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nvesting in startups brings some benefits and it is understood not only in Europe and the US, but also in Russia. Today, the startup project is a whole industry. In the future, it is expected that interest in them will only increase.
"The idea is worth nothing!" - These words are often heard from incompetent investors, but we do not think so. We believe that this idea determines the success or failure of a startup. In this section we briefly describe the essence of our company.
We invest in the IT-startups are in the preparatory stage and finished. The volume of investments available to investors, ranging from $ 10-60.000, in exchange, investors will receive a daily income of the current at the time of investment interest as the amount of income does not reach to the level of 150-155% profit, then deposit box closes. Daily interest rate varies depending on the market, ranging from 2.4% - 3%. For a more detailed explanation, give an example: If you invest your money at a time when the interest rate will be 2.4%, before the end of the deposit, will be on a daily basis, both in the weekend and during the holidays, to receive this particular percentage return until get 150-155% profit. On completion of the deposit, you can create a new one, at any convenient for you money.
Our main goal is to as quickly as possible the project to develop a prototype and output it to the market. Speed ​​and flexibility - is a guarantee of success of the project. We, as owners, have a direct interest in the success of our projects. Therefore, we are primarily interested in those projects that have a strong business model and most importantly - the literate style of promotion.
We do not expect huge profits, and focus on real-world projects, capable to earn from the beginning.


2.4% - 3% daily long as the amount of income does not reach to the level of 150-155% profit

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Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi, AdvCash