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    Thumbs up FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    I am not the admin,

    Name:  FAP.jpg
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Size:  10.2 KB

    Now is in prelaunch and official start will be between March 28th and April 3rd.

    There is many options for earnings bu most interesting are these two:

    Details Revshare :
    - AdPacks $50 turns $60 (120% ROI)
    - 1,5% a day for first 3 months after that 1% a day.
    - 15% Referral Commission deep 5 Levels : 8%, 4%, 1%, 1%, 1%

    Details Matrix :
    - 3x3 structure
    - You can choose between 6 options: 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$ for place.
    - 5% commission from payments in your structure up to 10 level!
    - 50% matching bonus from your personal referrals.

    Payment Accepts : Credit Cards | Bitcoin | PerfectMoney | Neteller | Dotpay | Bankwire | WesternUnion
    Minimum Withdrawal : $ 10

    JOIN HERE : http://futureadpro.com/proreflex

    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

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    Smile Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    Update from News Letter : FutureNet Newsletter

    Hello proReflex,

    On the special Easter time our FutureNet team would like to wish you and your families a warm and Happy Easter. Let this time to bring you a spring happiness and cheerfulness into your hearts.
    In today’s Newsletter we would like to share with you a few news and changes.
    Some of them will come to life with the day of launching the FutureAdPro program, which went viral around the world. Even today, the traffic at our www.futurenet.club website raised 20 times, comparing to the previous month. Thank you for your great enthusiasm and work you do each day to develop our platform.

    1) Old rules coming back
    Due to many obscurities and hundreds of questions about movements inside of matrixes and changes in bonus amounts caused by the matrix movements after partner’s upgrades at the lower levels, we are obligated to immediately (25-03) get back the old rules, which do not involve the 7-day upgrade period. From today, to get profits in the given matrix ($10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000) you need to owe them.

    You owe 3 first matrixes ($10, $25, $50), when one of your team Partners or your Personal Partner purchase a higher matrix ($100, $500 or $1000) you irretrievably lose your commission in the matrixes, which at the time of Partner’s Upgrade you do not have. The commission, which you lose goes to the person above you, who has already purchased such a matrix. This change will directly affect on absolute stability of Matrixes and will stop the process of movements in the matrixes or any changes in calculating the bonuses.

    2) Taking into consideration the stability and persistency of the newly launched FutureAdPro program, we inform you that from the day of implementing the Rev-Share probram, there will be permanently deleted the following bonuses: Advertising Bonus, Login Bonus and additional matrixes. The goal of the mentioned changes is stability of the FutureAdPro. For the partners having qualifications to Advertising Bonus and who owe additional matrixes, nothing will change. Among passive income possibilities, FutureAdPro will also bring you an alternative for Login Bonus. The people, who are interested in earning without purchasing any advertising packages (AdPacks) will also find something for themselves, you will learn about it soon.
    3) Future-Games: Another new levels will be released for our own FutureNet slot game called “FutureSlot”. We hope that you also have downloaded our game (Available for Android devices)
    LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lootGame&hl=pl

    The following months will also bring you a new title being developed by Future-Games.
    Games are one of the FutureNet’s sectors, other than advertising, which will also support the FutureAdPro.

    We invite you to be active on our Platform and wish once more a Happy Easter to you and your families.

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    Posts : 4,591

    Smile Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    Update from News Letter : FutureNet starts with FutureAdPro

    Hello proReflex,

    We would like to inform you about the Start of FutureAdPro, the FutureNet Advertising Program.

    The official start of the FutureAdPro will be 99,9999999% in the next week, from Tuesday the 5th, till Friday the 8th of April 2016.
    From the Start you can buy your AdPacks and start earning with the RevShare.
    You can also buy your Status Position from 1 to 5 and start earning money from your TEAMís turnover!

    But remember this:

    First settlement of commissions 7 days after kick-off

    You need at least one active AdPack in order to be entitled for commission payments.

    Theoretically and practically it may happen that another team partner purchases AdPacks EARLIER. In this case you would lose your commission. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO AVOID!!!

    Thus, we have the following solution: We perform the first commission settlement already 7 days after the start of FutureAdPro. With regards to your commission level it doesnít matter if you buy your AdPacks 3 minutes after the launch or on the last of the 7 days. You simply have to get your

    Adpacks within the first 7 days. Then you are entitled for commission payments within your team.

    AFTER THE 7 DAYS we perform a REAL TIME commission settlement. Your commission sums will be displayed immediately after turnover posting.

    FutureNet, the best internet platform ever to make money!!!

    We wish you a successful day,

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    Join Date : Mar 2013
    Posts : 4,591

    Smile Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    Update from News Letter : FutureNet starts with FutureAdPro THIS WEEK

    Hello proReflex,

    In this Newsletter we would like to inform you about the start of the FutureAdPro.

    On Wednesday this week, it will be possible to buy the AdPacks and the Status Positions of the Marketing Plan.
    On Friday, 08/04/2016, we will start with the FutureAdPro.

    In your Backoffice you will see two Countdowns soon.

    With the launch of FutureAdPro we changed the FutureNet Marketing Plan.
    From now the New FutureNet Marketing Plan applies.

    Link: http://futurenet.club/download/MARKETINGPLAN_EN.pdf

    With the combination of FutureAdPro and FutureNet Marketing Plan we have the best system to make money online.

    The special webinars for the FutureAdPro launch you will find here soon: http://www.futurenet.club/webinars

    Thank you,

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    Join Date : Feb 2015
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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    Does anyone have any statistics on real daily earnings that have been averaged here since the launch??

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    Join Date : Aug 2013
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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    There is no official statistics on the website.
    I can tell you there is more than 250,000 registered users right now. (200,000 came from FutureNet platform)
    There is few people already who has buy 1000 AdPacks!
    Business is growing very fast, and I am pretty sure, it will be huge Advertisement Platform in 2017!

    I started little like buying 8 AdPacks and some upgrades.
    I made blog over FutureAdPro, if you want to learn more about FAP just visit my website:

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    Join Date : May 2016
    Location : Ebensburg, PA
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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    I love FutureNet & FutureAdPro! I think it'll be the biggest thing both THIS and NEXT year!!

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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    are they still paying ?

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    Join Date : Jan 2017
    Location : Poland
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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    yep, they are.

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    Default Re: FutureAdPro - FutureAdPro.com

    Payment Received!

    You just received 0.24421908 BTC (worth $545.86 USD) from an external Bitcoin account.
    ~ Highest RCB! ~
    The Investments Club HYIP Monitor

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