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    Default Denouncing the fraudster Alberto Muņoz Cabanes, and the websites forex.es fxstreet.co

    Denouncing the fraudster Alberto Muņoz Cabanes, and the websites forex.es fxstreet.com and x-trader.net.
    Farsante is the word that describes to this subject Professor of the UNED and seller of books. Manager of two very important Spanish-language trading forums: Forex.com FXstreet.com and x-trader.net, Alberto Muņoz Cabanes turned out to be a great swindler, and although the criticisms of his operative go back to Years ago, I have been able to live them live during these years in which I have been investigating.
    Alberto Muņoz Cabanes is very clever, being an expert of Wall Street, that is dedicated to sell indirectly to all its foreros and followers, being the good in front of the client, whereas others are the ones that make the scams, and even if he receives a Percentage of all profits scammed to their followers in the forums of Forex.es, x-trader.net and many other sites where to offer lectures.
    Why has not this great swindler been unmasked yet?
    He is moderator of two most important forums of Spain that are reference in the Trading and Stock market, from many years ago. Alberto Muņoz Cabanes moderates the comments, edits them, clears them and / or accepts at will, preparing well the information that is finally shown. That is why you will never see bad comments about services that he or his people sell, but you will see them from other traders and services that are their competition. Curious, is not it?
    By controlling the information of the two most important social media in Spain, Alberto Muņoz blocks a lot of information that he does not want to be visible. And also, when information is published in other places outside your network, they launch to threaten that the comments are erased and their image clean. Few people have had the guts to talk about this band of scammers, today it's my turn.
    Alberto Muņoz Cabanes is the kind face of an organized international criminal gang dedicated to forex fraud, CFD's and stock market. Incredible true? It is who controls that there are no bad comments, who invites you to deposit your money "if you ask advice" and who publicly regrets your losses after having stolen, all very kindly and without the right to a real complaint that smears his image .
    In the history of Alberto Muņoz Cabanes there are many people related to scams and frauds, financial chiringuitos, doubtful services, courses of stock that fail and various types of scams, such as account management where the client loses all his capital and then offer him Recover their money with a "fixed income at 3% monthly". Since Alberto Muņoz Cabanes squeezes them all until they leave the world of the Forex and Stock Exchange.
    Since the content is long, they are summarized where many years of scam is shown, long before the website of TraderProfesional.com that maintained with the connoisseur Jose Luis Cases Lozano and took his commission while he encouraged his colleagues to give These wonderful courses to 3000 €. Then he simply deletes all messages related to this topic, and there is no longer "story" to tell, since he deleted all the evidence, including implicated websites.
    In this message indicates with several very nice graphics how you HAVE A MACHINE TO MAKE MONEY. This encourages many users to contact LuisG to receive their services.
    In the end they steal and rob the interested users, selling a system for several thousand dollars that later does not work as promised, not even the backtest were correct, even so did not match the information manipulated in this forum they put. They solve it very quickly, erase the post from forex.es fxstreet.com where they advertise and advertise the system, AND IT HAS THE DISCARD OF CHANGING NICK TO THE USER TIMADOR, FROM LUISG TO URANO. Uranus is left with hundreds of comments, and ready to re-elect people in the coming months. In the next photo you can see how the user's name is changed shamelessly, how Uranus has less messages than LuisG and even slightly change the date of registration and publication, to disguise. Note: These messages have already been deleted when they were performed.Company Forex Concept SL, these companies are used to have bank accounts and channel the money they have accumulated in other tax havens to whiten it within Spain.
    Is it not suspicious that our dear Alberto Muņoz Cabanes is a proxy of a company whose administrator is Cesar Barriga Leiceaga? Let's look at the scams and frauds of Cesar Barriga, of which Alberto has 25% and up to 50% of all the benefit he gets, due to the "protection" and "publicity" that Alberto takes to the company. Since it has indirectly announced many products related to these companies and people that we will see later.
    Here they see how the CNMV alerted a few months ago of the fraud and financial bar that these people maintained. Curious that Alberto Muņoz Cabanes is never named, he takes the worst part some substitute of those that he himself seeks and puts. Since the Vital Markets scam and other page of "wonderful traders" ruin a lot of people.
    Finishing how it is possible that Alberto Muņoz is free without any judgment to make him, if there is all to win. Easily, since Alberto Muņoz handles all the information to his benefit and has the mastery over the web pages and the substitutes that accompany him to make his fraud. Scammers like this must be accused by thousands of people so that we will no longer fall into the traps as is STAFF ALBERTO MUŅOZ.
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    Default Re: Denouncing the fraudster Alberto Muņoz Cabanes, and the websites forex.es fxstree

    Other examples are attached on Denouncing the fraudster by Alberto Muņoz Cabanes, and the websites forex.es fxstreet.com and x-trader.net.

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