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    Join Date : Oct 2010
    Posts : 314

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Dear Partners,

    first i like to wish you a perfect week. To make sure that we always get the very best results in developing Falkito i want to create a leader chat in skype, where we can make very fast decisions and news spreading, clear up rumors or even ideas sharing.

    Every little problem that is out there i want to know immeadiatly to be able to react in minutes. I want to help in every situation (if i can).

    To make Falkito to the best online business in the world, i need a direct contact to my leaders and they need me in order to arrange things, solve problems or just improve processes. We don´t want to have just the best idea, we also want the best way to run this idea.

    If you are a leader and you have already a growing team please send me a mail with your skype id so that i can invite you in this. Please write to ialbers me.com (only for this issue). You can write in english, spanish or german.

    Yours Thorsten Albers

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    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    When this will be working???
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    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    I have a problem. Can anyone tell me where to find the url that i can send to people and sponsor new members?
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    Join Date : May 2011
    Posts : 193

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Quote Originally Posted by passivemonitor View Post
    I have a problem. Can anyone tell me where to find the url that i can send to people and sponsor new members?
    When they mail you. That contains your sponsor url.
    Just check in your mails when you registered

    Hello to every Partner,

    1. Tonight at 1730 Berlin Time is a Online Presentation, at 2030 Berlin Time we do one in english, please check before on website www.prelaunch.falkito.com to confirm http://www.gvowebcast.com/conference,84482657

    2. We are going over to the big testing, we will do this step by step. I am hoping that we can process this fast, so that we can go further with all the other stuff.

    3. the payment processor for at least the first 4 weeks will be www.cosmicpay.com, please open an account there and fund it since we don?Lt know how long it will take in every case.

    You have two possibilities for funding one is www.swapgold.com and one is www.aurumxchange.com, there are others as well, but this one we tested already.

    Please take care to have money on there in time, because if we start, who is pay first will stay first.

    Please give this information to all your downline, perhaps they did not got this email. To make sure you get the newsletter add info@falkito.org andinfo@falkito.info to your adressbook and send just one mail to this both adresses in order to make your system know that you are in contact with them.

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    Join Date : Oct 2010
    Posts : 314

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Hello und Hallo,

    I want to invite you to the next Webinar with all current new information about Falkito.

    Falkito is developing so good, that we can not present this all in a simple Newsletter ;-) We created a real money printing machine and you will be suprised about what we can do and will do, it´s amazing !

    Monday 8.00 PM German Time here


    Ihre/yours Falkito INC. Panama

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    Join Date : Oct 2010
    Posts : 314

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Dear Partners,

    we are running big steps toward the start of Falkito, the biggest online opportunity to make money, we are working now on finalization of the site and further testings, also the things that we need around, like wallets, payment options and so on.

    Please be patient and we will give you a 100% lasting money making solution.

    Ihre Falcito inc.

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    Join Date : Oct 2010
    Posts : 314

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Dear Partner,

    Many Newsletters are not finding the way to the Inbox, so please forward this letter to all People you have in your Downline. We are still working on this problems of delivery and we hope to find a soon solution for it. Now its October and we want to launch Falkito this month, this week we are also working on the bank wire solution, so that you can have an easy payment way for next week.

    As we did a lot changes on the concept to be legal in every country of the world. We developed the whole concept to a much better concept, we got positive and negative input from you and we formed a concept from this, witch is unbeatable , worldwide.

    Mainly Falkito is able to create fast income for all people that are working with Falkito.

    Many of you don?Lt know exactly how Falkito is working, i know that if it runs it is much easier to understand, don?Lt force yourself to much to understand the concept now, just wait and see it working, trust in what your feelings are telling you.

    Tonight at 08.00pm German time we do a Webinar to make it understandable

    See you at the TOP !!!

    Yours Falkito INC. Panama

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    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Can anyone pm how this will work?
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    Join Date : Apr 2011
    Posts : 11

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    There seems to be a lot of hype about this 'program' but little action. I saw a bit over at World Law Direct and I think it was given a review by behindmlm. I would be cautious with this one.

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    Join Date : Oct 2010
    Posts : 314

    Default Re: Falkito - Falkito.info

    Dear Partners

    1. please make sure that everybody in your downline will get the newsletters, if you receive them, please send the also to your in order to make everybody informed. Please use Google translator to translate this in to spanish, russia and more languages. firstliners

    2. Thorsten will give a Webinar in German but also in English soon, you have to look at the website to see Schedules

    3. We are really working powerful to launch as the earliest point, but we want to be sure everything is perfect. We will send out a mail to everybody that a countdown will start 10 days before the launch and if we start the countdown, than already site need to be at least 99% ready, to make sure we are 100% in time.

    4. you will get the probably best money making system in the world. Falkito is not just " a program" it is a concept which is possibly able to change the way how people can make money.

    5. This new concept will open the eyes of some people and you will see what a system is able to do, if its wonderful combined and if it´s really 100% working.Online Präsentation Deutsch/German 16. OKT 2012 (20:30h)

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