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    Join Date : Jan 2003
    Location : New Jersey
    Posts : 19,252

    Default Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    Wow, wish I bought into some litecoin as well. Priced at $42 as I make this post. It's gone up close to 450% in the last few days alone. How high do you guys think Litecoin will go?
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    Join Date : Jan 2004
    Posts : 173

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    I bought some at 7-8$ price, and sold at 48$ But its all short term speculation, and we will see in 3-6 months who will survive (cryptocurrencies)

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    Join Date : Nov 2013
    Posts : 4

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    I bought some at 16$ price, i waiting 6 months LTC 100$

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    Join Date : Nov 2013
    Location : New York City, USA
    Posts : 190

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    This seems to be the second largest crypto next to Bt. I think a vast majority of late comers to the crypto game who could no longer get into the Bt market will now flood this derivative Bt. I was watching a debate between goldbug Peter Schiff and a Bt guru and the latter mentioned that the intrinsic value lies in the infrastructure which cost billions to create. This infrastructure is what almost guarantees Bt's long term success and huge profits over the other crypto's that are emerging. I think Litecoins rise is primarily due to late comers to the game who missed the proverbial boat of the Bt bull run.
    I have about 50 myself purchased at around $7 a pop, so my hope as a speculator is that the value of course increases as the crypto-currency rages forward.

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    Join Date : Feb 2011
    Posts : 106

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    I bought at $4. The day before it was under $1 but I was too lazy to buy it then!
    Have you guys bought in other of all these currencies? I bought some of them (like TRC, FTC, NMC) since if just one of them takes off you'll make a lot of money.

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    Join Date : Dec 2013
    Location : China
    Posts : 3

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    I did not buy, appears to be some regret

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    Join Date : Jul 2013
    Posts : 16

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    screw it i missed the BTC boat . imma hop on this LTC boat imma place a order at 20-25$ range , and sit and wait

    i hope you all the best of luck

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    Join Date : Apr 2009
    Posts : 455

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    Litecoin is banned in China as Bitcoin as well(no cryptocurrencies). The price will go down for sure

    "For payment companies that have already done business with Bitcoin Exchanges, should end their business cooperation; withdrawals of balances should be completed before the Chinese Spring Festival (January 2014), and new payment services are not allowed."

    BTC China will be closed in the next weeks. You will see huge sells.

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    Join Date : Jul 2013
    Posts : 16

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    Wow, That was a very insightful post mayax. I shall do further research to find out if this is really going to happen, if the price on btc drops LTC would naturally gain popularity even if short term.

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    Join Date : Jul 2013
    Posts : 47

    Default Re: Litecoin price skyrocketing!

    How do you think when it will cost 40 USD ?

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