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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    I got this message from another blog and not sure if it safe to register.
    If someone knows, Please let us know

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    Quote Originally Posted by mushroom1 View Post
    The shroom is back with some good news...zeek moving to europe says Troy Dooley

    Does he say so Shroom?
    Either you have not listened properly or it's me who does not understand English...
    As I understands it, Troy commenting a post from a forum (that post is also available in this thread)
    And Troy states that it is illegal to participate in Zeek of U.S. citizens if it is moved to Europe for example...
    Am I wrong?

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com


    It is safe to register to gotomeetings.com. I've used that service many times.
    I suspect it's a bogus call to entice you to donate money for a defense fund etc. Also the name of the presenter is given as Dave Burke ,not Paul Burke. Just be careful

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com


    If you have been around for any length of time in these deals, one thing is certain, Zeek is not going to return and all penny auctions, as well as the third party merchant accounts will all be killed because of these seizures. As I read, the only complaints, eight in total and seven were resolved is not enough reason to have FTC jump in, or the AG to issue a cease and desist, it was the banks which tipped off regulators, plain and simple.

    Think about it, all banks are instructed to report unusual money flow in and out of accounts, and with $600M of flow, forget about it, this is setting off a million red flags from money laundering, terror threats, ponzi pyramid, fraud, you name it, and the red flag was set off by Zeeks activity.

    I don't think Paul is dishonest or this was a fraud from start, but it doesn't matter, you cannot get away with moving this much money in any venture given all the ripoffs in banking and Wall Street operations over the past few years, everyone is watching over everyone's shoulder, unless you are an obama bundler like Corzine who was not even charged due to his insider political clout. He ripped off a billion plus and was never even charged, civil or criminal.

    When you are labeled a security, even if you are not, this is the cookie cutter approach used since they have a built in template of charges which no one can escape once they seize all funds. No matter how much Paul skimmed personally, you can bet it was far more than the announced $4M settlement.

    Bottom line, when a company grows too fast, they never last, especially when it comes to pulling in $600M, there is no company anywhere which will escape scrutiny when there is this much money the regulators can seize, so when the red flags were popping up when banks started dropping Zeek, it was set in stone, they would never be allowed to continue no matter where they are located, on shore or offshore, the gov. will stop you.

    What we are all starting to see is the beginning of the end for money transferring as I see it. Look at Alertpay getting out of business, that was a sure sign of pressure be gov. regulators. Then Payza steps in, and then they are prevented from depositing direct to U.S. banks, and now they are being pressured to stop processing any transfers from suspected HYIP's or similar programs, another tip off the end is near. Now that penny auctions are labeled securities, none will survive, even if not a so called security, these deals are done, it is just a matter of time now that they are on radar screen of regulators. Just like was done to the online offshore gambling industry, the feds will threaten the banks to stop processing for these companies, no matter where they are located, none can survive without the ability to move money. Think about it, no company can survive without banking, and just as online gambling was killed off, so too will all the other companies operating on the fringes of legal or not.

    Success to all,

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    Default Zr not a ponzi


    Another ZEEK UPDATE - To be removed from these updates - just reply with the words PLEASE REMOVE...
    The rest of you need to help us get the word out so send our ZEEK UPDATES out to every ZEEK PERSON YOU KNOW!!!
    To be added to our list just e-mail your request to: zeekdiamondupdates@gmail.com
    Please post this communication on facebook, blogs, talking boards and any other online sites available to you.

    Summary of two hour Legal Option Call...
    Beware of jumping into another similar program ZEEK WAS ONE IN A MILLION...
    If we fail. The USA Zeek Reward Agents who had funds in ZEEK will be PAID BACK FIRST... Here is why...
    Be careful of these self proclaimed online self promoted experts... And attorneys who write it makes me mad and angry...
    A letter from JOHN...

    Summary of two hour Legal Option Call...
    Last night at 7pm with several legal minds and about 25 zeek rewards leaders including myself discussed ZEEK REWARDS AFFILIATE OPTIONS to hire a legal team, to form a 1000 person march at the North Carolina Federal Court House and why the 22 page SEC document that allowed them to freeze funds, close down Zeek was full of innuendos and mis-information especially when claiming that ZEEK was a PONZI. We discussed the possible cost in retaining a WASHINGTON DC & NC SEC Law Firm to represent all the 1 million affiliates. We have an e-mail into Kevin Grimes to see if he can share any insight or recommendations on the matter. We all agreed that Paul Burke is innocent but was possibly scared into his quick no contest type plea. We all agreed that action must be taken quickly if we are going to have any possibility of getting Zeek back open and salvage our business. We do not think the powers that be understood that they were shutting down a company that has been 15 years in the making. If they did not agree with the penny auction system why did they shut down my free store portion of it. They have interrupted the privately own businesses of over 2 million people and only a professional team of LAWYERS RETAINED by ZEEK AFFILIATES will PROVE THIS TO THE COURT AT HAND. Within 48 hours after some Legal Due Diligence and with the LAWYERS PERMISSION we will set up a ZEEK LEGAL WAR CHEST FUND WEBSITE and go to battle. It will be an argument by The Private Zeek Rewards Affiliates Business "VS" The SEC. We believe we can raise over 1 million dollars quickly and put this argument before the courts THIS WEEK. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. PLEASE GET THIS WORD OUT!

    Another note the SEC said that if everyone went to 100% pull out of funds and did not re-purchase that ZEEK would have had to PAY OUT $45,000,000.00 (FORTY-FIVE MILLION A DAY)... NOT... It was always known that ZEEK would pay out up to 50% of GROSS SALES. So yes if everyone pulled out 100% they would of had to pay out 45 million maybe on that day. But the next day because of no re-purchases the payout as the PLAN CLEARLY DESCRIBES would have only shared up to 50% of the NEW PURCHASES. So it may not have been as much in fact it would have been a fraction of such. ZEEK was quite capable of sustaining itself for the long term of the business until the penny auction and who else knows what Paul and the leaders would have brought to the company to make it very profitable...

    What is sad is how the Government screams FIRE where there is not even smoke and so many people are ready to crucify Paul and wish bad things to happen to him. I on the other hand is saying especially to all my CHRISTIAN BROTHERS and SISTERS to come together and PRAY for PAUL and his family and to get ready to come to this HONEST MAN who never did anything wrong in his 40 years of being in business and with what 8 SATISFIED COMPLAINTS from almost 2 million agents over 15 years in business. SHAME ON THE GOV'T...

    Beware of jumping into another similar program ZEEK WAS ONE IN A MILLION...
    Please be very careful not to jump into the dozen penny auctions or so called HYPE programs that sad to say even many ZEKK LEADERS have already jumped into. When I 1st learned of Zeek I tried to talk my sponsor out of not doing it. Because after 36 years in this industry I have seen similar opportunities really hurt so many people. It was only the integrity of the previous 14 years of Paul Burke and the 6 month track record of Todd Disner's Back Office along with the legal team that made me feel comfortable with moving forward with a $99 commitment. The rest is history. These others that are talking big and shouting better than Zeek. 99% of them will be gone and not because any Gov't shut them down it will be because of HUMAN GREED of the company itself. SEC proved to me that Paul was one of the most honest businessmen to ever run one of these type of programs. They screamed that PAUL took ONE MILLION DOLLARS or more... ARE YOU KIDDING ME... What CEO of any company that grew a new division from ZERO to 600 million would not PAY THEMSELVES multiple times such amount. No ONE MILLION DOLLARS was a very HUMBLE TAKE as far as I can tell. My goodness he had leaders earning 1 million dollars a month.

    The USA ZR Agents who had funds in ZEEK will be PAID BACK FIRST... Here is why...
    It's just the way the cookie will crumble if it does crumble.The NC Attorney General's job is to protect NC Residents. The SEC's JOB is to protect INVESTORS in The USA. It is my opinion that of the 225 million seized that more than 70% of such came from outside the USA. This tells me that most of the USA Agents who had funds tied up such as my team had well over 5 million dollars in BRAND NEW PURCHASES that I believe will be refunded before International People will get a dime. Again that is not my desire just my opinion. In fact I am not an attorney so everything in this e-mail is just my opinion.

    A letter from JOHN...


    Good morning (anyway) dear friends and team members,

    I chose not to send this to you last night because of its effect on your sleep. Of course sending it now will affect your day. All of us have been wondering what’s been going on with a company that is one minute planning exciting events, attractive enhancements and generous futures for all, and the next mute, with all communication cancelled, an invisible website and rumors galore. The disruption and questions are now answered, at least in part.

    While the information is sketchy, the intent of the government is not. They have captured the high ground of frightening terms: “ponzi,” “fraud,” “luring investors,” “scheme,” and sown seeds of unsubstantiated claims: “Burks allegedly siphoned off millions,” “invested, investors.” I grew up believing that I lived in a country where a man was innocent until proven guilty. I now believe, in terms of law, I live in an environment defined by skilled wordsmiths, who draw boundaries with their terms that restrict my freedom of thought to the ends they have predetermined. Law is the will of the sovereign and government believes it is America’s god. For me and my house, it’s one nation under God, not beside, over or without God. He alone is Sovereign!

    Let’s ask ourselves a question: Why is the Securities Exchange Commission involved at this point? Was Zeek selling securities? Were you purchasing securities or bids? Was the word “securities” ever used by Zeek in its invitation to become a participant in the company? Securities of course require a license but bids don’t. Was Zeek “luring investors” or providing a business opportunity to those who agreed to simply post an ad designed to attract customers to a penny auction and then distribute free bids (that cost the advertiser $1 per bid) to that customer. Where’s the fraud in that activity? The company never used the word “invest” or referred to its members as “investors.” “Affiliates” yes. “Team, friends, members, sure, but not “investors”. Finally, we’ll just have to wait and see if the company “was on the verge of collapse.” 375 million paid out and 225 million in the bank certainly requires some clarification before I’m going to concede that this was some evil “scheme.” See quote from article below:

    “Penny auctions" are a controversial kind of online sale in which prospective buyers compete over a set period of time with bids that increase by increments of one cent. Participants pay a separate, non-refundable fee for each bid they make. An expensive item like an iPad might therefore sell for a seemingly unbelievable list price of $30, even though participants in the auction paid many times more than that in total to place their bids.”

    Where’s the fraud in this?

    In the mean time the government wears the white hat. Once again they are saving us from ourselves. One wonders how we ever got along without them in our early history. Just think, approximately 2 million people now out of a job, the economy in Lexington, NC, just beginning to breathe again, snuffed, quenched, back to requesting government aid perhaps. Hmmm. Why do I see the image the ad the democrats are distributing featuring Paul Ryan wheeling an old lady in her wheelchair out to the edge of a cliff and then dumping her over to her death?

    Ok, maybe I am judging prematurely or venting my prejudice. We’ll just have to wait and see. But, let’s at least try to be objective. Let’s try to think about Mr. Burks and the leaders at Zeek as we would want them to think about us at this early stage. Many of you profess to be Christian, well think like one. Don’t let any other “savior” capture your thought life and pollute your emotions with hearsay, innuendo, exaggeration or bold faced lies. Remember 1 Corinthians 13 where Paul defines love? One characteristic of that love which “hopes all things, believes all things and never fails,” is real love “believes the best.” I know there’s risk involved in loving this way, Paul did too, but better to be found wrong and humble yourself then be prematurely judgmental and displeasing to your Lord. Let us rest in the hope that justice will be served.

    In closing let me remind you of a plaque on Ron Paul’s office wall: “Don’t steal, the government hates competition,” and the one posted on the Christian mind, “Thy will be done.”

    So we are left with confusion, anger, hurt, despair, pessimism, fear or prayer. May I enthusiastically recommend prayer and the 23rd Psalm.

    Trust and obey. There is simply no other way,


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    Smile Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Offshore-Wealth View Post
    Zeek is not going to return and all penny auctions, as well as the third party merchant accounts will all be killed because of these seizures.
    Do I understand you right here? (all penny auctions) We can say Bi_ify. They are not based in U.s Why do they have to care about U.s laws? SEC can´t run around in Europe and think they have some power here! Or am I wrong?
    I really hope some solution that is good for us affiliates...


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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    If anybody used : "sweep to" function at nxpay, and if so how fast it would sweep to the designated destination?. I got my own money that i just recently transfer from my bank to nxpay, and have NOT decided to buy bids yet, and now i could not withdraw or do any thing with my money at nxpay. I called nxpay and let me wait for 10 mins, then kicked me out withnthe message now their line is full for two times... Such a horrible sevice. pls help me, i put more than $8000 in there.

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    I don't think anyone can handle the volume of calls that Zeek brought with them. Nxpay was chosen by Zeek.

    Can't you just withdraw your money at nxpay at an ATM? You loaded a prepaid card right?

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    Paul Burk's had a chance to fight this in court. Instead, he and his lawyers have chosen to settle. So it is a done deal. I do not believe the affiliates have a legal standing because they were not owners of the company.

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    Default Re: Zeek Rewards - Zeekrewards.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Inspiron View Post
    Emergency Webinar for Zeek distributors
    Status of Zeek"
    For Zeek Distributors Only
    Monday August 20th 2pm pacific/3pm mountain/4pm Central/5pm Eastern


    HEY INSPIRON, do you know if this will be recorded? I am not able to attend at 2PM PST today, but greatly need to hear what is covered. Can you please keep me up to date as to how I can listen to a recording? Thank you
    Last edited by Not_A_Newbie; 08-20-2012 at 10:24 PM. Reason: email removed

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