downline" and it will show your Referral ID:

    It will look something like this: http://www.payitforwardtraffic.com?r=xxxxx

    Replace the xxxxx with your Account ID #.....

    New Site Design
    Most have noticed that the new Site Design was put up this weekend as well. We are pretty happy
    with the new design and many have already sent compliments about it. We still have to fine tune
    a few things, but they should be done soon. We have been asked about displaying how many sites you
    have surfed for the week in the Members Area. We are working on this and hope to have it done soon.

    Testimonials Needed
    We are in need of some Testimonials for a new page. It will be linked to the header on the main page.
    So, if you have something good to say about our program, what you like about it, etc, and want to be listed
    on the page, send your testimonial to us. If you would like to have a small picture posted along with it you
    can as well. Just send it to support@payitforwardtraffic.com .

    Revenue Share
    We had another great week for tomorrows Revenue Share posting. If you want to take part in it, you have until
    midnight tonight to make a purchase. Any purchase made before midnight will be included in the Revenue Share.

    The site is still growing very nicely and we will hit 1,000 members late this evening or tomorrow sometime.
    Thanks goes out to everyone who has made purchases and helped promote PIFT!

    That is it for now.


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