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    Thumbs up Feeder Matrix Team Build - Turn $1.75 into Daily Cash Flow

    Feeder Matrix Team Build
    Hello I am not admin of this program.

    Team Build Rules:
    - Every One Promotes (1) Funneling Link - Forced Matrix Makes it Auto 4 NiL
    - Must Upgrade to Level 1 - "It only costs you a measly one-time $1.75 to start"
    - Every one gets at Least 2 Referrals

    How does our Feeder Matrix Team Build Work?
    Even though Feeder Matrix costs only $1.75 to Join, getting someone to join is not always an easy task. This is due in part to you, as an individual, not being able to get your link “out there”. Feeder Matrix team build will make it easier for you. How? We promote your link, as part of our Rotator, on various websites, both free and paid, throughout the internet, there by maximizing your chances of reaching like minded individuals.

    We Clearly Declare:
    If you can`t earn here, no where you can..

    What is Feeder Matrix?
    Feeder Matrix is a "cash leveraging" software reseller program, divided into 8 levels, utilizing a 4x4 forced matrix system. The program makes use of direct pay system, which allows each member to pay another for specific product packages, which includes digital downloads and the ability to sell the purchased products package.

    Here is the Feeder Matrix 8 Level Compensation Plan:
    Due to the 4x4 forced matrix; allowing no more than 4 direct referrals to each member, "spilling over" the extra members to lower downline, each member is only allowed to make 2 purchases from their direct upline (Level 1 and Level 5 Product Packages), with the rest coming from their upline's direct and indirect upline members. This motivates members to fill their matrix, since by helping their downline to succeed, they indirectly succeed from future purchases. The program costs $1.75 to Join and as advertised, you can choose to spend only this initial amount out of pocket, using your profit to upgrade to each new level. However, it is important to position yourself. The following is a simplified version of the compensation plan.

    Stage 1.
    Your 1st tier referrals pay you $1.75 each (totaling $7)
    Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $5 each (totaling $80)
    Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $10 each (totaling $640)
    Your 4th tier referrals pay you $20 each (totaling $5120)

    Stage 2.
    Your 1st tier referrals pay you $40 each (totaling $160)
    Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $80 each (totaling $1280)
    Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $160 each (totaling $10240)
    Your 4th tier referrals pay you $320 each (totaling $81920)

    Total Earnings Potential: $99447

    Initial Payment for Product 1: ONLY $1.75
    Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay
    Downlined Structure: 4x4 Forced Matrix
    Ad-coop: optional
    Sponsorship: Sponsorship Recommended (not required)
    Refunds: NO REFUNDS policy
    Product: 1 Gb of the digital products and marketing videos

    FAQ: Is this a Pyramid Scheme or some sort of Ponzi?
    No! This is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunity. Many people automatically associate a negative connotation with buzz words like “multi-level marketing” and “downline.” Multi-Level Marketing differs itself from pyramids by offering a service(s)/training or Product(s), or license(s)/software(s) at each levels... while pyramids don't. In the case of Feeder Matrix, each level offers a marketing-help product or application. This is included as part of the product package and can be found in the member's area by clicking on "Your Downloads".

    Success Strategy: We Will Help You recruit!
    Each New member is Added To the Feeder Matrix Team Build.
    Joint Advertising Of Team Build On Free and Paid Websites.
    Social Media Marketing like Facebook ,YouTube and others will also drive traffic our site.
    Special Advertising Promotions. (More info on this within Facebook group.)

    It's all completely done for you and is entirely hands-free!
    Everything is taken care of for you and all you need to do is promote your site.
    We handle everything, so you can rest assured that you get your money.

    NB: Once you have Joined, Upgraded and Confirmed, we will add your link to the Rotator and start to promote it immediately.

    PM Me for More Info!

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    Default Re: Feeder Matrix Team Build - Turn $1.75 into Daily Cash Flow

    Looks interesting

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    Default Re: Feeder Matrix Team Build - Turn $1.75 into Daily Cash Flow

    hello, i'm interested but totally new to this...I can't PM yet but could you send me more info please? Thanks

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